Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game: “I Will Tear Jay-Z Limb By Limb By Bloody Limb.”

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE GAME SAYS HE WILL TEAR JAY-Z “LIMB BY LIMB BY BLOODY LIMB” I saw a lot of chit chat yesterday about how I was just […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



I saw a lot of chit chat yesterday about how I was just starting stuff with the Jay-Z and Game (read that stuff here) . Wow. Jay once said, “Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?” Well, I have collected the data and here are my findings.

“I think that Jay is iconic. The bottom line is I’m disrespectful. It will get ugly.”

Keep reading. The Game said that he wants to take his album back to the production plant and address the suicide comment.

To hear to the whole beef situation with Jay-Z, click here to listen to it. The Game says he will tear Jay-Z “limb by limb by bloody limb.”


Personally, I like both of these dudes! The only thing I would say is that The Game doesn’t need to talk about the West Coast and bringing the coast in. We gotta keep it Hip-Hop and he’s a student of the game. On the flip side, I don’t think Jay-Z needs to mess with this. It could be like Clubber Lang vs Apollo Creed or something! (Apollo wasn’t a “has been” either – he was a legend!)

The Game said, “I’m young and I’m stupid.” He’s got that right – the young and stupid part. I just want to be best friends with Jay and this dude is declaring war!

Just listen, but Game had a really huge “pause” at the end. Anyway…

Shout out to the big homey Chino from 104-7 KISS FM – Phoenix!


First Diddy is out in London looking for a new house, but not I am hearing the Bad Boy is now looking to do something else. I hear he is now out in Los Angeles and has commenced to record his sophomore album. People slept on his last CD, but I didn’t. That’s word to Keyshia Cole. You already know, Jay-Z is working on his new CD, but I will give you the 411 on it when I get more.


You know Trae’s not having it. Mike’s not having it. You saw the video where Mike Jones is talking about its going to be on the next time he sees Trae. Well, he just might get his wish from what I hear. On the 16th of August, there is going to be a benefit concert for a lil’ girl that died in a car crash earlier this year. Well, from what I understand, Trae and Mike Jones will be there to pay homage to the young girl – supposedly. Well, we all can hope and pray that these dudes do indeed chill if they both come to the event. Check out the 1st Annual Kingwood Summer Jam and in Kingwood’s Town Center. $25 at the door. I heard Paul Wall, Lil KeKe, Slim Thug,Trae, Mike Jones, Kiotti and others are going to be there. H-Town stand up in the name of PEACE!


I am hearing some sad news. Hillary Clinton is rumored to be plotting Barack Obama’s downfall right NOW. That’s right. According to recent intel, she hasn’t been satisfied with the American electoral process nor can she accept defeat at the hands of a ______ (you fill in the blank). So, according to rumor, she is planning to upstage Barack at the DNC (Democratic National Convention) so that she can set the stage for her run in 2012. She has no chance now, but she feels that if Barack wins now, he’ll be in office for at least eight years. If McCain wins – one way or another – he’ll be gone by 2012. Then she’ll be in prime position to win. Damn, let me upstage ya? And they call Hip-Hop a dirty art…hope this is false, but I believe it to be true.


If you know anything, you will look at this dedication to Bernie Mac that Larry King put on. What a classy move by Larry King. Click here to see all 5 parts.

I heard Michael “5000” Watts and comic DeRay really helped with crowd control at the Ozone Awards when things appeared to get way out of hand. Props to them.

I know The Game ruled out being in Westside Connection, but Ice Cube isn’t exactly shooting it down – I heard. Comptons’s Most Wanted on BWS? Click here, fool!

I heard this rumor that a West Coast rapper that sounds like a certain deceased legend has had his home foreclosed on him. This damn economy is killing us!According to my homey BlogXilla, Kanye and NO ID (his mentor) will produce all of Jay-Z’s CD, Blueprint 3.

Oh yeah – to Naughty By Nature, I would like to say that I’m sorry about the rumors! I heard they are not so happy about the rumors about them. Hey, I corrected them all and announced what Lady Drama is about to announce last month! Take it away, L.D. Hip-Hop Hooooraaaaayyyyy, Hoooooooo, Heyyyyyyyy!


DJ DRAMA talks to AllHipHop.com about Isaac Hayes:

“It was devastating enough to lose Bernie Mac the day before, Isaac Hayes being a legend that he is has effected all genres of music, he has done in so many albums and he’s been sampled so many times in Hip-Hop. To lose almost a founding father in Hip-Hop, I’m thankful for his music, he has such a massive amount of music that will last generations and his legacy will live on in his music.”

Here is a random quote about the deaths of Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes from Steve Harvey:

“I don’t know what God is trying to say with this one.”


Lady Drama complies the news, views and drama right here!

Vh1 announces its Hip-Hop honorees! Finally something I can get with!

On this years list for honorees Vh1 has decided to honor Naughty By Nature, Slick Rick , Too Short, De La Soul and Cypress Hill. All of whom I feel are much deserving! A press release states that this years host will be Tracy Morgan and will give viewers a chance to step back and reminisce on a time when hip hop music began to make its greatest impact on American pop culture. This years show will premiere on Tuesday, October 7 at 10PM. I’m looking forward to who will pay homage on the stage, cause I love me some Naughty By Nature… what can I say I’m a jersey girl 😉

Kanye gets FAT!

