Hip-Hop Rumors: Soulja Boy Stole Dance? The Roots In Accident! Rapper Raps About REAL Shooting…

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE DAILY TWO CENTS I went and did something different today. I did some research and I wrote a story on “Going Green: The Hip-Hop Way.” […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



I went and did something different today. I did some research and I wrote a story on “Going Green: The Hip-Hop Way.” I’m getting some good feedback (any feedback is good though), so please check it out. That is the main reason the rumors were late today. No, it wasn’t the fact that there is a drought in anything really great. As usual – IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING – allhiphoprumors@gmail.com. And shout out to Julien in Brussels!


Brussels is the capital of a beautiful little country called Belgium. I have a scoop for you fans of The Roots. The group was involved in an accident between a car and their tour bus in which they traveled. The Roots and their musicians were reportedly coming from Germany and had to pass through Belgium to reach Paris, France. From what I have been told, they are playing as opening act for Kanye West this Thursday. The two vehicles ran into each other on a freeway and went off-road. And, the bus ended up leaning on the other car. The seven members of the band had to be taken to a local hospital for minor injuries, no word on who was treated. I did hear that Questlove was taken in, but is fine. Nobody was seriously injured as crazy as that sounds. I heard the whole Roots crew was sleeping when the crash happened so they didn’t see a thing. They were a bit shocked, I am hearing! Anyway, I just want to thank Brussels for taking care of The Roots. Maybe they should come back and do a free show!


Remember when 50 Cent sued Taco Bell when they asked him to change is name to 79 Cent, in an effort to promote their taco meals? Well, 50 didn’t think the offer was funny…so he sued them. Now, Taco Bell has fired back and their opponent. Check out this report that was emailed to me. I don’t know the source unfortunately.

In legal papers filed in Federal court, the Bell’s lawyers claim 50’s tough-talking $4 million trademark infringement lawsuit from this summer was just a publicity stunt — but it’s the personal shots they fire at Fiddy that really spice things up.

Bell’s peeps tried to attack 50’s credibility, saying his work “falls in the subgenre of hip hop music known as ‘gangsta rap,’ a style associated with urban street gangs and characterized by violent, tough-talking braggadocio.” They also claim that Fiddy only filed the lawsuit to “burnish his gangsta rapper persona” — ’cause nothing builds street cred like a lawsuit.

50 sued over Taco Bell’s lame promo where they offered to give $10K to charity if the rapper changed his name.


First of all, the boy’s name is Mbekezeli Ndlovu. He is know known as “The Game Boy,” because he rapped with Game when the Compton G was in South Africa. The new rumor I am hearing is that the Game Boy and The Game will be doing a song together in December. Big ups to Chauke.

Listen to the “Game Boy” talking about his experience.

Check it out here:


I heard about this a ways back in the Ill Community. Click here to see the evidence of this. My girl Nastashia hit me up and she was heated! She saw the video to “Bird Walk” the other day. Like in the IC, she believes Soulja Boy stole that dance from an artist out of Cincinnati by the name of Tocka. Also, she says the video is originally called “the down the way.” The song/dance has been real big in Cincinnati and surrounding areas since like 2003. Also, I gather artists like Chris Brown have done the dance in videos in the recent past. I wonder what Soulja Boy’s response is going to be to these allegations.THE GHOSTFACE RUMOR UPDATEI heard that Ghostface was knocked overseas; because one of his people were holding something they shouldn’t have been holding. Actually, the rumor is his DJ was in possession of “contraband” and they pulled them all in. They were moving from the UK to a show in Paris, from what I understand.  Now, I am not sure about this one, but apparently, the local authorities enforced something related to child support on Ghostface. I really didn’t know that international authorities worked together like that over something non-threatening like that. On the other hand, we are moving to this whole One World government so nothing surprises me now.


You want to get famous instantly? Cover a Lil Wayne song.


Stephen Baldwin boldly claimed that if Barack Obama won the presidency, he would leave the country. Well? Dude reneged on his promise and now claims he was joking.

Diddy is going to appear on “CSI: Miami” in a winter episode.

The other day the Miami Heat played the Washington Wizards in D.C. last night. I heard Serena Williams was in attendance. She reportedly didn’t look happy when they showed her on the Jumbotron. Wonder why…

Ciara’s CD has been pushed all the way back to spring of 2009! She has also been ordered to pay a former manager some back pay.

Is it me or is Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce a response to the Rihanna rage? I will state emphatically that there is no beef and these two are more than cordial.

I heard from a reliable source that either 50 Cent wants to play Dutch in the upcoming movie based on the hood classic book.

The NY Post sent a shot at Dame Dash in their gossip segment. They said, “Damon Dash couldn’t sit still during John Galliano’s speech at the CFDA Fashion Fund and told his table at Sky light Studios he was “bugging out,” prompting a guest to say, “He was really a mess””

I wasn’t going to mention this, but I guess I have to say something. “Al Qaeda front man” Ayman Zawahiri has called Barack Obama “a dishonorable black” and “a House Negro.” Really? Like…do we believe this?

Now this is crazy. According to rumor, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes and Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez were reportedly seen shopping at Barneys in Beverly Hills. Madonna wasn’t even there. Furthermore, that’s against the rule Madge gave Guy Ritchie. “No new friends,” she said. Maybe A-Rod isn’t new since we’ve heard rumors for quite a while.

There is nothing popping off between Tyrese and Brandy.Click here to see Jay-Z, Nas and Memph Bleek rock THE TUNNEL IN NYC!


Akon is coming to the rescue of MiJac’s honor (bossip.com):

“That guy’s a genius, man. That’s probably the highlight of my career. He’s the most humble cool dude. When you stop and think about all of the controversies and articles on him, they don’t even reflect the person that I saw. I always say if people got the chance to actually meet the man behind all of the controversy, they would be embarrassed to even have that thought. He’s totally different from the normal perception that you see.”


This is beyond strange. The state of Washington has agreed to pay $300,000 to a former inmate how somehow had his penis eaten up by flesh-eating bacteria. When his bozack was eaten, he was in jail, under their care. According to The Seattle Times, he’ll still have to contend with lawyer fees, leaving him about $115,000. The man said, “It’s been a nightmare. I figured I should settle for what I could get because I just want it behind me. It’s unreal. It’s like something from Mars.” I don’t know if this helps bring perspective to it all, but he is 61. He got sick, but the jail didn’t diagnose it right and gave him medicine that would facilitate the bacteria that would show down on his privates. I think he needs to put a higher value on his Jimmy. Pause.


Check this out, an 8 year old kills his own father and friend and confesses:


I almost considered this a fail, but this is too much. Killer Mike loves to proclaim rappers are dumb, by and large and this lends credibility to that notion. There is a rapper that shot somebody and then snitched on himself. Now did he snitch on himself? The fool wrote a rap song and in the song, he explains what he did and reveals exactly who he shot. Let me repeat this. A rapper from Dublin, GA shot a man, rapped about it and then said, “Chad Blue knows how I shoot.” His name is Todriquez Wright and he will spend the next 20 years in prison now. SMH! What sort of new mutant form of fool are we raising?



A 5-year-old basketball prodigy…Don’t shoot me for saying this, but I hope they are going hard at the books in the same way they go at the b-ball.



Scarface spoke with AllHipHop.com about changes in music from his era to now, changes he isn’t happy with. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s fu**in’ 20 million rappers and a million consumers. It’s like dope now. You got more motherfu**ers selling than using.”

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