Hip-Hop Rumors: T-Pain Disses NY “Copycat,” Katt Williams’s Weird Vid, Game Hit With Bottle?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO CENTS  First of all, don’t forget the late rumors from yesterday! We had that massive Jeezy concert fight! A bad Lil’ Kim rumor! You DO know […]

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content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO CENTS

 First of all, don’t forget the late rumors from yesterday! We had that massive Jeezy concert fight! A bad Lil’ Kim rumor! You DO know a new war of words is heating up with Jay-Z and Jaz-O, right? OHHH…yeah…click to see them.

I want to thank everybody that rallied for me and

illseed.com. Whew! I managed to resolve the issue with the good people over at wordpress. That was definitely a wake-up call though. I

have to be in a better position to control my destiny. I know there will always

be rules and constraints, but still…





My boy Mike from N.O. hit me up and let me know what’s good.

Unfortunately, what’s good is actually very bad. Mike was at the ER at University Hospital

in New Orleans

over the weekend tending to a family member.

While he was visiting, he and his family apparently saw B.G. and his entourage,

who was also there in ICU. Apparently,

someone in his crew got shot, Mike said.

Obviously this is all rumor and conjecture, but Mike told me that the

legendary rapper looked pretty shook-up.

Also, he said there were a lot of police there to ensure safety. Shout

out to the 9th Ward and my homey Mike. To B.G. keep your head up!




I was just talking about Mos Def

missing the UK

date of Rock The Bells. Well, I heard something. From

what I understand, the first and last Mos Def appearance

at Rock The Bells tour was the European spot in Amsterdam. I am hearing

that backstage of that show, he had this incredible argument with the Rock the

Bells organization. I don’t know that nature of the conversation with the

group, but I am hearing that he was running around livid and yelling Shout out

to Venz…






DJ Skee got with T-Pain and the vocoder/autotun copy cats. But T-Pain highlights that Ron Browz, the architect of the “Pop Champagne,” offered

the WORST use of the song. I actually think I know some bigger names that have

used the device with much less skill than Browz. I’m

sure T-Pain didn’t want to call his buds out.





Everybody knows I love SOUTH AFRICA! Now, I know Africa is a huge continent, but it just so happens that I

gravitate most. I don’t know why, but they are just cool to me. (Note: the rest

of Africa, feel free to hit me up!) Anyway, somebody

wasn’t so nice to The Game. As you know The Game was in Jo-Burg. I heard that

The Game was performing in S.A.

and somebody straight up hit him with a bottle. I don’t know how it affected The

Game, but the person that threw the bottle reportedly got ETHERED by security.

You all probably saw “The Game Boy” spitting all the rapper’s lyrics…anyway…I heard

The Game gave the boy one of his expensive chains and $500.The Game even reportedly

checked in, calling the boy’s family to make sure he didn’t get robbed. That’s

dope! I heard it was one helluva show.






Shout out to Kenya!

The Game performed there (too?). But here is the rumor. He had an interview

with a local television station and The Game said he loves Jay-Z’s music, but

he’s got very little love for him a a person. This is

what I HEARD, so don’t take it as law. The interviewer also asked Game about

his beef with 50 Cent. He basically said that 50 was a jealous dude that didn’t

want him to shine. ALSO, he allegedly said he would murder Bishop Lamont if he

wasn’t on probation. LOL. Now, you know he’s kidding.

Certainly he means lyrically.






Island Def Jam Music announced that Jeff Straughn

is the new Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing of the label.


I forgot about Rihanna yesterday

when I talked about the honeys. So there is Beyonce,

Janet and RiRi! Check the vid:

Bump J is staring at 20 years for his alleged robbery of

some bank. Hope he didn’t do that!


I heard Bow Wow had a recent show in Cincinnati and some gang member where

allegedly trying to get at the lil’ G. They didn’t, but

I heard perhaps Wow Wow was a lil

too flashy. I don’t know about that though. What gang goes to a Bow Wow show.


FYI: Neither Estelle nor Dizzee

Rascal were at that Urban Awards in London.

They weren’t at the event. In fact Dizzee was at a

show in Glasgow, the other side of the UK with DJ Semtex.


Did anybody hear that Bobby Brown got arrested?


Both Eminem and 50 Cent are now

slated for a 2009 release.Wig pushed back.


Don Cornelius, former host of “Soul Train,” is looking at

five years in jail.




Check out Stat Quo talking about his situation. The rapper

gives some great insight on the situation how it went down with Aftermath, (alleged)

gay label execs and a lot more! We’ve seen

quite a few interviews with a Aftermath artists now…

we have Stat…see what is said about the good Doctor.


Stat Quo goes in about the whole Aftermath situation. Click here for that.




I think America

has the dumbest criminals in the world. Police

in PA claim a Pennsylvania

man attempted to rob a bank. Now that’s not the crazy part. When he tried, he couldn’t

get any money because the tellers’ empty cash drawers yielded no money! They

had no money to give the man. This must be the brokest

bank ever. In all reality, they were switching over the registers the moment

the man came in. So they were ABOUT to bring them money. So what does the crook

do? The would-be robber said that he was going to complain to the bank’s

management for not having money for him to take. The man was picked up about 10

blocks away from the bank after a witness called the police. The man was 48

years old. What a fool.





