Hip-Hop Rumors: New Katt Williams Pix-Whoa! Rappers Get Tossed Out over 50 Cent! Budden’s Gal Raps?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. WHO P##### OFF ROYCE DA 5’ 9”   SH had a show at Worcester MA just yesterday. Well. The show was live or whatever, but I was […]



All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

WHO P##### OFF ROYCE DA 5’ 9”


SH had a show at Worcester MA just yesterday. Well. The show was live or whatever, but I was given intel that somebody p##### Royce off and the  Detroit don was walking around the stage just made. Then, he reportedly kept walking off stage and coming back, shaking his head. Hmmmmmm….I have an idea, but have you heard anything?




Check out this story. Poor dude’s just wanted to give 50 Cent a CD (but tape sounds better) at an outing for his new cologne. They ended up getting kicked out of Macy’s.


Whaddup. My brother/manager just got kicked out of Macy’s in San Fransisco for trying to hand fifty cent a demo cd! S### like this is mad frustrating for underground emcees trying to take their career to the next level. Modern rappers have so much damn security its impossible to even get in a word with them or hand them a cd without getting treated like a deranged fan thats trying to murder them or something. I know yaull probably dont care too much about  my lil story, but this has been a re-ocurring theme with trying to get my album into rappers hands. My brother and I are not from the business end of the world and dont know A&R’s, record execs, or managers that could get my material in the right hands. So in this particular situation, as with many other situations with overprotected rappers/producers, my brother worked his day job in Neveda for a 14 hour shift, than drove straight to san francisco overnight to stand in line and buy and expensive bottle of fifty’s new perfume just to get a chance to tell him a few words and hand him an album. Instead of being able to complete that simple task that he sacrificed alot of time and energy for, five security guards rushed him and threw him out the building. Speaking as an undeground emcee, but in essence for all underground emcees, the game is mad f##**** frustrating right now. There IS no opportunity for an upcoming broke artist with talent but to be an internet rapper and try to promote yourself on websites. In that case one has to just be ready to try to stand out from the millions of other un-serious internet rappers who make wack ass songs and try to promote their garbage through the same tools as they do. Besides that people cant hand rappers cd’s, cant walk up in record lables and get a demo to somebody without your cd being presented by a managet that already works with the label? ? What the hell are we supposed to do to keep hip hop going strong? Does anybody care? Is there any hip hop fans left? Or has hip hop just turned into another overmarketed genre of music who only puts out put together artists with flash in the pan career aspirations? What do you think?


I am not mad at these aspiring rappers, but there is a slightly humorous side of this that is damn near close to an Epic Fail. Still I am riding with these guys. Keep up the fight!  


Check them out here – the music is pretty good! Show love! www.myspace.com/jezrealthetruth






Now, I may offend my political connects with this one. I know this isn’t funny, but I have to say I found humor in it. Police in the Pittsburgh area found a 17-year-old girl laid out on the ground on Tuesday in her apartment complex. She wasn’t dead though. The girl got into a fight with her mother and her mother beat her butt up and left her outside in the street! When the police came to the mother’s spot, she told them that she beat her daughter up BUT didn’t use anything but her fists. I don’t know, but I just know that there’s generally an age when parent and child clash and it always seems that the parent has “parent power” to beat that tail. Mom got charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. The kid was in the hospital.





Looks like I made an error. The subway lady that almost got hit was actually in Boston, not New York.


Happy Birthday Sesame Street! Shout out to Ernie, Bert, Big Bird and Grover!




I have to quickly pass off the rock to my homey Chance, because my life is a mess right now. I’ll try to get it together today  or tonight with some more rumors. I have stuff for you all, but I don’t have the time to write them. Too bad AllHipHop doesn’t provide life counseling! LOL!!! Chance take it awayyyyyyyyy!!!!!


50 cent’s Before I Self Destruct just hit iTunes a week in advance. 

We’ve been waiting for this album since before “Curtis” and a lot of

people have been wondering why the delay??  50 says he wasn’t confident

Interscope had their s**t together after an intense company shakeup

resulting in half the staff being let go.  He says things like his New

Media person becoming his product manager, a job that was previously

handled by 3 different people, made him nervous about the labels

ability to push his record successfully in a climate where only 2

albums have gone platinum this year.

