Hip-Hop Rumors: Ross Addresses “Rumors!” The Game’s New Hood Movie! No More Foxy Brown!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! RICK ROSS AND FOXY ARE NO LONGER AN ITEM You know, I knew this already, but the word is out. Rick Ross and Foxy Brown are […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



You know, I knew this already, but the word is out. Rick Ross and Foxy Brown are OVER. You know, I thought they would at least make it until the end of the summer. Rick Ross recently stated “keep the rumors coming” so I guess I am. (But I’m not a hater. Ross is dope, especially the intro to his album.) Anyway, I heard the untimely ending of Roxy actually came around the BET Awards out in California. Apparently, Ross and Foxy were supposed to walk the red carpet. If they weren’t supposed to, we certainly expected it. Remember?

“They are in fact a couple. Rick Ross swept her off of her feet and this is going to [be] the next big hip-hop couple,” AllHipHop.com quoted of a source. “They both are in love.”

According to the source, Foxy is trying get the hell out of Brooklyn and move to Miami to be near to her baby and has already developed a good relationship with Rick’s fam. Marriage is the new single.

I heard all was good until the BET Awards and that Homewrecker Buckeey took that pic and video with Ross! And POOF…I heard it was over after that!


You may have seeen this in the new, but Rick Ross had denied that he was a C.O. and you haters can just keep a-hating. Here are some of the quotes from Power 98.3 in Phoenix, Arizona.

“In the game we in, it’s real competitive. Competitors have to do what they have to do to eat. We making the best music. Y’all seen the BET Awards, y’all saw the magazine. We the biggest in the game, we the best in the game. Just keeping it real. And anytime somebody can attack my character, like I said, you get nothing from the Boss. I don’t give haters the pleasure.“

“When you get to my level, you’re a great conversation piece. I’m big on the blogs, I’m big on the magazines, and I appreciate that as an artist. That’s why I’m in the game. I got in this game to introduce people and to make great music. And that’s what it’s about.”

“Just keep the rumors coming. We gon’ keep the records coming, we gon’ keep the music coming. Like I said, I’m one of the realest sources of this real street music in this game. Straight out of Miami, straight out of M-I-Yayo. One of my closest homies was on America’s Most Wanted.”



Lil Mo refuses to put her personal life on hold! Rumor has it, she is about to drop another baby. There is no confirmation, but the singer has been shown sporting a bump right where a baby would normally linger. The Hip-Hop singer, real name Cynthia Loving, already has two daughters – Heaven Love’on Stone (born on August 19, 2002), and God’Iss Love Stone (born oon February 24, 2005). If she is with child, it would be her first one with present husband Philip Bryant, who is a gospel singer.


I’m sure Kidz In The Hall are mad at me, but I have a job to do there. Yesterday at Rocksteady, Buckshot was scheduled to perform. The whole Boot Camp came EXCEPT Buckshot, so in place of his performance, KRS-One did an impromptu cypher with Fat Joe, Craig G, Black Ice, The Artifacts (both), Lords of the Underground, Hakim from Channel Live, Steele from Smif n Wessun, and had Marley Marl and DJ Premier on stage. Also Ice-T made a surprise appearance with Coco on his arm. The point about Kidz? I wonder if Buck shot got caught up in that mess down in AZ? We’ll find out, won’t we?


Whew. We all know we are in a recession for female rappers, but damn! Jacki-O has recently revealed that she was forced to give up her “nookie” in order for her to get a deal. “Everybody that signed [to her former label] had gotten their advance money, but when it came time for me to get my advance, I had to f*ck for my advance. It was ten stacks and I had to f*ck for it. So naturally it wasn’t something that I’m proud of doing. And I don’t advise any female to get into no business – be it music or whatever – and get exploited like that,” Jacki reportedly said.

Daaaaaaayum! She kept on…

“But I’m from the hood and if somebody offers you ten thousand dollars at one time to get out of the hood, and lets you go for your dream of doing music, you’re gonna run to that.”

What are your thoughts on these allegations?


For a download of Ludacris’ new mixtape with DJ Drama, go to illseed.com.

If you get one underground rumor, you get more! Rumor has it Evidence and Alchemist have started a group called Kids Incorporated. Evidence will reportedly assume the new name Evy D in the group.

I have heard quite a lot about Kenyon Martin’s wife in the wake of Trina and his accident…lets just say that I now understand why he is with Trina in Beliz.

Amy Winehouse was put in the hospital after she reacted badly to some medicine Monday night for a reaction to medication. No, the medicine wasn’t crack cocaine.

Khia has reportedly created a new dance called the “Hater Walk.” She said it’s a result of her love of the hate she gets.

My dude Da SouthsideWrecker just told me that Yung Berg did a remix with T-Pain and Shawnna! I heard Shawnie killed it with the rapid-fire flow. I heard Berg is dissing somebody. Also, I heard Berg is singing on his new CD on a song called “Outer Space.”

