Hip-Hop Rumors: No More iTunes? Janet Pregnant? Usher, Chris Brown, T-pain, and Ne-Yo’s Swagga? Shaq In Court!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! JANET PREGGERS…REALLY? I don’t know who told this to Atlanta Gossip, but their sources are saying that Janet Jackson is pregnant! Well, we all heard that […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



I don’t know who told this to Atlanta Gossip, but their sources are saying that Janet Jackson is pregnant! Well, we all heard that one and we already have been told that she wasn’t sick because of a pregnancy. Still, a reliable source says the 42 year is indeed two-months pregnant. Janet has reportedly cancelled a number of her shows in Canada and delayed concerts in Boston and Philadelphia. Now, the show must go on and she will resume her tour in Greensboro, NC on Saturday. I heard Janet was just dehydrated from partying too much with her 36-year-old boyfriend.


What would life be like without iTunes? Well there is a real possibility that the iTunes Store could go “bye bye” thanks to the music industry. Here is a statement issued by iTunes:

“If the [iTunes music store] was forced to absorb any increase in the… royalty rate, the result would be to significantly increase the likelihood of the store operating at a financial loss — which is no alternative at all, Apple has repeatedly made it clear that it is in this business to make money, and most likely would not continue to operate [the iTunes music store] if it were no longer possible to do so profitably.”

-Apple iTunes vice president Eddy Cue said, in the statement.

To make a long story short, songwriters and music publishers have petitioned the Copyright Royalty Board to raise their royalty payments by six cents per song, This proposed raise in rate, would render iTunes unprofitable and that’s something that Apple cannot have. We’ll see, I guess. I am sure the music publishers will cower in fear at the thought of losing iTunes altogether. Fall back.


Chamillionaire new crew called “Money, Fame, Respect” isn’t too, too new. But, the crew does bring together members of Cham’s Chamilitary homies into one unit, from what I heard. I hear one dude named Famous who is from San Antonio is in it and he’s been on projects with Cham. I heard that there is this R&B dude named Tony Henry, who has also been included on Cham’s other albums. Then there is a guy named Yung Ro. The only thing is, I heard he left the group after some type of conflict.

Over at AllHipHop, Cham has been one of the coolest cats, but this Yung Ro fellow is very upset and seems a bit messed up in the rap game. Here are some things CHAM posted on his blog about the Ro situation.

Yall don’t understand.. I don’t release mixtapes…. thats GAY I make underground Cds n s###…….. I engineer too.. Hey I mix vocals not tapes!! I never liked that term… (scarface tone) “MIXTAPES” Ha ha. 4 real my manger J-Mac comming from RADIO ONE; knows about polotics and he also said 2 Me before my first 1 dropped EWWW nah no mixtape…. NOBODY represents something different.

And Cham job is ONLY to sell and be GOD… of MIXTAPES! Sr8 Up I don’t give a f### bout nothing but a few things and Imma keep it 2 myself cuz nobody cares!! I feel like Cham trippin but f### it….. I got eat however. I was @ Fame’s spot like alot listening to beats, smoking and working. I saw Cham twice the whole time I was under Chamillitary. I LOST my townhouse, my grey LACK and right now I’m basically homeless but whats dat to Yung Ro… And Both my chains got stolen and SOLD by my lil brother from another mother (L-Dogg). I may not get them hoes back but I pray for anyone trying to do me harm.

At the end of the Day, Yung Ro is upset. Because he didn’t feel Cham supported his efforts and he’s been on the shelf for quite sometime. I don’t know how long, but seems that he’s trying to make it. No hate to either men. Cham is one cool cat so its probably just a misunderstanding between two men.


Did anybody notice that “the forces of power” cut out Chris Rock’s part about Osama Bin Landen not being real in his HBO special last Saturday ? I don’t have the bootleg, but I heard it is on the bootleg and was definitely in the live shows. Anyway, Chris Rock is proabaly the most honest comic now.

Check out 3:27 in the Larry King interview for a piece of the cut clip.

There are a million reasons to vote for Obama (and not McCain) and one of the last ones is this color of his skin. I don’t know if you watched that whole clip, but Chris Rock speaks on it too. For those that took my lil’ rant yesterday the wrong way…you lost.


Remember Lumidee? She is blowing up on the world market, touring in Paris and Germany right now.

IF you didn’t know, the financial bailout passed last night. I know this is a stick up of the American people, but somehow, I am relieved. STILL, click here for the Dark Bailout and see the joke is on America.

By the way, Yung Berg’s new mixtape that is available on his myspace page (myspace.com/yungberg) for free. Enjoy!

