COMMON AND TARAJI—YES OR NO? I think Common and Taraji need to get their story and stick with it. Trey The Cholit Jok at Power 92 in Chi City interviewed them both on two separate occasions…and got two answers to THAT question. “Are y’all and item?” Last week Taraji Henson appeared on the Trey The […]

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I think Common and Taraji need to get their story and stick with it. Trey The Cholit Jok at Power 92 in Chi City interviewed them both on two separate occasions…and got two answers to THAT question. “Are y’all and item?” Last week Taraji Henson appeared on the Trey The Choklit Jok morning show to promote the new movie “Talk to me” and Trey asked her if she and Common were dating or if they have ever dated and she replied , “NO.” Tuesday morning Common appeared on Trey’s show and he asked Common if he and Taraji have ever dated. He didn’t say “Yes,” but he sure didn’t deny the relationship. I don’t know, but I think Taraji was doing the privacy thing and Com was being all honest and stuff.


I heard that Pimp C going off, off, off in the Ozone magazine… Now, I’m not messing with Pimp, because he’s had issues with me in the past. Well, Shout out toFreezy, who sent me the audio…and well…Pimp C let it be known to the world. He sounds really angry. Shout out to Pimp C for eventually dropping the knowledge and being 1000% HONEST. He never did quite address the issue of Atlanta being in the East Coast. (Pimp C dominated my existence for the 15 minutes I listened to this.) Oh yea – shout out to Atlanta’s 107.9 FM – WHOA!

Here are some exerpts from Pimp’s interview with Ozone that are floating around. If you are “industry“ don’t read this here. You about to shocked!

On Russell Simmons:

“I just made peace with the lil n***a Short Dawg cause on the cool, it really wasn’t his fault. It was ol’ d**k-in-the-booty-Russell Simmons fault for not taking the message back to him and telling him to change his name. Yeah, I said ‘d**k-in-the-booty.’ I know what I’m talking about. B***h, I’ll air you out too.”Russell is going to talk this out with Pimp C and get him into yoga – peace and love.[;)]

On Atlanta:

“Atlanta is not the South. Atlanta is not the South, gotdamn it, when you go to Atlanta what does your clock say? When you get off the plane from Los Angeles or Texas, what time do it be over there? Atlanta is East Coast time. You n***as ain’t in the South.”

About Lil‘ Troy:

“He’s a f**king b***h, and I said it. I’ve been knowing he’s a b***h, but I ain’t gotta talk about no n***a when everybody knows you’re a b***h and you’re hiding.”

On rappers with a lot of jewels like Mike Jones and Lil‘ Flip:

“Them big ol’ plates they be wearing that look like dinner plates? Them diamonds are monkey. You need to take that monkey s### back cause you embarrassing us.”

On some D-Boys that used to be down with Meech:

“All y’all n***as talking about selling dope? If y’all n***as was some d-boys, guess what, man? I don’t believe you n***as no more cause I’m seeing you n***as in button up shirts getting cute and pretty trying to look sexy. N***a, f**k you. N***a, and I ain’t gotta say your name. Play with me and I’ll expose the n***as that was wearing backpacks with their pant leg rolled up back then in Atlanta when me and Big Meech used to be off in the club kickin’ it buying each other champagne.”

Even Ne-Yo got some of the wrath!

“I ain’t out here dressing up trying to be sexy licking my lips like old gay a** Ne-Yo. Licking lips and s###, n***a. P#### d**k in the booty a** n***a wearing all that gotdamn lipgloss at their video shoots and letting n***as put makeup on their face. Yeah, I said Ne-Yo, you heard what the f**k I said. N***as putting all that lip gloss on they f**kin’ lips looking like they’ve just been eating a pork chop sandwich with no hands.”


My homegirl “Kendra G. the Blackbarbie” (Power 92 Chicago) caught up with LL Cool J in Jamaica over the weekend for Sumfest. According to Kendra G. LL did a great job at a press conference that was held hours before his show. When one of the reporters asked LL Cool J about his feelings on certain lyrics in Hip-Hop, LL stated that the lyrics may need to be changed BUT the people have to stop desiring the music first! In other words if you don’t like what you are hearing stop supporting it and then artist will stop catering to that market! He does have a point. Mary J Blige was there too and I heard she had all the women bursting into tears for how they felt the music. There’s something about Mary! Kendra is doing a lot of talking about how off the chain Sumfest is, but I want pics and proof!


I like this song. I like it. Some of you need to get the hate out of your heart! You’re not named Curtis Jackson so why hate on Ja? While you are at it, check out his new song that I don’t love as much, “Wait Until Tonight.


Here is a rumor that I keep forgetting to put on the page, but I heard that Heather Hunter had a new man and the relationship has fizzled to a beef. Now, I’m not sure where these two met, but I have been informed that it MIGHT have been at a Black Music Month promotion by AOL Black Voices (check it out – its never too late.). Oh, you might want to know who this guy is. From what I understand, the guy is Tango from “I Love New York.” I think he asked NY to marry him or something… Anyway, both Tango and Heather were a part of this event. Now, that happens next is pure rumor (wink, wink). The rumor is they started to date after this occurrence and perhaps a lil’ more than that if you catch my prudish drift. From there, the word is things took a turn for the bad and they had a falling out. From here? I heard Heather has a book that she will be promoting and a part of her promo will be devoted to letting people know how good Tango was or wasn’t. From what I understand, even the wee-wee size is going to be brought centerstage (pause, no Liberace and all that).


Big Fase 100 is telling his version of the real deal about his baby brother.