According to a report, an Australian man shot his lust interest

when she wouldn’t perform oral sex on him. Now, isn’t that crazy? You know it

gets worse. The name pointed and discharged his fire arm into the woman’s crotch

when she said no. The man, Laurie Edward Elliott of Adelaide, has already been found guilty of

threatening a person with a firearm and possessing a firearm without a license.

The man claimed that the gun went off accidentally and hit her in the crotch.

You know there are so many “puns” right here, I am going to stop typing.

 THE BREEDING GROUND – TUESDAY! For more info, go to the AllHipHop Page on the event, or check out the SOB’s informational site.



This random quotes is dedicated to

Prince. He gave the New Yorker exclusive access to his life and here are some

of the quotes.


with money—money like that—are not affected by the stock market, and they’re not freaking out

over anything. They’re just watching. So here’s how it is: you’ve got the

Republicans, and basically they want to live according to this.” He pointed to

a Bible.


there’s the problem of interpretation, and you’ve got some churches, some

people, basically doing things and saying it comes from here, but it doesn’t.

And then on the opposite end of the spectrum you’ve got blue, you’ve got the

Democrats, and they’re, like, ‘You can do whatever you want.’ Gay marriage,

whatever. But neither of them is right.”

When asked

about his perspective on social issues—gay marriage, abortion—Prince tapped his

Bible and said, “God came to earth and saw people sticking it wherever and

doing it with whatever, and he just cleared it all out. He was, like, ‘Enough.’






Here is the video of Katt Williams…a

bathrobe though? He’s got an album out now so I wonder if this is a part of the marketing push?

Charlamagne Tha

God bounces from Wendy Williams and takes it to the net. Check out him talk

about this one of one sneaker.



Lindsay Lohan was minding her own

business and when she was somebody from PETA threw a bunch of flour on the

starlet. I don’t really know why PETA has to go about things in this way. Why don’t

they go to where they kill the animals in the bushes of whatever country they

are creating the skins.





I will be the first to admit, I know very little about this

WSOHH stuff. But there is such a furor going on that I cannot ignore it

anymore! I got another letter from somebody from North Carolina. Here is the letter and here

is the response from the people at WSOHH, who are apparently plotting bigger

and better fish to fry.


Hi Illseed,


My name is [name withheld]. I’m a independent hip-hop

artist from the Upstate of South

Carolina. Back in July I put $375.00 of my own money

towards a registration fee so I could compete for half a million dollars in the

World Series Of Hip-Hop at the end of August in Atlanta, G.A. The event

was supposed to have three different emcee weight classes based up age

brackets. When the August date came and went, I sent an email to the Indie Film Exchange requesting a refund. It’s November and

still no refund. There were supposed to be celebrity judges like Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane and yet it never happened.

I dunno whats up but I

thought maybe I could shed a lil’ more light on it

for you. Enclosed is the response I got when requesting my refund.

And just to show that I’m not bulls***ting, I’m going to forward the receipt to

you as well.



My name is Ms Red Sable, I am the Marketing & Promotions Dir. for the

WSOHH event.

I am reaching out to

inform you of some of the major changes that are in store for the event.

1. If

you have requested a full refund for ANY reason, please be patient your refund

is in

being processed as

quickly as possible.(*Please note: If you made a formal complaint with Pay Pal,

unfortunately your refund process will take Longer because they have a

Different refund policy process, so you will have to follow up with them.*)

2. if you are a

Chairman’s Pass recipient and did not get to perform before a judge in your

city, please be patient we will be returning to your city.

3. if

you are a registrant waiting for the “Qualifying Tour” to come to

your city, please be patient , we will Re-turn to All cities listed on the web


Why are there so many

drastic changes…to be BIGGER and BETTER with …

MTV…we have

established a special event partnership with the network, which caused us to

STOP, REVAMP, and MOVE, forward with a Larger and Stronger format.

What this means is, we

are now FULLY sponsored by MTV network TV! We have inked a bigger road tour and

reality TV show deal to cover 50 plus cities across the nation, (including

Florida, MD, and Arizona, to name a few) in oder to

give as many people as possible the opportunity to become a registrant in the

WSOHH with the Skills to win $1 million dollars!.

**We ask that you

please continue to be patient, as we complete the transition with MTV networks,

we should be able to give you a more detailed report about your refund and the

Road Tour once we receive them from MTV in about 1-2 weeks.**

**Again we know this

has been a Long and frustrating process, however we are moving as quickly as

the TV Network will allow us to move.**

We are aware of how

the constant changes may have caused you to question the validity of the event,

but we assure you the World Series of Hip Hop is Real & Legitimate. We hope

that you will decide to continue to be a part of it, but also understand if you

don’t, again our sincere apologies for ANY inconvenience these changes may have

caused you.

We want to think you

for your time, your patience and your consideration, and hope that you will

want to remain a part of this historical once in a life time opportunity.

Please visit the

website often to keep up to date with the competition. www.wsohh.com

or feel free to contact me directly and I will

try my best to answer your questions.


STUNTIN’ ON Y’ALL!Barack is still stuntin’ on em!


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