Looks like Diddy and Jay Z aren’t the only entertainers getting into the food game! Kanye West is scheduled to open 10 Fatburger Chains in his hometown of Chicago! The mega food chains will be under Kanyes new food company KW Foods, LLC. A company which Kanye plans to branch out into potential for future higher end restaurants as well and other branded “Kanye West” food products. Look out for the first Chi Town Fatburger in Orland Park around September and a following opening in the Beverly Area around January! Cant knock your hustle Kanye, I like the way you think! Although with K West being the trendsetter he is I was expecting him to come up with his own fast food joint!

Jay Z’s new cash cow!

Jay Z has tapped into a new cash venture, this time it has to do with his Vegas 40/40club read below via NY Post:

JAY-Z is about to get richer. Las Vegas spies said the hip-hop mogul’s in talks with the Las Vegas Sands Corp. – owners of the Venetian and the Palazzo – to sell them a 50 percent stake in his sports club, 40/40, for $44 million. An insider added, “That will make the 40/40 club in Vegas the largest sports booking operation. People can gamble both at the tables and on games. The Sands will also have the right to open 40/40 clubs in London and across Europe.”

This man should give someone else a chance to break change! Damn!

Lisa Raye steps her game up… Bout damn time!

Lisa has had a change of heart and some common sense! Her and her husband are calling it quits! Peep this via eurwueb:

On the heels of infidelity accusations leveled by actress LisaRaye against her husband, Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick, he announced late Tuesday that their marriage is over and done. “I am announcing that I am separated from LisaRaye McCoy-Misick,” Premier Misick said in a statement. “I am committed to dissolving the marriage amicably. I believe that this is a private matter and will have no further comments. I hope that our privacy will be respected.”

The separation follows recent rumors that Misick was cheating with BET on-air personality Rocsi, who was said to be holding court in the mansion while LisaRaye was in the U.S. last week. A publicist for the actress sent out a press release about the alleged infidelity. Misick has also been accused of raping a woman who was described as an American friend of LisaRaye.

I thought he was gay anyway! Bout time they faced the music! But where does this leave Rocsi?

F**k The Olympics, Diddy says he should win a gold medal for……..

Leave it to Diddy to big himself up for something pertaining to sex! Mr. D-I-D-D-Y says he should get a gold medal for sexing chicks! Read this folly below via US Weekly:

If Diddy were in the Olympics, what sport would he win a gold medal in? “Who could have sex the longest,” he tells New York magazine. “I think that’s an event I can do well in. And probably who could stay up the longest.” He adds, “Just so you know, that’s supposed to be funny. Even though I am serious.” Who would he compete against? He tells the magazine: “Whoever’s up for the challenge.”

hmmm…. Interesting… Does that include ANYONE? Emphasis on ANYONE!

Lady Dramas Food For Thought:

I wonder what costs more paying Lil Kim to do Playboy, or photoshopping the hell outta her photo to make it worth while?

With Lisa Raye up for grabs, whose next up to bat?

Tyra has a Tranny on her new season of Americas Next Top Model….. Is this the new trend now? First Diddy now Tyra… whos next?

Go hard or go home b****s!


Expect Another Arrest…..Damn.

So DMX was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday in Arizona for one of his many arrests (I really don’t know which one. I can’t keep up.) He didn’t show up and now we know why. X’s Public Defender told MTV that DMX has been hospitalized in Miami. He informed the court of the hospitalization, but the warrant was issued anyway because the court believes X’s no-show pattern requires they issue the bench warrant. X’s attorney, Charles Konzelka, would not confirm what X is in the hospital for and he wouldn’t say if the stay was rehab related. However, he did say that the folks who surround X are attempting to get him some help for his substance abuse issue and he would like the court to acknowledge that. But so far, no cigar. When Kozelka was asked why X needs a Public Defender, he simply stated X has some issues.

Crackhouse Disses Alicia Keys? Stop.

Winehouse is so unhappy about getting passed over for the James Bond gig, she’s flying the beehive at half mast. And not only is she in some sort of alcohol induced mourning, she is also taking shots at Alicia Keys for being assigned the coveted job. She told the good folks over at New Mag that the producers of the film should have waited on her. But they chose to take the route of clean cut and boring following her well publicized ish smoking episode. Anyway, she has decided to retaliate and release a James Bond-ish single of her own and she wants to drop it the same day Ms. Keys and Jack White drop theirs. Dastardly plan, huh? I’ll bet Amy is doing the evil villain mustache twist as we speak.

Other Arbitrary Stuff….

Britney Spears mom’s tell all book is about to be released. Are there any famous fams out there who can actually keep it in the fam these days?

B-Real from Cypress Hill got married. I don’t know when, but it was recently. And judging from the wedding pics (lovingly pilfered from Martyr Inc.) it was quite the event. Congrats B.


You know that is about all I can say about what I’m about to tell you. Do you remember the story about DMX going to court on identity theft charges? And then after he pleaded not guilty to all charges, he rhymed a little for the news cameras? Well, one more thing happened during that visit that slipped everyone’s mind, including DMX’s. He was scheduled to return to court yesterday. Needless to say, he didn’t go. So there is now a warrant issued for his arrest. Oh and the auction of his Harlem townhouse is supposed to be today too. Wow.

Quest Love Has Disturbing Furry Thing That Needs Resolution?

The ‘fro wars? Hairy beef? Seriously?


So, we are still talking about the Ozone Awards. Must be nice, eh? Charlamangne The God of Wendy Williams did three comedic skits that were supposed to get played at the Awards, but they didn’t make it to the screen. Check them out here.

OH YEA – for Charlamagne’s take on what he considers gay rappers, click here….lmao!

For his take on Barack Obama, see below.


I have no idea how stars deal with a camera in their face everywhere they dwell. Here is B coming out of LAX. I wonder if she will ride on The Game for Jay? No Thuggo.



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