Hip-Hop Rumors: Soulja Boy Gets Hacked! Dr. Dre’s Loss, Spragga Benz’s Loss, Kim Kardashian Rushed to Hospital!

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.YESTERDAYS RUMORS! YUNG BERG BEAT DOWN PART 3   So, I got a bit of intel on what happened to the nice Decepticon chain that once was owned […]



All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered

in our ear. Read on.YESTERDAYS RUMORS!



So, I got a bit of intel on what happened to the nice

Decepticon chain that once was owned by Yung Berg. The Yung rapper was jacked

right there at Trick Trick’s club. Damn. That was a nice chain. Rumor has it,

it is now in the possession of somebody very, very close to Trick Trick. This

dude is so close to Trick that it could be his brother Diesel! Apparently

Bergie made the mistake of responding to something Royce Da 5’ 9” said about

his “dark butts” fiasco. This prompted a Detroit

“goon squad” to retaliate. He was hit hard, I am hearing. Rumor has it, he was

hit so hard that he left without his shoes and socks. Wow. That just wrong,

like Young Buck would say.


I also heard that the chain was worth about $70k.


That’s something to cry over. I wonder if Berg is going to “Tell”

or will the Tricky people be nice and just give the guy back his chain?


Here is something on the internet.






I don’t know that Berg would spit on anybody, but this is

why we are talking rumors. Check out the below letter written to me from

somebody that saw the whole thing.      


I am a big fan of the

rumor section on AHH,  So anyway I was at

Plan B on Friday because originally Fabolous was suppose to be there but he

canceled.  So I’m standing at the door

with security and I see Yung Berg walk in he’s kind of cute but then security

said damn this dude is about to get his ass whooped, so I started thinking

maybe he talking about how Detroit n***as is but then he said that Yung Berg

spit on Trick Trick in Chicago not to long ago. 

So no longer then after the security guard said that you see security in

the VIP area beating his ass, I mean they were really giving it to dude, I felt

kind of sorry for him, so after they finish beating his ass you see Yung Berg

and his little entourage running down the steps and out the door of Plan

B.  It was crazy because although dude

was up there getting his a** kicked the party never stopped, it was like the

s### wasn’t even going on.  Yung Berg is

stupid though why would you spit on a man and then come to his establishment.

Dumb move by Berg.  I guess we won’t see

him again in the D! LOL






Dr. Dre’s son has

reportedly died, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner.



The body of Andre

Young Jr. was found in his Woodland Hills home on Saturday morning, according

to the Los Angeles



Andre Young Jr. was

only 20.


Young went out on

Friday night and came in about 5:30 A.M., but his mother found him unresponsive

when she checked on him at 10 in the morning.


She called 911 immediately.

The cause of death will be revealed after a toxicology report.


Andre Young Sr., professionally

known as Dr. Dre, has not released a statement on the death of his son.


Dr. Dre is currently working

on his final album, Detox.





I have a sad rumor. Rumor has it Spragga Benz, the man that

once was very tight with Foxy Brown, has suffered a terrible loss. I heard that

his son was killed by the policein Jamaica. I heard that he was

basically shot and killed at the young age of 17. According to the community,

the police saw a man (or two) on bikes. The cops asked the men to stop and they

complied, putting their hands up. Somewhere, they were shot and Benz’s son was

killed. From what I heard, the police said somebody fired on them and they

returned fire.




Also, I heard the entertainer Vybes Kartel had his car

firebombed, but nobody really knows why. This is crazy. I hope nobody is hurt

out there.



Rumor has it, they are offering a date with “The Obama Girl”

at the DNC in Denver.

I wish I was there, because the Obama Girl could easily be “the illseed girl.”













Soulja Boy probably should

have held his tongue on all hat money he’s making for his videos. I heard both

his myspace and youtube’s have been hacked. (I didn’t bother to look, as I don’t

care either way.)

Rumor has it, T-Wayne

(T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne)

might release their album as a mixtape to avoid all the Major Label Red Tape.

Smarten up labels!




JoJo is epileptic.

OK, I get it. That still does not explain why he falls out and nobody helps



“Don’t look down on a man if you not picking him up,” K-Ci

said. But nobody picked him up!!!! SMH.