I don’t believe this, but somebody told me Kanye might have a baby on the way, by his ex-fiancée. I’ll wait for his blog to address this.

Monica has a new reality show coming called “Monicia: Single,” but I am hearing she and Rocko just got engaged.

Batman aka The Dark Knight made $300 million in 10 days. Rumors say Angelina Jolie will be the next Catworman. That’s a win win. Johnny Depp needs to be the Joker.


Immortal Technique comments on Rick Ross (rhapsody):

“Just because you had a day job doesn’t mean that you weren’t living some sort of illegal life. There are criminals in college, on Wall Street, in government, on the police force, in law, and definitely in the music business, especially the underground. People are quick to judge and it puts [the judged] in an incredibly difficult position to justify a life they obviously no longer live when incriminating information surfaces.”

BELLY 2 Feauring The Game?

“The Game: Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club” Movie Trailer is below. But, is this from the same Belly that starred DMX and Nas? I hope not.

This is the tagline:

Born into a life of crime G (The Game) has just spent 8 years in the pen. Now out on the streets he’s back to his old ways wondering if a con can ever really straighten out. Things become more complex when G hooks up with Alexis (Shari Headley) who makes her living upholding the law. Inspired by a true story.


This is TOO cute!


You love to see this again and again. Check it out.


You might have missed this on illseed.com, but Danny Hott aka young stunna is still here. I never really listened to Mariah’s song “Touch My Body” until this boy sang it. Chris Stokes – we have found your newest prospect and his parents need a good talking to.


The Art of Story Telling.

Well, it appears folk all over the place are jumping on the “let me air out a fake thug” bandwagon. The next victim…. Plies. It seems the investigative reporting branch over at DX has done some snooping and came up with, guess what? Nothing. Now I’m not into Plies so I don’t know what he kicks in his lyrics, but he must be telling that same ole warmed over big time thug tale. He speaks of arrests and jail cells and yard stuff, right? I guess he must have read about it because it seems he was never arrested until after some of those lyrics were written. Ya know, I find it amusing that any of this shocks anyone. If you did do all this illegal stuff and got arrested for it, there would be a record of it. And if you didn’t get arrested, you wouldn’t be blabbin’ about it on a CD. At least not until the statute of limitations ran out. I’m really going to need folks to get over it and accept these performers and their back stories for what they are – entertainment.

The Art of Story Telling…Part II

For some strange reason this whole “Chris Stokes poked me” story being re-kindled a couple months ago has sparked some marriage proposals. First it was Raz-B, formerly of B2K. That story dropped and he immediately found a wife. Well the wives keep a-coming. Now it’s Marques Houston. Yes, he is allegedly engaged to be married. And yes, both young men are engaged to women. I don’t know if this is some “Look at me. I’m manly” publicity stunt or not, but marriage is rather sacred so I hope not.

The Art of Story Telling…Part III

Listen to this. An aging single rap star decides he needs a significant other and settles on VH1 as a vehicle to find her. Sound familiar? Well, with Flava Flav deciding he was tired of having a harem of girls fighting for him and a free grill, someone had to take over. In steps Uncle Luke. Sometime in the next week or so, we should start seeing the former 2-Live Crew frontman searching for love in all the wrong places. I swear I can’t remember the last time I actually saw a music video on VH1.

And Finally Just a Piece of Art….

Nelly has been tapped by Sean John underwear to be there latest spokesmodel person or whatever they call them. I say the title doesn’t really matter, nor does what I type. A picture is worth a thousand words. (illseed note: ladies, be thankful! LTbrown, this means you!)


You know, I love my girl Drama, but I have to admit, her comments on Raven Symone yesterday startled me a bit. I didn’t cut it out, because that’s how she feels and I think she was just clowning. Here is what my homey Jye said. (He also contributes to the rumors here and there.) Also, click here to read AllHipHop’s recent interview on Raven!


What’s good fam? listen, I was checking out Lady Drama’s joints on AHH, and she came down hard on Raven Symone. She needs to fall back on that though because check it, Raven ain’t no push over, when you’re worth $400 Million you don’t have to worry about lack of sales of your record. S**t if she wanted to recoop from poor sales she has enough dough to start her own label. I think we need to give her props for making wise business decisions and keeping her nose clean, meaning staying outta the media’s negative s### radar. It’s crazy, $400 million at 21!!! She should blow everyone’s mind and drop a hot 16 over that A Milli beat….lol.


[Illseed note: no hate to Lady Drama though. That’s the homey.]




Peep these pics, that Olympic video in the vid section – and I’m out!ILL PICS!

Cotto got it good on Saturday. Ever the warrior, I hope he can recover from this mentally. Chris and Rihanna chill somewhere common. I forget. This is like Baltimore or something. Ocean City, MD maybe.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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