Hip-Hop Rumors: Superhead Retires!? Mos Def Beats Up Cameraman? Whoo Kids Beat Up Someone?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YO! MOS DEF SPAZZED ON PHOTOGRAPHER?   I don’t know if you know, but Mos Def does not like to have his picture taken without his consent. […]



All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered

in our ear. Read on.



I don’t know if you know, but Mos Def does not like to have

his picture taken without his consent. He is sort of like me in that regards.

Well, Mos was at the Magic Convention out in Las Vegas and well…a photographer didn’t know

said rule. Fact: Mos Def WILDED out on a photographer at Magic. He was walking

in and someone tried to take his pic. According to witnesses, he began

yelling  “Everyone knows I don’t

take pictures!” Hey, I know! Who was this photog? He must have been with

tmz. Anyway, Mos allegedly grabbed the camera. Now the photographer guy says

that his camera is all messed up and broken. He also said the he was bleeding.

I did hear Mos gave him fair warning. The Photog reportedly plans to sue Mos

Def. I’m hearing that Mos’ lady friend was trying to calm him down, but he

wasn’t hearing it. He was supposed to make an appearance but he just bailed.

Fame just isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.




Dancehall artist Spragga Benz, star of “Shottas” and

longtime love of Foxy Brown, lost his 15 year old son

to gunfire in Kingston, Jamaica this weekend. Carlyle

Grant, who played a “young Spragga” in his movie Shottas was shot and

killed Saturday night. Our deepest condolences go out to Spragga Benz and



Rumor has it, Foxy is going to the funeral in Jamaica.


Would she be saying this if Pac or Biggie was alive? Too bad

we’ll never know. What we do know is that times must be hard for the former

“First Lady of BadBoy” if she has to stoop to these levels to sell






Now, 50 Cent is dead wrong for this one! They are offering

straight up downloads of The Game’s new CD…and calling it a mixtape on his site. The ad said

it is “LAX: Featuring EVERYONE,” trying to say The Game has too many guests.


Like Buck said…that’s just wrong.




This book Faith is releasing is really the real deal. I just

hope all the good content isn’t on the net. They need to send me a copy. What’s



Even before we moved to

Brooklyn, I noticed that Big was kind of rough

and abrasive toward Kim. I once heard him screaming on her at his mother’s

house although I had no idea why.

“You think you special? He screamed. “I’ll go get Inga right

now.” While Kim cried, Big kept yelling at her. “We don’t need you

for this group. Inga would be happy to be down.” (The “Inga” he

was referring to was a sixteen year old rapper named Foxy

Brown who would go on to be Kim’s nemesis)

“You ain’t special,” He said. “I will replace you’re a** with

the quickness. Don’t forget that s**t.”

I think seeing the way they talked to her and about her made me dismiss her. I

usually have Spider-Man senses when it comes to other women. But with Kim,

there was nothing.”

I remember going to a hotel room in Manhattan

where Big was staying. And when I got there, Kim was on her way out. She ended

up hanging around for a bit longer and getting a ride back to Brooklyn

with me.

“I know you’re Big’s wife,” she said, as I drove us over the Brooklyn Bridge. “We’re more like brother

and sister.”

I just nodded. My Lil’ Kim bulls**t detector was still set on off.





EDI of The Outlawz released a statement to streethop.com to

counter the allegations in the book by Faith Evans. I knew somebody was going

to step up to the plate!

“Let me start off by saying that

this is not an attempt to fight Tupac’s battles. Over the past twelve years

there have been numerous articles, books, DVD’s, movies, interviews, etc about

Pac and his life. We normally do not speak nor comment on [bulls**t] because

it’s really not worth it and we all have better things to do than argue with


But recently I heard about a book by Faith Evans and there is an excerpt

released to the media in which she portrays Tupac as some sort of sick gorilla

pimp or sex offender. Of course Ms. Evans wants you, the reader, to see her as

the victim, even though she admits to cheating on her husband with not one but

two different men at the same time; but Tupac wasn’t one of them? Of course!

Look none of us was there when it happened but I know what Pac told us and Pac

was a lot of things, but a liar he was not.

I am sure the publishers would not have cut her the check if my homies’ name

was not in the book, so I understand her dilemma. But it is cowardice to make

such an allegation when he isn’t even here to defend himself.”



There was a dude that had a rumor and strong words for The

Game and Bow Wow a couple days ago. That dude got so many threats to my inbox.

I’m glad he didn’t show his name!


Rumor had it that M.C. Breed and Dustin from B5 got arrested

on Sunday in the ATL.  I don’t know who

Dustin is, but I heard they might have found dust in the whip.


There is a nasty rumor floating around that someone really

close to Ciara paid rapper Bugsy 25K to expose Lil Bow Wow if you will. I don’t

know what there is to “expose,” but it must be serious!


If you didn’t know, now you know. Angel

Lola Luv is now a rapper. Click here to read the story.


Is Bow Wow making it difficult for Bugsy…dare I say

blackballing him?

I am hearing that Janet Jackson and Alicia Keys are all set

to duet on a charitable AIDS song – together. Big!


I am hearing that Russell Simmons wont attend his own

Hip-Hop Summit at the DNC in Denver.

