Hip-Hop Rumors: Shawty Lo and “Meatball”: Who Is Lying? Busta: What’s The Deal?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! Yesterday, I saw somebody beefin’ about the rumors being too long. I agree. So, I am chillin’ today, but read the rumors yesterday – its a […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Yesterday, I saw somebody beefin’ about the rumors being too long. I agree. So, I am chillin’ today, but read the rumors yesterday – its a doozie. I think I am going to see Dark Knight at the first matinee. I can do that.


I’m not going to spend a bunch of jibber jabber time on this one. Just go to illseed.com for the video. It’s pretty interesting. Basically, Kia Shine takes the high road and claims that Paul and J were a lil’ shook ones to pop stuff in his face. He also says it’s a time for peace and all that good stuff.


Listen, Interscope, and listen GOOD! Illseed needs for that Busta Rhymes album to come out this year. It’s a decent year for Hip-Hop and we have some momentum with Lil Wayne, Nas, Common and the Game…NOW…we need that Busta. For fans, go to the AllHipHop media and music section to hear the new Busta with producer Bangladesh called “I Got Bass” – ITS CRAZY!!!!!

Now, here is the rumor. I recently heard that Busta was re-added to the Interscope schedule, if he was ever dropped. But now I am hearing that he’s been totally removed from the UK release scheduled and nothing is being said about the U.S. release. With this new song and the last two records, Busta needs to come out. JEEZ.

For the love of God and family, will this man’s album come out already?


The Rapper Turned Singer: Go to illseed.com to hear T.I.’s singing debut!

Wedding Bells: Common and Serena engaged to be married?

Baby Time? I don’t believe it, but rumor has it Alicia and Swizzie are preggie.

Debunked: Edner Cherry and Floyd Mayweather Jr were not in any fight nor did Floyd get laid out in a sparring match.


I was reading USA Today and peeped the following lead:

In Europe, great apes are inching toward obtaining the same legal rights as humans.

The apes are looking to get their Civil Rights on thanks to some humans. I don’t think apes should be killed or any of that, but giving them basic human rights seems crazy when a lot of humans don’t have human rights. Right? Spain seeks to be the first nation to give human rights to animals, apes in particular. Wow. Austria is doing something similar. Apes and chimps would be able to keep a bank account and even have a legal guardian, like an adopted kid. They have first and last names in Austria. Now, in the defense of the ape lobbyists, they say they just want to stop the apes from being killed or tortured. But if it pops off right, apes would get better zoos and all that.

I guess homeless people are like, “WTF? Put me in a zoo then.” And Cambodian sex slaves are like, “HELP US!”

Go to illseed.com for part 2 of “SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END” A 68-year-old woman forces a handicapped person into sex. SMH!SHELZ: KICK IT

The GZA Strikes Back

Yeah… so I jacked this from Miss Info. But I found it amusing, so I’m going to share.

The GZA has a track about to drop and it’s aimed at the General of the Guerilla Unit, Mr. Fifty. It seems last year there was some slight beef between GZA and Fifty. (I must have slept through that.) Fifty threw a couple jabs, but GZA put it on pause. Well, dude is going to push play tomorrow morning. The song, entitled Paper Plates, according to GZA would be enough to annihilate Fifty. That’s if his career wasn’t already dead. “He can’t f*ck with me lyrically,” said the Genuis. And you know what? I agree.

Kim Porter Finally Gets Realistic

Those Hollywood writers might want to re-think hitting the picket stroll again because damn if we don’t have another reality show a-brewing. This time it’s Kim Porter. Lifetime has reportedly offered Diddy’s most prolific baby moma her own 30 minute slot. The show is supposedly going to be about a single mother raising her kids. Damn, that’s creative. Hey, maybe they can somehow merge this with Making the Band and Diddy can make her walk to Brooklyn for some diapers.

Maybe She Misplaced Her Brain Cells in the Library[Illseed note before Shelz continues. Maybe some people people have it confused. If you rock this shirt, I’m going to look the other way if somebody jumps on you. Don’t let a single hair on Obama’s head  get hurt…just trust me on this one.]

I don’t know if any of you have heard this story, but it simply cements my belief that some people slough off more dead brain cells than others. A Grad Student in New York decided it would be a good idea to don a t-shirt that read “Obama is My Slave” and walk down the streets of New York. You know what happened next. She encountered some Obama fans and they let her know what they thought about her new shirt. That girl is probably still washing spit out of her hair. But anyway, she decided that her fashion felony was not her fault and may be suing the designer she bought the shirt from. I’m really going to need her to forget about the doctorate and invest in a red helmetimmediately.

Meatball Airs It Out

Head over to AllHipHop’s podcast section to get the word from the meatball’s mouth. This dude claims he and his peoples did indeed hand Shawty Lo his ass over the weekend. However, Meatball said he did not snatch Lo’s chain; someone involved in the mêlée gave it to him, he claims. He then said his intention was to give the chain to T.I. Presenting a gift to the King? That’s some straight La Cosa Bankhead ish right there. Then Meatball went on to say that Shawty Lo cried during the incident and prior to the fight, Lo was paying him to hang with his crew. But Meatball also said that while he was in jail, Lo swagger jacked him all to hell, stole his whole style and his friends too. This is really starting to sound like an after school special to me. And with those last little axe grinding comments, I’m not sure if I’m buying this story. But what do I know?



Here are some pictures. Maybe I will do something else after “Dark Knight” like update with some more rumors.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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