AJ22 told me that there is an Obama Channel on the Dish Network, where they run Obama stuff 24/7. Aint that crazy?

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Max was at the Common/N.E.R.D. show in Boston and I heard it was sick. However, Chad was no where to be found on stage during N.E.R.D.’s set. I’d bet he was with his family.

Depending on when you get the rumors Shaquille O’Neal is either about to be in court, in court or was in court today to answer charges that he stalked an Atlanta woman.

Monica and Keyshia Cole recorded a duet. I hope it comes out soon and pray its not “The Boy Is Mine Part 2” Monica WAY GROWN NOW.

Aubry is reportedly out of Danity Kane. Again, this means nothing to me, but I am trying to stay in the know.

Don’t do it! Somebody emailed me saying that   are going to do an R&B version of “Swagger Like Us.” I think they should call it “Corny Like Us.” Not that they are corny, but the rumored song would be doomed to a cornfield.

Singer Joe reportedly said he didn’t think he had to vote, because he heard Obama had it all sewn up. LMAO. Dude is nuts! Register to vote HERE. The deadline is Monday! I registered twice and am voting early!

Not that we care too too much, but I heard Fantasia and Young Dro split. I thought they were going to make beautiful music together and have cute kids. NOT.

Tia Mowry and her man got robbed for over 100k in jewels and bling. I’m gonna call them Sean Kingston light.


Beyonce is one good woman. I don’t care what Michelle thinks. She gave a cancer “survivor” a wish – to meet her.

Jogquan’s mother said, “He got to meet her, which he loved because he has loved her since he was little,” Martha said. “And it was so cool because he got to spend time with her and she just loved on him and the other two girls. She was very personable.”

This kid gets Beyonce. Meanwhile, I lose Kelly. I lost.


When I used to be a suicidal-like freak of nature, writing was a great release. But, in Britain, these people are heartless! A teenage boy of 17 was on a high-level bridge and was contemplating suicide. What did the good people of the UK do? They egged him on to do the deed! According to reports, the people watching said stuff like, “How far can you bounce?” and “Get on with it!” Dude was up there for three houres until he decided to jump to his death. When he jumped, people did him the honor of documenting it every step of the way via their mobile phones. There were people that were trying to stop him, including the police. I am shocked the cops didn’t put a billy club upside somebody’s head for buggin’ like that. Anyway, dude was suffering from depression and was saddened over the ending of a relationship.

SIGNS PART 2: Click here to read about the woman that performed oral sex on her 2 year old. Oh…it gets worse! Click here, because this chick makes R. Kelly look like a saint.


Oh my goodness. What is wrong with our people…not Black people, but PEOPLE! This video is NUTS. Check out a dude and another dude – neither of which can rap very well – get in a rap battle where one dude gets knocked the fluck out. I mean, a sucker punch is a sucker punch. Still…this makes no sense.


I know this is the rumor page, but I have a lot to say so here is something else I want to show you. Of course, for more, go to illseed.com. A girl said something to a man at McDonalds and he 2-pieced her out of there. Not cool. There is no excuse, but I have to say I am VERY interested to know what she said for him to react so crazily. Maybe some people just gotta have their Mickey D’s? To see the video, click HERE…this is CRAZY!


This should be in our Alternatives Section, but I thought I would take it. Check out the Alts to get that sort of stuff. In the meantime, here is the ill video from Janelle Monae.


Stripping just isn’t for everybody. This one is tooooooo funny. Crazy chick should have known better. Check out the Illseed Epic Fail of the Day.


Walter Payton’s Connection to Hip Hop

It is my undying Stan-ship for Walter Payton that makes me toss this up. Last I checked, J. Payton, Walter’s son, was playing for some football team in Canada. He was signed for a hot second to the Titans, but that didn’t work out. Anyways, not only is he carrying on in pops footsteps and giving to the community, he’s also trying his hand at rhyming. Check him out at an event for the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, an organization that raises awareness about the need for organ donors among many other things. Not bad.


Illseed note: His son is quite the spitter, but I have to put up when Walter Sr delved into Hip-Hop for a moment. See below for the Superbowl Shuffle! Senior is the first one to rap…R.I.P. to one of footballs all time greats!

Super Bowl Shuffle

Thursday Morning Hardy Har Har….. Har

T-Pain shows us who wears the pants in the musical family.

So Fresh and So Clean, Sean John Style

If you asked Diddy, this is what he would say you should be wearing this fall fellas. While the show starts off normally enough, down the road it takes a hard left. I’m especially impressed with the sequins and the belly sweaters.


I had to to caption this.

“Stop fronting, baby. Come on over here. You know you wanna milk me.”

Click here to caption this photo.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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