Hip-Hop Rumors: Ozone Replies To Critics! Lady Drama and Shelz Run Ish!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! DAY OFF! Ahhh…Shelz and Lady Drama are here for the day. They have the rumors for you. Give them your time. Shelz predicted the arrest of […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Ahhh…Shelz and Lady Drama are here for the day. They have the rumors for you. Give them your time. Shelz predicted the arrest of DMX. Wow. And Drama gave a rundown of the Ozone Awards that (I think) made them respond. Read all about it below.

Alright AHH, I’m all over the map with my ish today. Hope there is actually some hip hop in there somewhere. I forgot to look.

The Misunderstood Art of Nut Destruction

Flashback to about a month ago when I told you about the young grad student considering suing the guy who made the “Obama Is My Slave” t-shirt she was wearing when she got a minimal beat down on the streets of New York. ‘Member that? Well, it seems this t-shirt has reared its ugly little head again and this time the target was the creator himself. Per Live Steez, two black dudes walked into Apollo Braun’s boutique, yelled “Who’s your slave, you m(bleep)rf(bleep)ing Jew?” And then one grabbed his hands while the other kicked him in the groin. Mr. Braun’s reaction to the incident was to say he didn’t understand why this pair did what they did when all he is doing is selling art. If that t-shirt is art then so is a swift foot blow to the family jewels. So in artistic terms, Mr. Braun and his nut kicking assailants are even.

I Know that B**** Didn’t Just Bite Me!

I really don’t even want to believe this. I guess I expect a bit more decorum from dignitary types, but damn if Mr. and Mrs. Misick didn’t get to slap boxing in front of some elected elite yesterday. It seems that LisaRaye Misick headed over to her former home to discuss divorce stuff with her soon to be former husband, Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick when all presidential hell broke loose. She was banned from the spot, so she allegedly strong armed her way onto the compound and then interrupted some official type government business. There was a physical confrontation between the estranged couple that led to the pair seeking medical treatment and filing separate but equal police reports. And yes, some of the wounds were bites. Anyway, I understand she was arrested after all of this happened. But she must be out of the pokey because she released an official “1st Lady” response to the whole nasty event which pretty much read “I’m not going to be ignored, Dan Michael.”

Going To Court is For Suckas.

On a day to day basis, there always seems to be some rapper somewhere who is due in court. What percentage of them actually makes it? I don’t know, but yesterday NYC courts were batting a big fat zero for two. Yung Berg was a no show for his menacing/gun/weed thing that occurred last weekend and Lil Wayne was to appear for a weapons charge he caught last year. He didn’t. His reps did contact the court though. They said he had a dental condition that prevented him from driving. Ummm… yeah. And next time I skip I’ll say I had a bad hair day.

I Think I’m Running Out of Fingers

I told you to expect another arrest and well unfortunately I was right. I guess the X man wasn’t in re-hab as some of us were hoping unless he took the 24-hour crash course, because he was popped at Wal-Mart in Miami. Arizona is no longer playing with this dude and he may be running out of get out of jail cards. I swear I wish dude the best, but this is getting sad. (See the picture below)

Aaaaannd I’m out! Go in, Lady Drama!LADY DRAMA’S RUMOR SESSION

JD and Janet get on their YouTube Pimp Game again! Check out this recent clip of JD at tour rehearsals for Janet’s new ‘Rock Witchu’ tour: 

 Is it me or does anyone else wish the Lollipop kid would make an exit?


Death Of Donda West Passes New Surgery Legislation! GANGSTA


According to a recent article in the LA Times a new legislation has been passed to lessen the future accident which can take place during cosmetic surgery procedures. Read this for the details:

 The state Senate has approved a requirement that forces all patients to undergo a full body physical examination prior to elective surgery. Claiming Donda’s passing set the precedent for the decision; Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas stressed the importance of this ruling.  “Many of us are concerned about the quality of care extended,” he told the Times, “to those who receive elective surgery.”


The new rule was voted 37 to 1.  It was believed that Donda West’s death might have been prevented with an examination which would have showed coronary artery disease that allegedly resulted in surgery complications.


Friday Goodies…. Depending on how you look at it:


Bernie Mac is being remembered by JET Magazine in next weeks issue! As well as Issac Hayes, may they rest in peace!



Brandy’s back with a new promo shot and new album titled Right Here (departed)….. I wonder if the title has anything to do with that case she caught after that car accident… Just a thought 😉


Lady Drama’s Food For Thought:


Lisa Raye and her husband have resulted to domestic disputes… you can take a girl out the hood but you can’t take the _____ out the girl!


MTB chick Aubrey O Day said she wouldn’t go to Diddy and Cassies wedding? I wonder why not……..


I hear Lil Kim will not do PLAYBOY! Am I the only one relieved?


There are reports that Ciara has been getting her Mary Kate olsen on and skipping meals…. Hmmm……. interesting!

Go Hard or Go Home!A FEW ILLSEED RUMORSMy sources tell me that Bugsy was close to locking down a spot on the annual BET Black College Tour, but wasn’t accepted because of his recent arrest. rappers and guns are no longer BET’s fortay. On the good side, I heard Bugsy was recently released on outstanding bail. Hopefully he’ll get a shot. To any doe doe head that thought there was some racial implication about the Hillary rumor, drink toilet water after Biz Markie takes a dump. Are you looking for a new “friend?” Click here if you are a professional in the New York area looking for somebody sophisticated, upscale or romantic.THE OZONE MAGAZINE RESPONSEI have no gripe with Ozone mag even though I wasn’t invited to the awards. JB is cool, but the rumors are the rumors. I got a lot of them. Malik from Ozone hit me up to to tell the magazine’s side of the recent Ozone Awards in Houston. Here is his take on the rumors and chit chat.I understand that your section is the rumor section.. But we all know most of the things that you put in there are meant to be taken as facts or for folks to use their own judgment.1. Police didn’t raid the Ozone awards: Fact: The Awards started late therefore we went over the closing time of the centre, there was also a capacity issue, the good people of Houston came out to support and of course the place was jam packed.2. Michael Watts and De Ray didn’t calm down any crowd that was getting antsy.Fact: the show was stopped and the crowd thought it was the end with Khaled and Rick Ross, T-Pain onstage ending the show. When they got off the announcer told the audience “thanks for coming out and good night.” Brandi Garcia a jock with one of the local radio stations grab a microphone and proceeded to tell the calmy departing audience they they had a set for all Texas artist, and the Police is shutting down the venue, then Watts proceeded to make the crowd more antsy with chanting ‘we want our set’.  After it got to a point that they realized that doing that might make the folks get out of control, that’s when Watts said to them not to tear anything up!  Sorry for my grammar but I feel like I need to clarify.. I don’t think there’s any patrons who didn’t enjoy their weekend, but as part of the media, I am noticing some unfair shots. Fact: Ozone caters to Southern and West Coast Artist. Other magazines don’t! Period. So of course our show will be geared to that audience, and as for Mike Jones bringing his mother and family to the Ozone Awards, and people saying that its not the ‘Grammys’  for Southern Artist this is the ‘Grammys’. No magazines were writing any articles about the southern Artist until Ozone showed that the South had a voice and talent.

SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END…I feel for the dog! Somebody help him!ILLSEED IS OUTTA HERE!Master P might change his name, but Mr. T never will!


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