THE BET AWARDS RUMORS AND COMMENTARY!   The rumors are going to be slow coming in, but when they come…oh yeah…they are coming through like the Onyx. So, I sat in front of the TV for about four hours straight and watched TV. Now, I heard that Ja Rule and The Game were basically forbidden […]

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The rumors are going to be slow coming in, but when they come…oh yeah…they are coming through like the Onyx. So, I sat in front of the TV for about four hours straight and watched TV. Now, I heard that Ja Rule and The Game were basically forbidden to come to the show, because the BET people didn’t want any mess with that beefing stuff.


 heard Young Berg is trying to bag Ciara and made that clear at the 106 & Park pre-awards event.


I thought Nas was ineligible for the BET Awards since Hip-Hop Is Dead came out so late in 2006. But, according to rumor…he was eligible and just didn’t get nominated!! A gross injustice!


Did anybody see T-Pain on the stage with Al Sharpton during the preshow? LOL at Al Sharpton trying to shake T-Pain down for his chain!


Debra Lee was looking kinda HOT! Oh yea, Oprah – watch your back! Can I have a show?


Was it me or did Jennifer Hudson look pregnant? I’m a fan so I’m not dissing. Jennifer Holiday definitely tried to style on J. Hud with her crazy facial features and gruff voice!


I swear it was “déjà vu” that Monique did this Beyonce schtick before. It was funny though!


Notice how Beyonce gave Ne-Yo his 100% props for penning “Irreplaceable!” Shout out to B for being so classy! Shout out to Matthew Knowles – what a proud poppa he must be.


I like “Big Things Poppin’” So I’m glad T.I. dumped that Love Boat cap’n outfit to go on to rock the funky joint. He had more energy that is required for rappers these days.


MC Lyte was the voice of the BET Awards – that’s a check too!


Ne-Yo was cool, but he should have done something stupid like wear a polka-dot suit so I could talk about him. Shout out to Fab’s tux.


I know Prince couldn’t do James Brown but he should have rocked with Diddy and Key Key Cole. I’m telling y’all Diddy rocked last year. I’m not sure they needed Lil’ Kim to chime in, but that was a great performance.


Chris Brown needs to stop swagger jacking styles from the old school. Good kid though.


I think Beyonce should have done her whole performance in that robot suit and Kelly Rowland looked like Black Wonder Woman. Lasso me, baby so I can tell the truth! Eve should have been given a sec to rock like Fabo! Her song is blazing hot right now.


Chaka Zulu showed no evidence of an eye jammie from Tip. Furthermore, I cannot believe that T.I. snitched on Tip in his acceptance speech. You cannot put all the blame on Tip! Tip said he wasn’t even there and is still in police custody waiting to be bailed out by Atlantic. Anyway, I give T.I. props for apologizing on behalf of Tip.


I’m not a Robin Thicke hater, but I can’t help but feel like he’s getting some kind of reverse affirmative action. I’m like thinking of other talented singers that seem to be as talented or more yet grossly overlooked. No hate to Thicke!


I will not comment on T-Pain, but I will say when he performed – that chain was gone. I think Al Sharpton juxed him! I think Diddy and Keyshia Cole got robbed – taking nothing from Ludacris and Mary J!


I think 50 Cent messed up! If he did he played it off well by walking through the crowd.


Erykah Badu thickened up nicely. Be nice to get some new music from her. I never quite understood legends like Chaka Khan paying homage to other old school legends like Diana Ross. This has to be the third year in row for Stevie Wonder at the BET Awards!


Shout out to Gerald Levert! RIP!


A V-Neck T-shirt Mario? Word? Shout out to J-Hud who gangstered her Best New Artist without so much as an album! Shout out to Lupe and Corrine Baily Rae – HOLLA!


PROPS TO TERRANCE J – That Paris Hilton comment was the moment of the night! Rocsi was cool too.


Baby and Lil’ Wayne are the coolest dads in the world. I don’t think their kids have any problems at school with pops like that.


I heard that Prince was supposed to do a James Brown dedication, but pulled out at the last minute. When he did, Chuck D and Public Enemy were there to make it happen. I don’t know if you know, but James Brown was very influential on Chuck’s delivery. That was a fitting tribute. I want to see more artists like Public Enemy on BET, because the coonery levels are just at toxic levels!


Overall, I thought the show was pretty darn good. Any show where PE closes isn’t a bad show. If you want to discuss the BET Awards with the rest of the Ill Community, CLICK HERE.




Here is a bonus rumor, but I don’t know if this is funny or not. You know the whole TI / DTP thingy over the last weekend? Well, I heard that the scrap was intense enough that Omarosa’s mother ended up passing out. She was so out of it, that after she fainted, an ambulance was rumored to be sent for her. I heard it was a big scene. I also heard that Luda was forced to exit by his personal security. I also heard that Tip is going around LA bumping into people and whatnot. Now, this isn’t the same person as T.I. to make this clear. I just hope that Tip doesn’t run into Black Ty, because I heard that Tyrese wants to work with T.I. that would mess all the plans up. At a pre-BET Awards show, I heard Tip was bumping into people from Akon’s crew. Nothing popped off though. I hope not, because Akon is known to throw whole people – not objects.


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