Hip-Hop Rumors: Plies And T-Pain Beef? Busta Signs With T-Pain? Beyonce Disses The Jacksons?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE DAILY TWO CENTS IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING – allhiphoprumors@gmail.com. Lets go! BUSTA ON T-PAIN’S LABEL? OK, so Busta Rhymes is now the man […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHINGallhiphoprumors@gmail.com.

Lets go!


OK, so Busta Rhymes is now the man of the hour again. First of all, Busta had apologized for the remix of the song “Arab Money.” (Click here to read about it.) We all know he was giving props. What’s interesting is we talked to a few Arab people in the New York region and most didn’t find Ay-Rab to be insulting at all. That maybe just a regional thing.

The The Morning Crew of Hot 97 (Nancy Barrow and DJ Buck) interviewed Busta Rhymes and T-Pain and found out that Busta is now signed to T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Label. WOW. I haven’t confirmed this but it seems to be factual. Now, Bus and Pain Busta have a new hot song so hopefully it’s a good relationship and not too much autotuning. They asked T-pain if he gave Busta a signing bonus and he said he doesn’t give money as a signing bonus. T said he gives out cars and other stuff! Humph! Busta probably wanted some Arab money at least.


U2 might be the biggest, grandest rock band ever! Now it appears that Will.I.Am might be producing for Bono and them. There isn’t much more to this and it could have been a “quickie,” but I think it deserves its proper shine. LOL. Anyway, that would be a huge look for the Hip-Hop producer!


This is something that I heard a ways back, but its coming out too. There is a beef with Plies and T-Pain. Plies was supposed to perform at the Jingle Jam 08, but T-Pain reportedly said he would leave if Plies went on before him. Then, T.I said he would bring out Plies , but Plies left the building without getting on stage. What the beef is all about…hmmmmmmmmm

Speaking of beef and T-Pain, click here for the mending of ways between “NY T-Pain” Ron Browz and Mr. Pain. I don’t know if there is any truth to this, but I heard that Jay-Z may be trying to block the success of Browz. Why? He’s the dude that produced “Ether” for Nas. I know Jay said he doesn’t do that, but if he’s gonna do it, this would be the one. LOL.


I have newfound respect for Storch! He tried to help DMX! Read:

DMX has been apprehended by FBI Agents at Scott Storch’s house in Miami, according to reports.

The rapper was arrested today (December 9), after police followed up on a tip in regards to his location.

Police could not confirm if the rapper was being treated at a local rehab facility as his lawyer Bradford Cohen has suggested in previous, published reports.

The rapper is expected to be held in a Miami jail until tomorrow morning, when he is expected to be extradited back to Arizona in the next 15 days.

The arrest comes one day after Phoenix, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio offered a $5,000 dollar reward for any information leading to DMX’s arrest.

Now the question I have is: WHO SNITCHED!!?!?! Please don’t let it be Scott!


The people over at Hello Magazine are suggesting that Mariah might finally be pregnant. In Los Angeles, they are saying that she was recently seen coming out of the obgyn and looked happy as hell. This happened on North Crescent Boulevard and she was reportedly “clutching what looked like a sonogram and being greeted by her entourage with cheers. She was ebullient.” They are saying that this rumor has some basis to it but a rep said it’s a false alarm.


There has been quite a lot of deliberation about what’s going on with Jeezy and DJ Drama, two powerhouses in the world. It seems the whole thing stems from the fact that Drama is now collaborating musically with Gucci Man. Some of you might not realize, but Jeezy and Gucci have some real beef that got way too ugly back in the day. Anyway, I heard Drama feels like he’s caught in the middle, because he just wants to make music and not worry about other people’s beef. I heard, Jeezy feels like him and Drama were supposed friends and now Drama is making moves with this enemy. I think they are going to deal with it like men and talk it out.


After a brief mention in the rumors, Bugsy says something back:

Gooolllleeee! illseed it’s like that? You guys never have nothing positive to say about me! I’ve had my mgmt send press kits, music, etc. I hit u guys up letting you know about my Voter Registration Buspool (registered over 2,500 minority voters). I’m heavy in the community, none of that matters. I get no love from Allhiphop! Yet, as soon as its beef on my plate you guys air that like its healthy for Hip-Hop! Come on maan!



Biz Markie is supremely talented. He rap, beat box and DJ, but he does pretty well with the kids. No, not in an R. Kelly manner! Check this out to see what he does for the kiddies to teach them Hip-Hop.

Man, this is a crazy rumor. I heard a Delaware Hip-Hop group named the 49ers paid Cool Breeze of the Dungeon Family for a verse upfront out of respect for the ATLein and dude straight disappeared! He didn’t even do the song! WTF? That’s not how the South does!

The rumor about Max B might be premature. Looks like Yayo would just like to bring him over to G-Unit, but its not likely.

B.o.B. is killin’ ‘em out here. Click here to check out his recent power move on the industry! And its better than autotune!

Sexy siren Tweet has reportedly signed with Motown.

This one is pretty funny. Fiend, a rapper from No LImit,is now signed to RocNation under Jay-Z. Fiend been in talks with Jay-Z for about 2 months and they finalized the deal today. Jadakiss hooked it all up. You no Fiend and Jada was on Ruff Ryders together and been working together ever since. Fiend also will be featured on Kiss Next single

Yesterday, I had some random quotes attributed to Rupert Murdoch, but they were actually the quotes of the man the write Ru’s biographer.