Hmmmmm….This is historic and R.S. endorsed Obama…





She retired at the age of 30!?! What is she retiring from? I’m

not going to answer that. On second thought. She even said, “I’m taking the ‘S’

off my chest.” I guess that says it all.




She has quit a p#### mouth for somebody that once appeared

on Oprah.





Check out the two dudes on “Rap City”

– old school, new school…no school rules!






This is a rapper named Monster and he is reportedly teaching

Lil Wayne’s kids how to do their ABC’s Note: I don’t know if these are actually

Wayne’s kids.

As far as I know…he only has a daughter. Mr. Rogers, this dude isn’t.




No disrespect, but we gotta…we have to…do better.SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END…PART 2If you want to see the biggest clown and idiot at the Democratic National Convention, click here. I mean that lovingly. illseed.com.




You read the AHH interview…now see this one, where he goes

off on Yung Berg.






His real name is Jamie Hector and he recently got married!

YAY! Congrats homey!



SHELZ COMES FORWARD!“I’m voting for Mumia Abu-Jamal.”


….says M1 of Dead Prez.  The pair are in Denver right now for the convention; but not at the convention.  They were interviewed by Democracy Now! In between protests and performances at evening rallies.  Their take on hip hop being embraced by the Obama camp is simple.


“It’s lack of understanding, the lack of political clarity, you know what I mean? And it’s marketing, you know what I mean? It’s like Barack is hot. He’s, you know—he’s the [blank] right now, so throw him on your jacket, you know what I mean? And, you know, it ain’t really deep. It’s just people riding the wave, you know what I mean? And that’s what hip-hop is being used for, is, you know, to sell products, to sell [blank] to us, stuff [blank] down our throat that might not necessarily be good for us. So some of the hip-hop people, you know, who do hip-hop, and this is our culture, we have to speak from the vantage point of people who want real power. And hip-hop is part of that. Barack wouldn’t even be in the position he’s in without the support of hip-hop.”


When asked if they plan to vote, both Stic Man and M1 said, “No.”


It’s Dark and Jail is Hot.


DMX has had his bond revoked or denied or whatever they call it.  And he wasn’t too happy about it.DMX vs. Judgeby skaybn



Blood shed? Melee? Whoo?


And what is this about DJ Whoo Kid beating someone up?  Or someone beating up Whoo Kid?  Or someone getting beat up while being near Whoo Kid?  Hell if I know.  But per Shadyville, Whoo’s decision to join the cast of G-Unit’s reality show on MTV led to some blood shed.  But of course you have to wait until the first episode airs to see what all this bloodshed talk is about because I understand the mêlée was caught on tape.  Damn.  Is Fifty tricking me into writing stuff again?


Less Money, More Problems…


Bad enough Dame Dash allegedly is facing foreclosure on his properties, but now it’s being reported that his connection with Pro-Keds has been …. well…disconnected as the company moves in a new direction.


Ruben Studdard is the latest to face a ridiculous tax bill that he may, or may not, be able to pay.  I understand its hovering around $200,000 and liens have been placed on his property.


Not only did those folk from Global Music not have the money to purchase the Death Row catalogue, they are now being sued by the Chapter 11 Trustees representing Death Row.


Oh and wish the Prince of Pop a happy birthday.  Today Michael Jackson turns 50.


And again, our thoughts are definitely with you Dre.

Rakim gets Delayed Yet Again but……… So after some major setbacks with Dr.Dre’s label Aftermath, it seems his much anticipated album will see the light of day but… not without another delay of course! Amidst rumors of Rakim signing with Talib Kwalei’s label he has actually signed with Bay Area based SMC Recordings which house artists Killer Mike, San Quinn, Mistah Fabb,Pastor Troy and a host of others.  In a press release SMC records stated The Seventh Seal is now slated for a Spring 2009 release. For those who don’t know this will be Rakim’s first solo album since 1999’s The Master. But anyone who doesn’t know that shouldn’t even be on this site 😉 When it Rains it Pours… Dame Dash Loses Pro Keds Deal! Seems like another one bites the dust for Dame Dash! His finances aren’t looking too promising now a days first Roc-A-Fella Records, then foreclosed homes now I’m getting reports that he lost his rights to Pro-Keds sneaker brand after it was reacquired by Stride Rite Corp. The details are Stride Rite gaining back the rights has absolutely nothing to do with Dash’s widely reported recent financial struggles. The Boston Herald says:  “It was just a matter of timing,” Stride Rite spokeswoman Debra Fernandes said yesterday. “We just wanted a new direction.”But we all know better than that! J.Hud Will Sing the Nat’l Anthem at DNC! Barack must be a huge fan of J Hud, because he handpicked her to sing the Nat’l Anthem on Thurs! Which is the day he will accept his nomination! Good stuff I can’t wait to see Jen work those pipes;-) A Morning Boost for those who need it:  The Simmons sisters look quite________ no h### real recognize real can’t hate on them! See I can be nice 😉 If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It….. Jay Z and B were spotted getting dinner last night in NYC looking happier than a winning pick 4 ticket! I’m so glad to see them happy and TOGETHER! Can’t hate on that although I wish I could lol 😉 Brand New: T Pain feat Lil Wayne ‘I Can’t Believe It’  Lady Drama’s Food For Thought: Nothing until after Thurs! Watch the DNC and get at me 😉   

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