Hip-Hop Rumors: Soulja Girl Returns! Def Jam’s New Pres, Usher’s New Son!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! MY DAILY TWO CENTS My girl Shelz wrote a super ill editorial on the presumed death of the New York rapper. “Obscurus Rappus Maximus: Is The […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



My girl Shelz wrote a super ill editorial on the presumed death of the New York rapper. “Obscurus Rappus Maximus: Is The New York Rapper Becoming Extinct?” Click here to read it.

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On December 10, 2008, The Kevin & Bean Show podcast did a segment dedicated to the rumors and the comment on the page! Shout out to these dudes for started that BS with K-Fed! They said they weren’t trying to make fun of Black people, but “wiggas” that want to be Black. ANYWAY. Thanks for shouting out the site. The Afro Government, eh? Nobody ever listened to K-Fed…lol!


I was almost sure this one was true, but I am getting a different intel coming in. DJ Khaled will not be the next president of Def Jam South. I am hearing that Max Gousse will be officially announced sometime this week or next week. I’ve been told that Max has a great deal of experience working as VP of Music World under Matthew Knowles and played a key role in the development of Beyonce. He also has years of experience as an A&R signing artist such as B2K. He also had a label deal with Elektra and Epic and signed such artist as Adina Howard and Jon B. Gousse is heavy on the inside and will do well, a lot of people think he’s more of an R&B dude, but Gousse is from Brooklyn he has a Hip-Hop ear. Some have suggested that Jay-Z played some role in getting him this gig since they do have a relationship through Beyonce. All that you just read was given to me by an anonymous source.


One of the most joyous moments in 2008 was when I saw the video of “Soulja Girl.” I mean, eventually it wasn’t so funny, but I enjoyed it until I knew better than to laugh in public. Good news. Nafiza “Soulja Girl” Ziyad was seen very wild on an Atlanta MARTA train as she threatened a 65-year-old passenger. Well, the elderly woman helped in getting the charges dropped against “Soulja Girl.” She momentarily fell victim to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, which she has since gotten under control. She is totally sticking with her medicine this time around. According to local TV she said, “I do and say things I don’t really mean. This chemical imbalance is an ugly thing but when I’m on medication, I am able to focus on one thing.” Thing is, she’s got a pretty extensive history of this, but they let her slide.

Click here for the dedication to Soulja Girl…one more for the year 2008!

I am now counting down the year’s zaniest stuff at illseed.com!


Diddy is done with the bling bling for now! The rapper mogul said that he’s paying respect to those of us that are out here struggling in the world. Wow, that’s genuinely commendable. There are so many other rappers and entertainers still flaunting their fake and real jewels. SMH at the king of excess showing up the actually broke rappers. Puffy told Page Six, “Out of respect, I’ve been trying to dress less flashy. It’s one thing to be stylish; it’s another to be over-the-top. You gotta know when to hold back and not rub it in.” THANKS!


I agree with Xzibit! Let’s get 2008 outta here! This was one weird, good and bad year! I think Barack was pretty much the only shining beacon we had aside from making it!

HERE WE GO… I can’t lie people, I’m ready for ’08 to be over with!!! This was a ruff year for myself and alot of other families as well. I know I’m not alone on this one. I won’t waste your blog reading time with a re-cap of all this years wack events, better yet I will sum it all up like this: “When you are good timing and having fun EVERYBODY wants to roll with you, when you have to deal with REAL LIFE, you tend to realize how many REAL people are around you. Not many.” That my friends is not a bad thing. Over this year my circle has become smaller, my focus has become sharper, I’m motivated. I have been in the studio with Bishop Lamont and Jay Rock, tons of producers (Terrance Martin, DJ Khalil etc. etc.) not just working on my sh** but giving support to their body of work. I met Young De from B-real’s new record “DON’T YOU DARE LAUGH” the other night at the studio. Good dude ya’ll seems like he’s got a good head on his shoulders, keep a look out for him branching off that CYPRESS HILL family tree. I am just chillin getting ready for X-mas other than that, I’m going skiing for NEW YEARS (and yes muthafu**as I know how to ski …so keep your Sonny Bono / watch out for that tree! jokes to yourself!!) I will drop some more words to you guys before I vanish for the holidays, stay focused.

Alvin “XZIBIT” Joiner


I heard Ice Cube and Trick Trick had a great show in Atlanta. But…at the end of Cube’s set someone with Trick came on stage wearing Yung Berg’s Transformer chain. Damn..this was December 9, 2008. Click here for the display.

Well, Kanye West has a new song and there is no autotune on it. Click here for the goods!

Alicia Keys might be on tap to sing at the inaugural for Barack Obama!

Rumor has it, George Bush will pardon Micheal Vick. I also heard he’s going to pre-pardon himself and Dick Cheney. SMH.

I heard Tomeka and Usher had another boy! Congrats, guys!

Want to know who Slim Thug’s Top 5 Dead or Alive Rappers are? Click here!!!!!

Michael Jackson is really doing it. Dude is auctioning off his famous glittery glove as well as 2,000 other items.


Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri ARE expecting. Janet is 42 and ready to go! Life and Style brings out the “facts” even though you can expect Janet and JD to denounce the talk like they did on Monday or something. Anyway…they are saying that Janet Jackson is in the earliest stages of her pregnancy. If that is the case, I hope I am not stressing her out or anything, because we want that lil’ JanDe to come out….peep:


Here is the pitch for all you circus people.


My family owns Big Top Rentals a tent rental business in Northeastern Pennsylvania, we are a seasonal company working in the summer. We are the largest in our area and our basic job is setting up and tearing down tents of all sizes for different events such as fairs, weddings, bazaars, and such. the job is physical, hard, and demanding. We would love to see you come out on the road with us for a day and help us put some of these tents up. If you would come out I would try to schedule it so you got one of our larger jobs with our largest tents.

P.S. the best e####### title is our slogan for 25 years now, “For the best erections call”

Thanks for considering us.



I’m not doing a Signs The World Is Coming To An End today since The Atlanta Journal-Constitution hit me with this one. If you are going to smuggle drugs in an airport through clothes hangers…put clothing on the hangers! A wanna-be drug smuggler was caught on Monday night at trying sneak cocaine through in coat hangers. The 28 year old Julio Alejandro Almonte had mad wooden hangers just lying on top of his clothes in a bag. “Any red flag would definitely stick out if you have clothes hangers in luggage without the clothes on them,” a police said. Customs double checked the hangers with an X-ray machine and busted dude! He had hollowed out the hangers and put coke in them.


I’m going to have to get my label together so I can sign Jasiri X. Another one…Week 11.


Jay-Z might have to take it back to Marcy for a few, because actor Adrien Brody talked about kissing B in the new flick:

“I insisted on a lot of takes [for the kissing scene].”

Beyonce didn’t even denouce the man and even recalled another dastardly deed he did.

“It wasn’t so bad. I remember when he kissed Halle Berry. He’s not shy! Not at all.”

Jesse Jackson, Jr. says he will work with investigators:

“I did not initiate nor authorize anyone, at any time, to promise anything to Gov. Blagojevich on my behalf. I never sent a message or an emissary to the governor to make an offer or to propose a deal about the U.S. Senate seat.”

I told you so. Katt Williams retires:

“I’ve been able to amass enough money to put all eight of my kids through college and that’s what I was aiming for. Now that I’ve done that, I can continue to do movies, TV and my music label.”


Katt also said that JD hasn’t gone to see Da Brat in jail and Lady of Rage is in his rap thingy.


Did Coldplay copy Joe Satriani? That’s all the rage in the pop world right now! You know in the rap world, we allegedly steal all sorts of stuff..lyrics…songs…dances…chains…lol. Well its cool too see that maybe this is ass popular in the pop world. Coldplay is well respected, but this sounds like somebody remixed somebody. I heard somebody is also suing somebody too.


I’m sure you have seen this quote or heard someone talk about it. A few folks got their panties in a bunch over this.

“Tupac was not a good rapper….” –Joe Budden

Check the whole interview here.

?uestlove Co-Signs Jim Jones and Ron Browz

DJ Semtex caught up with the Roots ruler and asked him about those he expects to pop off in 2009. He mentioned some emcee collective out of Houston. But the stunner was his idea that Jim Jones was going to “hit the bullseye” with his album if he has a few more joints as awesome as Pop Champagne. He also feels like Browz is going to be right there with him, I guess as long as he keeps creating joints as hot as Pop Champagne. Hell, I guess I need to listen to that song again. Maybe its one of them joints that grows on you.

Cannon and DJ Drama Split

I think there was some change in management a minute ago, but it appears Drama and Cannon are no longer buddied up on the business tip anymore. Cannon is now with Chaka Zulu, Luda’s dude leaving LA the Darkman who has had some words of late for Jeezy and his CTE folks after the supposed fight at the Dirty Awards. Drama has been very diplomatic about all this stuff which is good but I’m just saying. The Aphilliates were like an ATL staple. Hate to see ish like this happen.

Berg’s Chain is on Tour

Yung Joc Must Really Like the Stanky Leg

He signed those dudes who did that song to his Swagg Team Entertainment Label. Am I the only one who thinks he’s going to regret naming his label that soon?


“Lookin’ Boy” Jim sent me this song. I wasn’t going to use it, but then he said he went to Kent State so I had to use his remix of “Whatever You Like.”

Kent State is the party place to be, but Hip-Hop might not be your fortay! LMAO!


I’ve been waiting for a dude to remix this song by Jazmine Sullivan, but Skillz went and took the softie approach. Oh well. Ain’t nobody bustin’ windows out of my whippa whip!


“I Put On” gets Jeezy so hype. Check out him rock to his own record!


Somebody though I didn’t like Charlie Hammy, because I posted a Soulja Boy vid. Not. This is what he had to say about the Soulja Boy comedy routine:

“I was called “the new Soulja Boy”… you don’t think that would p### you off if you were NOTHING like Soulja Boy. I wasn’t tryna diss him… I was talkin aggressively out of frustration…”

Charles’ new mix CD is called The Pink Lavalamp and it can be downloaded all over the Net for freeeeeeee….. New album which you can download for free came out Dec. 9.


Birds of a feather…

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