Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I. Gets Saved! Yung Berg Reality Show!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.MY DAILY TWO CENTS   I am going to start the rumors off with the “Signs The World Is Coming To An End” and the “Epic Fail of the […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.MY DAILY TWO CENTS


I am going to start the rumors off with the “Signs The World

Is Coming To An End” and the “Epic Fail of the Day.” They both pertain to

stupid Thankstaking Day and deaths surrounding the mayhem. Did you know that

90% of the Native Americans were killed off as the Pilgrim people moved in?

Yep. Straight up genocide. Remember that when you chomp that turkey!




Now this is a sign for the times. A New York Wal-Mart worker

was straight up killed on “Black” Friday when a rampage of shoppers bumrushed

the doors at a 5 a.m. sale. The person was trampled to death. In fact, other

workers were trampled as well in an effort to save the man. The crazy shoppers

kept shopping as the man was killed! They even kept shopping as the employees

of the store said that the Wal-Mart was closed due to the death. Even a woman

that was eight months pregnant was sent to the hospital, along with three other

people. The man was only 34-years-old! They need to press charges on somebody

and that’s for real! One witness said the shoppers were acting “savage.” Oh

yeah…the pregnant woman had a miscarriage. (Why is it called Black Friday



R.I.P. to Jdimytai Damour.


There was a similar case at another Wal-Mart, but two people

were run over in the parking lot of the store.




I know this is going to make we seem like a cold, uncaring

bastard…but I have to say it. A man accidentally killed himself on Thanksgiving

Day in front of his family as they celebrated the American farce. This all went

in the suburban Chicago Heights,

according to press reports. The crazy thing is the man didn’t have a deathwish.

He simply wanted to show off in front of people, it seems. He thought the gun’s

safety was on and it wasn’t. He put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger,

killing himself in the early evening.




Alfamega does a D-Roc and takes the full rap for the fight

at the Dirty Awards. Well, he at least gets the rap off of T.I. Here is what

his told MTV:


“First, I would like to give an

apology to Steve Hazelwood and the whole Radio One [crew] and all the fans that

came to see a good show,” he said. “That’s my part: I can only apologize for me

and Grand Hustle.

God’s honest truth, for real, we came

in there feeling good, if you [look] at the beginning of the videotapes, it

will show we didn’t come on no hostility. When the disrespect started coming,

we was eating it, then it got blatantly out of hand. That’s when it all


When anybody was performing, we was

up, moving around, we was rocking to Lo. He was doing his thing. Now when the

dis song happened, I was like, ‘What is dude doing?’ When I looked up, I

seen the dude onstage with a chair in his hand, then I noticed it, somebody

with us, a female, she was holding her face. Then I ran towards them. My attempt

was to not fight, but to go up there and say, ‘Somebody with you hit this

girl.’ By that time they had my man Kuntry in cuffs.

What happened with me — Tip had

nothing to do with that, it just happened. They was performing the song, I was

like, ‘Let’s have fun.’ I start dancing. I’m feeling good. That’s my boy, Yung

L.A., he made it. I get on top of the table, Shawty gets on the table. Shawty

fakes like he’s gonna throw a drink on me. By then I stepped down. I could

have made a move. I could have jumped from one table to the next, it really

wasn’t that far apart, probably about four or five feet. It was close enough

that the drink in his hand could have splashed on me. I stepped down from the

table, somebody said to something to me. I seen three or four more dudes like

they gonna do me bodily harm. My first reaction — me being who I am, I am a

funny dude, but hey, I can wake up — was to smack the dude. I didn’t punch him,

I smacked him. I swung on the other dudes, they started swinging. Grand Hustle

didn’t have nothing to do with that situation. It was on Alfamega.

I embarrassed, y’all, certain people

were subjected to the pepper spray. By them trying to spray me, that lingering

fumes got other people. I’m embarrassed by the whole situation.”




Keyshia Cole’s sister was yappin’ her beacon at some event. Then, a dude down with Sanaa Lathan bumps her and keeps on going as the fine actress does a loop-de-loop. Then she calls her a b***h.



If all goes well in the world, the Hip-Hop Nation will bear

witness to a Yung Berg reality show, according to bossip.com. According to the

rumor, Bergie is looking to do a younger version of Flavor of Love. But, the

catch is Berg might be using this to change the perception people have of him

over his “dark butts” comments earlier this year. His management has issued a

letter that said, “We are looking to find exceptional stand out beautiful dark

skin/brown skin women to showcase all races of beauty on the show” He’s

reportedly shopping the show to BET, VH1 and MTV. Thoughts?Here is the original email from Berg’s people.

Yung Berg is having a reality tv

show where he’s going to find “true love” kind of like Flava Flav and

all the rest of those dating shows. But get this, his management team

has reach out to me and my casting company to cast mostly “beautiful

dark skin or brown skin women” for his reality tv show. In the casting

call I got from his team it reads, “We are looking to find exceptional

stand out beautiful dark skin/brown skin women to showcase all races of

beauty on the show”.

I’m part of the casting process in helping to pick the girls and its

so funny because one of the models Yung Berg has personally requested

be on the show is Brooklyn video model Jeri J. (www.myspace.com/jerij)

where I heard him say, “She’s pretty for a dark skin shorty” I don’t

think he knows that’s not a compliment, and through numerous attempts

to contact her people we have not got back a response, but its

definitely a FACT he is casting more dark skin women for his show to

save face and retract from the comments he made about all dark skin

girls being dark butts. Just thought I would let you and all theybf

readers know the real deal. He is trying to shop his show to BET, VH-1,

and MTV in hopes they will pick it up with all the controversy

surrounding him.





“Tip don’t want it…” OK…lets see what he’s got to say.





If you didn’t hear it yet, peep the track “Louisianimal.”





Expect more Jay-Z/Coldplay collabos, because they are doing

a show together next September at Wembley,


Tickets on sale Friday! That’s right…NEXT year.


There was no coming out of the closet from Ne-Yo. I don’t

know where these things come from.


I don’t know how true this is, but somebody told me that

Kelis was a no-show to a recent show in Brazil. This was the same show

where she and Nas were being harassed by paparazzi.


Alex Rodriguez and Madonna spent Thanksgiving together in Miami.  They say

Alex spent a mere two hours with his children and then spent the rest of the

holiday with Madge and her kids.




Beyonce has landed the cover of the new issue of Essence,

but the ill part is she finally opens up about Jay-Z. You may want to get that

and tell me what’s going on.



Whitney and Bobby are reportedly working on mending their

shattered relationship. It might help her comeback. Before I finished the

rumors, this was already debunked as false.


To hear the Lil Wayne diss song of 50 Cent, click

rrriiiiiiiiight HERE! http://www.zshare.net/download/51895700bf506d95/





They need a music plumber to stop the leaks! Ciara has

another leak, but her CD isn’t slated to come out until next year – The Spring!

At least the songs are good.






is one of my old crushes. She’s still in the music game! Chcck it out!


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