Hip-Hop Rumors: R.I.P. Stack Bundles, Young Buck, 50 Cent and more!

This edition of illseed’s rumors are dedicated to the family of Stack Bundles. HAPPY BELATED FATHER’S DAY! Hello everybody, Father’s Day has come and gone! Good! Now, is the perfect time to keep it going and celebrate being a father all year round (and mothers too). How’s everybody doing? The Game is doing pretty good. […]

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This edition of illseed’s rumors are dedicated to the family of Stack Bundles.


Hello everybody, Father’s Day has come and gone! Good! Now, is the perfect time to keep it going and celebrate being a father all year round (and mothers too). How’s everybody doing? The Game is doing pretty good. I don’t think I mentioned it, but The Game and his girlfriend Tiffany Webb welcomed their son into the world. His name? King Justice was born on April 25th. King’s older brother Harlem Caron turns four on June 30th.† More on Game below.

To fight fans, I watched the Zab Judah fight again over the weekend and was sad to see him get beat like that. Cotto is a beast and deserves all the credit he gets – and all the wins. As for Judah, I heard he’s already headlining an ESPN fight in August. Stay out of the clubs!

Over the weekend, some people I know told me that Rev. Al Sharpton was the guest pastor at their church in Newark, New Jersey. I heard the Rev. sent a few shots to Hip-Hop, but overall delivered a good sermon. The only thing is, the sermon wasn’t catered to Father’s Day. I head he actually got down in the church and preeeeeched. I’ll have more on this later.

Where is Lloyd Banks or Juelz Santana?JA RULE ALBUM????

The Inc’s Lloyd recently checked in with the “Trey the Chocolate Jock Morning Jump-off” (Power 92 Chicago) and my homegirl Kendra G. asked Lloyd about his label mates Ashanti and Ja Rule. Lloyd confirmed that they are both in the studio working on their next albums! I know some people want to dis Ja Rule, but not me. I’m very much waiting to see what he has up his sleeve. If you didn’t already know, AllHiphop Direct spoke to Ja and TI, who interviewed Tip. So, check that out.

Check out this new song with Ja Rule and Lil’ Wayne. I’m not the biggest Ja fan, but I’m also not “brainwashed” into thinking his music career is over because of a rap beef. I like this song.

I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS! (Not safe for work)

This is LB, a rapper from New Hampshire. He’s supposedly saying something and rapping faster than Twista. The only thing is, I could only understand about 2 words he said. Check it out and you tell me.

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What’dup people its FreezeFiya again. Came straight from ATL and the patrone is still there so I welcome you to my half-drunk rumors!

Young Buck DID NOT Say “F**K G-Unit

I was actually there so I’m going to tell you what really went down at 107.9’s birthday bash. Now you all know why I work at Houston’s airport 10 hours a week…Flight Benefits! Somehow over the weekend, an internet rumor spread like fire saying Young Buck was on stage at 107.9’s B-day bash saying ““F**k G-Unit! Cashville Records is the New Unit!” Allegedly he said this because Young Buck felt he should have had a share of Fiddy’s $100 million dollar check from Vitamin Water.

Well, what really happened and what the rumors forgot to include was The Game also perform. He performed right before Young Buck and was taking shots at G-Unit while performing. In order to prevent a riot, his show was cut short a few minutes (got his mic cut off) to make way for Young Buck and his G-Unit entourage. The only thing Young Buck said that I can think of which was close to this rumor, Buck stated “I own my own sh*t. 50 didn’t give me my deal (Cashville Records). I did that s**t on my own!”

So there is no beef with Buck and G-Unit! Just a mislead rumor who I’m told may have come from The Game’s camp.

50 Might Be Pushed Back Again?

That’s the word I’m hearing. Interscope are rumors to want more songs from 50 Cent on the new album, but 50 doesn’t want to go back into the studio until he gets paid to go back. So with Interscope wanting 50 to add on more and 50 wanting to be paid to get that buzz going, the Curtis album is at a stand still. With 50 sitting on a couple 100 mil from Vitamin Water, I think he can hold out just a little longer.

Bad Boy Month??

So the word is Yung Joc’s Hustlenomics has been pushed back to the end of August for Diddy’s sake – sort of. Rumor has it, Diddy is trying an experiment and has named August Bad Boy month.

Here is the unconfirmed release dates…

Boyz n Da Hood -† Up N Da Chevy – August 7

Elephant Man – Lets Get Physical – August 14

Jordan McCoy – Just Watch Me – August 21

Yung Joc – Hustlenomics – August 28

Please Represent People

So Stack Bundles funeral is today (Mon, Jun 18) and the word is security will be stepped up heavy. Expect at least a heavy police presence, uniform and undercover. All I want is lets send this brother off with no drama. R.I.P. Stacks, you will be missed.

Alright! that’s all I got! Can someone tell me if Weezy is with Trina or just boning her? Back to the Illseed Quickies!


Peedi Crack is going all out. Young Buck might not be saying “F G-Unit,” but I heard Peedi is saying similar things about Jay-Z and The Roc. I don’t think he’s patiently waiting for a track to explode on. Club Chrome, people, Club Chrome.

So, you remember when Aunt Vivica Fox got arrested for drunk driving, right? She lost a $3 million endorsement deal from GM in the process. I heard they would strongly consider reinstating that contract if the legal proceedings go the right way.

This is a bit of post-Father’s day news. Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight may reunite. The father and daughter haven’t spoken since 2002! She’s supposedly going to reach out.

Paris Hilton’s medical ailment is still unknown. I will tell you the disease. It’s called “I’m-in-jail-and-I-can’t-get-out-itis.”

Rosie O’Donnell has received a ringing co-sign from Bob Barker to replace him on “The Price Is Right.”


This is more like the “slow and meek” on the racetrack. I would be so heated if this was my car.

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Do you really want to stop global warming, green people? (I kid, but look at this vid!)


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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