Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Disses 50 Cent? Deelishus Murder Attempt? Obama Drugs!?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE DAILY TWO CENTS I don’t have a lot to say, but when you get a chance, I have an interview with KRS-One and Alex Jones. […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



I don’t have a lot to say, but when you get a chance, I have an interview with KRS-One and Alex Jones. Check it out here. They go IN!TRINA AND KENYON GETTING MARRIEDTrina is about to be in a wedding dress. That’s right, the top selling female rapper of 2008 is going to be getting married, according to reports. Kenyon Martin, her NBA boyfriend, has popped the question and Trina allegedly accepted, according to Media Take Out. “[Kenyon] was inspired by Barack … watching [The President’s] relationship with Michelle was probably what pushed [Kenyon] to pop the question,” a source said. Hmmmm… On top of that, he was supposedly inspired by Barack and Michelle Obama. They are looking to get married in Mexico.


Did you hear this story? Apparently, somebody tried to murder London Charles aka Deelishus! This is what I understand happened. Deelishus was staying at a hotel and she’s just minding her business. She ordered some food from room service. From what I understand, the food never arrived. A manager of the hotel knocked on the door and asked her about her stay. The manager then asked if she had eaten any of the food that they serve. Deelishus didn’t. Come to find out one of the food service people put some sort of poison in her food in an attempt to kill her. The person was hating and jealous of her…so she tried to kill her. The hotel caught it before it got to her. CLOSE CALLS!


Esco on K97.5 got at me and gave me some info on the looming beef with Jeezy’s CTE and Drama’s Aphilliates. E told me that DJ Drama, Willie The Kid, and La The Darkman came out to “The Trap Star” spot over the weekend. E had a chance to ask Drama a few questions! First, his new album’s first single “Day Dreaming” features Akon, Snoop and T.I. His album is coming out later this year, I heard. More important I heard Drama expressed no beef with Jeezy and even played the Trap Star’s music all night. Also, he had on a big a$$ “Barack O’Drama” chain! LOL!


There has been some talk of a beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross, but nothing ever really panned out until recently. Check out this song and you tell me what you think of this line and this song:

“I love to pay her bills/can’t wait to pay her rent/Curtis Jackson baby mama/I aint askin’ for a cent/Burn the house down/gotta buy another/don’t forget the gas can/jealous, stupid muthaf**ka”


Sarah Palin and the Repubs spent roughly $180K on the Alaska Governor during her bid for the vice-presidency. Guess where all that fresh gear is? Stuffed inside garbage bags at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington D.C. Rumor has it, Sarah wasn’t able to keep the clothing, because the RNC said they owned it and it was just for image purposes. It was supposed to be given to charity, but no dice.


Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri are 100% over. I thought they were going to work it out, but NAH. I heard that Janet has been frequenting in London and partying with Prince Azim of Brunei at the Mahiki nightclub. The good prince is caked up and spends a lot of money on the famous friends he loves. Anyway…uhmmmm…That’s that.


Rest in peace to Miss World Finalist Mariana Bridi da Costa. She was only 20, but succumbed to a little-known disease that attacked her quickly. She was from Brazil.


Some Black people are upset that Michelle Obama didn’t wear a dress by an African American to the ball. You know what? Get over it and stop b######’ for God’s sake!

Kanye West is now sporting a Dougie hairstyle. I hope he gives credit to the South for that one.

Paula Abdul claims she inspired both Beyonce and Rihanna.

Tom Joyner and the crew went in on Beyonce saying that she was crying at Barack Obama – not because he was the Black president – but because she can never have that with a “thug” like Jay. I don’t really consider Jay a thug. Seems suspect!


Affion Crockett asks Jay-Z the question we want to know.


I reported a ways back that Jim Jones has stopped calling people the N-Word, but not substitutes it for “Obama.” So, he might say, “What’s up my Obama.” A reader recently emailed me up and expressed his discontent with the practice.

Hey dog my name is Levonn and I am now will not support anything that Jim Jones and anyone affiliated with him will ever do again. I was never a fan of his but some songs were alright. But this ignorant cat took s### to far. I listened to an interview where he now says “Obamas” in the place of “N#####” . This s### has to be exposed for the self destructive ignorance that it is. It hurts to say this but rappers have influence over young people. I’m not saying Barack is going to solve every problem that blacks face in this county but he is a hell of a start. Jim Jones and his ignorance will only influence young kids that don’t understand the significance of his election and turn it into something derogatory. I say n#### but I really plan on stopping it. Replacing it with another word to tear blacks down will not do. Please I see that you care about this country put his ass on blast!!!!!!!


I got this in my inbox with no link. But check out this madness.

Police said Goncalves was the third and final victim of Keith Luke, a 22-year-old Brockton man who authorities said devised an “evil plan” fueled by racism to kill as many “nonwhites” and Jews as he could before taking his own life.

Luke, authorities alleged yesterday, killed Goncalves and a 20-year-old woman, raped and shot the woman’s 22-year-old sister, but failed in his plans to attack a Jewish synagogue and end his life.

Luke stood in Brockton District Court, hands manacled behind his back, his face scratched and bruised, the outcome of a gun battle, police chase, and car crash.

Luke pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder, one count of aggravated rape, and two counts of armed assault with intent to kill. He was ordered held without bail by Judge James Sullivan.

What a stinkin’ loser! I heard this may have had something to do with the recent inauguration of Barack Obama. I think we need new forms of punishment that entail lashes and beatings. SMH.


Some dudes got together and decided to create heroin. On top of that New York police arrested five people that named their filthy drugs after new U.S. President Barack Obama. They stamped their weed and smack with ‘Obama” FAIL. I failed when I wrote a satirical article comparing Obama to a drug on the street. Read it here.


Let Him Be Great, People.

I have no words for this video. I just watched it again. I still don’t know what to say.

I Guess Lil Wayne Wants to Be Great Too.

I have no words for this song. I just listened to it again. I still don’t know what to say.

“Prom Queen.”

Bow Wow Rounds Out Our Tour of Greatness.

Is he in your top five too? I ain’t mad at him. If you don’t think you’re hot, no one else will.

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