K-Ci damned Bill

Gates of Microsoft, which in turn created bloggers:


“I hate Bill Gates for inventing the computer.”


To defer the intense

questioning, K-Ci pulled out his Jesus card:


“Never  question God.”


Here are some other

memorable quotes:


“I don’t even know how to spell cocaine.”


“Stop the drug rumors – please. No cocaine…might be a lil’

bit of weed.”


“People when they talk about artists…they don’t understand, our

families gotta hear that. That’s not fair to my mother.” (He’s got a point





here for the audio of this madness.





Checkout this report from the Associated Press:


A San Antonio couple accused of trying to sell

the woman’s 5-year-old daughter for sex also planned to include her

10-month-old daughter in the deal and then blackmail the person interested in

the children, court testimony revealed this week.


The person with whom

Jennifer Richards, 25, and her married boyfriend, Sean Michael Block, 40, had

been in contact with turned out to be an FBI informant.


Richards is now

charged with using interstate facilities to transmit information about a minor.

Block is charged with distributing child pornography.


Richards wanted an

apartment and a used car in exchange for providing her daughter for sex,

according to the affidavit. The deal also included child care for the

10-month-old, who “eventually” would be raped herself, testified Rex

Miller, the FBI’s lead agent on the case.


The FBI agent said

Block made incriminating statements during an interview. Based on the

interview, a review of the computers the couple used and surreptitiously taped

conversations, Miller said he discovered the two were making further plans to

abduct, rape and “carve up” a teenage runaway.



S-M-H. People are just crazy!





OUCH! I heard this dude was raping little kids and this was

the punishment. I don’t think he is going to be doing that again. They

literally tore that a** to shreds! Can you hear the screams in the back?





Check this out. Oh man, this was classic! The Holy Ghost is

more unpredicatable than DMX!




the Holy Spirit is not only for Black people. Check this dude out…illseed.com.





Whats really wrong with 40 Glocc? 1st he chases Lil Wayne

down in Cali. 

Then claims someone put a hit on him for chasing Lil Wayne down in Cali.  Now he’s

beating up random unstable people just for being unstable.  And what’s

really odd is he doesn’t even have an album coming out.  Fifty please get

him in the studio.  Its this kind of rapper who makes me appreciate studio






Obama Assasination Bust…


KUSA-TV ( a Denver TV station) is reporting that Denver authorities arrested a gang of white

males who could have been plotting an Obama assassination! What seemed to be a

routine traffic stop turned into a lot more when the officer turned up two

rifles, high-powered scopes, ammo and crystal meth. But wait that’s not it the

man then led authorities to a hotel where another suspect jumped out of a

fourth floor window in an attempt to escape and a third guy was busted at

another hotel. The arrests went down yesterday. Info on the suspects are still

sketchy but I will keep you updated on this story!


FABO says Loso’s Way May be out by Nov!


Fabolous said in a recent MTV interview that his much anticipated album Loso’s

Way may be out by Thanksgiving! He stated:

‘We’re cookin’ now,’ Fab told MTV while

standing alongside Swizz Beats and Ryan Leslie. ‘You might be looking

at two of the producers on that ‘Loso’s Way’ coming this Thanksgiving. We’re

letting the world know we’re coming now.’

Don’t know if he was just rambling and doing some early pub but whatever

the case at least we have something to look forward to from him cause I love me

some F-A-B-O !


Tuesday Funnies…. AFFION CROCKETT Spoofs Jay and Wayne

I know illseed had this up, but its worth another look! And there’s much more where this came from! For those who don’t know Affion was

on MTV’s Wildin Out and did the good impressions of Jay Z!


Kim Kardashian Gets Rushed to Hospital!

Not so fast guys… she only sliced her foot open! Sources tell me Kim cut her

foot open on a glass coffee table hmmm… wonder what kind of suspect activity

she was getting into, but anyway I hear Kim’s foot was cut pretty badly as she

needed to be rushed to the New York Presbyterian Hospital where she got

stitches and a source says there was a lot of blood! This is terrible news

since there were rumors floating around about her joining the cast of Dancing With

The Stars who were going to make their official announcement on TV this

morning! Now sources are unsure if Kim will be able to participate! Damn that

sucks 🙁


Lady Drama’s Food For Thought:


I ain’t got nothing on my mind but the Democratic National Convention! How bout





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