Hip-Hop Rumors: 'Rich Kids of Bevely Hills' to Take Over Kardashian TV Spot?

Rumors report that E! wants to bump “Keeping up With the Kardashians” out of its Sunday spot.

The #RichKidsofInstagram parlayed their hashtag into an actual reality show. We all know that Magic Johnson’s son E.J. will be one of the kids featured on the show, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” which is set to debut on E! in January.

However, the coming of this show could mean that it’s a wrap for the Kardashians. Page Six is saying that “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” could be taking over Keeping up With the Kardashians’ original slot because the network is ready to move on.

I don’t know about this one. Keeping up With the Kardashians is definitely returning for its ninth season in January, so even if it does air in a later slot, the ratings will probably be decent enough to force a season 10. Plus, insiders at E! say it’s still the network’s most watched series.

By the way, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills will follow five 20-something one perenters who ball out of control.