You all know how much I love(d) Lauryn Hill from the fan perspective. Well, she still has fans in places like Adrenal, Norway. Nobody was permitted to call her Lauryn or L-Boogie like I would have. She was only allowed to be called Miss Hill. I heard that none of the guards could look directly at her and nobody could walk pa** her. Also, there was a rumored, strict “speak only when spoken to” policy around Ms. Hill. I heard that she only wanted Black security around her. I hope they were the Nation of Islam. And this isn’t true. But, she reportedly threw water bottles and screamed on a security that didn’t obey the law of Lauryn.


I might be a big upset. I heard that the referee of the Bernard Hopkins/Winky Wright fight is under investigation. Apparently, he warned B-Hop a total of 13 times for various infractions without taking a point or penalty. We all know that the judges’ scorecards were so ridicouslously lopsided that a point or two wouldn’t have even changed the outcome of the fight. Anyway, that was for the boxing heads.

Oh yeah, apparently Zab Judah an Floyd Mayweather got into a lil “tiff“ and Zab punched the Pretty Boy. I heard there were a couple slick words pa**ed between the two. These guys get paid to fight…why fight in the street?


Check this out! Since we were talking about the fight and all that earlier, I thought this was a good sign all is not right. At a bar some men were watching the fight and got into an argument. Did they scream at each other or fight it out? NO. This is Philadelphia. Somebody pulls out a semi-auto and shot the place up, killing three people. The investigators suspect the guy even hit a couple of his friends, because he shot even more than that. (Thanks, Tif!)

Oh, just because it is Wednesday, here is another one! A 16 year old beats up a 3 year old, because the baby pooped its pants. Oh, did I mention the kid dies? Yeah, check this one out and tell me you aren’t ready to go to Cambodia with KKKramer! Watch out who watches your kids, lil’ sister or brother! (Thanks. Maurice McFly)


I heard Wow Bow and his security did actually go to the celebrity basketball game so there may not be any beef with JD. But he’s the hooper…shouldn’t he be playing?

There has been a lot of talk about Janet Jackson’s supposed weight gain. But I know people that saw Janet when she was down n Miami and said that she isn’t hardly as big as those sweats suggest. I guess, she needs to take off the sweats – now!

Mekhi Phifer and fiancee are reportedly expecting a lil’ baby.

If there is a big story or rumor that doesn’t appear in this section, go to the news section. Its probably there. Stuff like the Lil‘ Wayne/Ja Rule arrest, I knew about that and it popped up there.

Oh yea, if you didn’t hear it yet, click here to hear Jadakiss talk about going to Def Jam under president Hova.

Janet didn’t go to JD’s So So Def thingy, but that’s because I heard she was in Miami working with Scott Storch on her Def Jam debut!

DJ Whoo Kid was having lunch with a certain female DJ, who he apparently embarra**ed over something or another. 😉

Usher and his babe getting married over the weekend? That’s what the rumors say!


Kendra G didn’t lie. She sent me one pic of her and LL! Check her out. It looks crazy hot! LL is still Cool though.

The homey Dorian got to meet Nas in Vegas! Here is the pic. He told me that the best part of the weekend was when Raphael Saadiq closed out his show he brought Nas up on stage and Nas ripped it.

DJ Semtex interviewed Kanye to tha…West over in the UK. Peep the Pic!

Check out this nice pic of Lil’ Wayne. Shout out to Robert Caplin for The New York Times, who took the pic.

Venus must have felt a lil’ neglected after yesterday. Here you go, boo boo.


TB sent me these presumed encounter with Reggie Bush and Kim K. Check it out. I’m not saying this is true or false, I am going to just let them roll with it. You judge. ( this is a long, unedited rumor, but there are a couple ill vids under it, including a freestyle by Tash of the Alkaholics.)

“On Sunday 07/22/2007 my boy Raul was out at this spot called the Wave House in San Diego it was kind of jumping and he was with some friends just chillin’. As time goes by he notice’s that Reggie Bush walks in the building (San Diego is Reggie’s home town, please consider this) so after Reggie finishes chopping it up with the promoter or who ever the guy he was talking to was, my boy approaches him and say’s what’s up. He said reggie gave him a look like F__K here we go again so anyway my boy say’s to Reggie Reg (Reggie Bush) yo! would it be cool if my girl and some of her friends take a pic with you and he said Reggie sort of was like ummm yeah man it’s cool come on so my boy takes the pic and everything is cool. ( i’m waiting for the picture, as soon as I get it I’ll forward it over) So shortly after my boy notices this chick that M.C. Regg (Reggie Bush) is with and after taking a closer look realizes that it’s Kimmy K. (Kim Kardashian) so my boy get’s hype like word up (old school) I want a pic with her, so Mr. R to the (Reggie Bush) is standing in between my boy and Kim so my boy decides to be respectful and he ask Reggie, Yo what’s going on man you think it would be cool if I get a pic with Kim? (here’s the kicker)

Reggie turns to my boy and say’s Nahh dog it’s not ok that’s my girl your talking about. So now my boy just smiles and walks away like WOW! sort of thrown off being that she’s sort of her own celebrity. So my boy goes and sit’s down with his people and when he looks over he see’s reggie whispering to Kim. Soon as he stops Kim leans over and looks in my boy’s direction smiling. Once my boy notices he smiles back like s### maybe she’s cooler than he is. Believe me you illseed as soon as Reggie seen him smile at her he grabbed her hand and walked out. They were there for about a total of 15 or 20 minutes. Maybe he should play full back since he’s so good at blocking. (i had to, got that from you) anyway on another note Vincent Jackson wide reciever for the San Diego Chargers was also in the building and like alway’s he was cool as the other side of the pillow. So my boy chilled with VJ for like an hour or more then bounced. (The girl is thought to be Kim K., when my boy addressed Reggie he said ” do you mind if I take a picture with Kim” and Reggie nor confirmed or denied that it was her.)”



They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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