Did Papoose finally sign to Koch? That’s what I heard.

Young Joc has been reportedly spotted with a fly stripper named Kai Lynn. Hmph…

Well, Floyd Mayweather has finally seen the right payday. It looks like he will come out of retirement to fight current top pound-for-pound fighter Manny Pacquiao. Before retiring, that was Money’s title.

Rumor has it, 50 Cent will make a movie called “The Organization,” based on a book about convicted Camden, NJ kigpin J.R and his best friend former Camden Mayor Milan.

I think everybody needs to be have equal rights and all that, but gay is not the new Black. I don’t know where people come up with these thoughts.

Rumor has it, that song isn’t K-Fed, but some racist jerk. We’ll see soon enough. K-Fed better make a move on this one.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony might be on the outs! She was recently seen without her husband and her wedding ring.

Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy’s wife, I mean husband, gave her drugs soon as he got out of jail. SMH at this destructicon.


Common on how Obama will affect Hip-Hop (CNN):

“I think hip-hop artists will have no choice but to talk about different things and more positive things, and try to bring a brighter side to that because, even before Barack, I think people had been tired of hearing the same thing.”

Spider Loc comments further on his beef with Snoop Dogg (dubbcnn.com):

“Man, I don’t understand why a n#### thinks it’s cool to be clowning with my name in his mouth about some muthafuckin’ fighting. I don’t know and he don’t know no rapper that’s done touched on more rappers than me. A squabble ain’t s###, you can’t name another rapper that done put his hands on more entertainers than Spider Loc – not saying that’s something I’m proud of.”

Killer Mike tells AllHipHop.com about his deal with T.I.:

“I’ve worked very hard at making sure that I was able to not only live off the independent scene, but become a force in the independent rap music scene,” Killer Mike told AllHipHop.com. “Tip is encouraging me to be a business man, and he’s encouraging the efforts I’ve already put forth. This is an industry of slaves and sharecroppers. And most people just try to either enslave you or make you a sharecropper. And sharecropping, it ain’t perfect, but it’s a lot more noble than slavery. I’ll be happy to work the whole field as long as I can own a small piece or make a profit.”

Beyonce tells ‘em how she feels…:

“I grew up upper-class. Private school. My dad had a Jaguar. We’re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like the Jacksons. But I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation.”

Soulja Boy to Charles Hamilton:

“Maybe he should f**k with Mario or something.” See the video below…damn. Soulja Boy is funny! Apparently Charles said something about comparisons to him and Souljie.


This is the funniest fail ever. This dude made a song called “I’m Gay (For Gilbert Arenas).” Gil is going to have to answer a few questions on this.


The Governor of Illinois has been arrested as he attempted to get money. SMH. Gov. Rod Blagojevich was and formally charged with conspiring to get financial benefits through his authority to fill the vacancy left by Barack Obama. This man allegedly tried to SELL the seat Obama left as he goes on to be president. The Gov. is the one that can appoint the vacant Senate position. That man didn’t watch the wire, because they got him on simple wiretaps in the 76-page FBI affidavit. Dude is a 51-year-old Democrat. He basically attempted to swindle money out of various non-profits and getting his wife on corporate boards to get her paid as well. I hope this doesn’t mess with Obama or that Obama isn’t somehow in this mess.


Even though his new CD is a lil’ odd to me, its good to see he’s still got some of that old b-boy in his soul.


Talk about power moves…I was just saying in the rumors about T-Mo Goodie and look what popped up?

Atlanta Native T-Mo Goodie opens Doors of Freedom Studios!


T-Mo Goodie, of Goodie Mob, has OFFICIALLY Opened up the Doors of Freedom Studios and is Preparing for the Launch of the Junior Producers Factory!!!

T-Mo Goodie, a platinum recording artist and native of Atlanta, has officially opened up the doors of Freedom Studios. In conjunction with his latest album release, T-Mo has made it a point to set another standard in the music industry – bringing his ingenious and love for music full circle.

Although Freedom Studios does have some clients that are exclusive, the studio is also open to the general public.

Keeping in mind the current situation of today’s economy, T-Mo has definitely kept the independent artists’ budgets in mind. Freedom Studios is located near Atlantic Station in Atlanta, GA – an easy commute for all traveling from all sides of Atlanta.

T-Mo will also be working on other projects in conjunction with the Blaxxxx Entertainment Group (B.E.G.), South Coast Films and the Taylor-Richards Foundation. The first main project to be launched is the Junior Producers Factory – a music engineering boot camp for kids. The Junior Producers Factory, taught by T-Mo himself, will be a 6 week course that teaches kids the fundamentals of becoming a music engineer. Registrations are now open for this program.

For more information on Freedom Studios and other projects that T-Mo will be involved in, please feel free to send an e-mail to Freedom@BlaxxxGroup.com.


These times are rough for Americans. Obviously, there are other places that have it way worse. So, try to put things in perspective and buck up. We can do whatever we want, if we work hard. Check this out: Lil Drumma Boy.


This dude was a big hit the other day so here is more! TK, you rock!


Sanaa Lathan…looking better than a new lease on life.

DMX – Please, dog…get it together. We actually care!

CAPTION OJ: I don’t know, but it looks like his mugshot is saying “Watch what rabbit I pull out of my hat as I appeal this case.”


SMH at these dudes committing these “alleged” heinous crimes in this day and age.

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