EBONY AND IVORYAround noontime on Friday, October 23, 2009 Sean “Jay-Z” Carter and Robin Charles Thicke met at Germano Studio in the NOHO area of New York City, NY. 

When pictures of the rendezvous surfaced online word spread that

something incredible was in the making…the look on Jay-Z’s face said

it all … here is actual video footage of this meeting:

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lot of people and organizations are accusing Rihanna of conveniently

forgetting her actions on THAT night and placing all the blame on Chris

Brown.  Well Chris Crocker, the guy who became famous yelling “Leave

Britney Alone” under his covers, has come out in defense of RiRi

letting all Chris Brown fans know how disgraceful they are:


definitely wasn’t one to hold his tongue.  If you don’t already know,

B.I.G. took a “shot” at Xscape on “Dreams” when he says “I’d f**k RuPaul before I f**k them ugly Xscape b***hes“.  Well

according to former “ugly Xscape b***h” Kandi Burruss, BIG actually ran

into her group mate, Tiny, at the infamous Vibe party the night he was

killed.  She says he was very apologetic.I wonder what T.I. thinks about that line seeing as his wife is…

WHOA…Katt Williams is out of jail and…WHOA… :22 seconds in:All those millions can you see a barber?

FIGHTING BACKI got an e-mail the

other day from a very well connected source who told me the big wigs up

at the labels are flipping over all these leaks.  Word is German

hackers are getting into private e-mail accounts and stealing records

which they then turn around and sell to blogs, dj’s etc etc.  He even

told me there is a 17 year old kid from Florida whose made a name for

himself stealing records…I wont post his info but I can say he is

from the “Streets”.  But the labels are not taking this lying down and

word is a lot of people will be in trouble come next year when they

complete their investigation.BUDDEN’S NEW GIRL RAPSSomaya

Reece has been doing her thing as a model for a while but I think it’s

safe to say she was introduced to the world a few days ago in a video

posted by Joe Budden in which he labels her his new “girlfriend”.  Well

she has not wasted anytime cashing in on this new found interest and

she’s working on an album.  Her first single “Tramp” should be dropping

soon and any producers out there shoot your hottest joints here.

BACK TOGETHERWhile Joe and Tahiry

try to move on one of Hip-Hop’s most beloved couples is back on again. 

Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson were spotted in NY yesterday and word

is the couple are back on the right track.  A friends says Jermaine

just wanted to give Janet space after Michael’s death.

CONGRATULATIONSWhile her TV show isn’t doing so well and rumors are floating

around she will be returning to satellite radio, radio personality Wendy

Williams was inducted into The National Radio Hall Of Fame…I guess

EVERYONE doesn’t hate her


first picture of Michael Jackson’s tomb has hit the net.  He is resting

at Forest Lawn Memorial Park and Mortuary in Glendale, CA where only

individuals on an approved list are allowed to visit.  There was rumors

floating around that Michael wasn’t in his tomb for a while after the actual funeral (50 cent voice).Check out this clip of a psychic contacting Michael:

OUT AND ABOUTKanye’s rumored ex, Amber Rose’s gorgeous a**, hit South Beach the other day with some friends…check her out:

I’M JUST SAYIN’Shouts to DJ Folk aka Ochoa.I’m

going to go on record and say the Beanie Sigel/G-Unit deal isn’t going

to happen…It’s starting to look like Sigel fell victim to becoming

one of Curtis’s pawns.Kareem Abdul Jabbar has leukemia, put him in your prayers. Remember when I told you Shaq was cheating on his wife??  She just filed for divorce and moved back to LA with the young’nsSomeone claims Joe and Randy Jackson threatened to do him harm if he

went public with proof that Michael Jackson has an illegitimate son

named Prince Michael Malachi Jet.Braylon Edwards, of he NY Jets

sent Rihanna a $10,000 bottle of champagne while at LA hot spot, “The

Bank” … she sent it back because she didn’t know who he was.Brandy

was up for the starring roll in the Oscar-buzzing movie Precious but

when the producer told the author of the book the film is based on she

“literally almost hung up on him.”The

Australian government is hoping to pass a law making it mandatory for

concert promoters to tell you if a show is live or lip-synced.Shawnna has confirmed she’s signing with T. Pain … I definitely

think Shawnna is underrated not to mention thicker than a Snickers.

Peace – CHANCECDR @ Twitter or Gmail


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!




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