Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game / Dr. Dre Beef? Jim Jones Warns T.I.? DMX Dissed Pac!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! DR. DRE AND THE GAME…THE BEEF IS ON!?! The Game has said a few comments about Dr. Dre. One such comment is: “And tell Dr. Dre […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



The Game has said a few comments about Dr. Dre. One such comment is: “And tell Dr. Dre to pick up a phone/ before I climb through his window like “N#### I’m Home.” I’m not sure how you all took this, but I didn’t like Mr. Game’s tone on that. Dre should pick up a phone though. Anyway, on the song “You Ain’t Fresh,” which they are saying is the first Detox single (who knows if that’s true), Bishop Lamont says, “The first few lines were dedicated to Jayceon. Yall know you Jayceon is, right?” It’s The Game!


I like reading Jim Jones interviews. He recently did one with Rhapsody and he explained and clarified some things. Here are the best parts of the interview, in my opinion.

So, Cam selling Juelz contract for $2 million is false?

He made some money off the transaction. But this ain’t slavery. Ain’t nobody sell nobody. That’s the difference.

A lot of people were surprised with your comments to Complex regarding T.I.

People took it the wrong way. I wasn’t really deliberately doing nothing to knock T.I. I was just saying what I felt regarding swagger and who sets the precedent for it. I know for sure that people have said, “Yo, you looking like Jim Jones. I’m trying to get that ‘Jim Jones’ look.” But I haven’t heard people saying you’re looking like T.I. or whoever. Where I’m from, n****s don’t run to go look like no Kanye. I don’t hear n****s in the ‘hood like I need to get that jacket Jay had on.

Have you seen T.I.’s clothing line, AKOO?

I haven’t seen it. I seen an ad and his jeans look like some Pepe Jeans. But that’s another story. I ain’t mad at nobody in this bulls**t game.

Do you think the press misconstrued your comments regarding T.I.?

I don’t care what the press did. They misconstrued it or they got it right. You can take it how the f*ck n*gg*s wanna take it. I suggest they take it in f*ck*ng stride.

You know, when Jim said T.I.’s clothing looked like Pepe Jeans, I had to laugh. That’s still hating, but funny.


Here is what Jason “Che Guerrilla” Negron told me about the Whoo Kid party last week. I heard the cops halted the fun, but I got a couple emails saying that wasn’t true. By the way, love that name, dude!

“I would like to say that I’ve been a daily reader of your column for the past few years. I was at DJ Whoo Kids bday party last Thursday @ Sutra. When I arrived around 1pm, there was one police patty wagon outside of the venue. This is a normal occurrence at Sutra, it is not a “hood spot” but in the L.E.S. You never know. to my knowledge the police never stepped foot in the venue.

The place was a zoo! It was too packed. Banks, Yayo, Consequence, Josh Xantus, Tony Touch, DJ Drama, Angel Lola Love (wow), and several p### stars were in attendance. Whoo Kid blew out his candles around 2:30 am.

Shout out to Joey Rubin of the Taste Crew and Coach PR for putting it together.

I just have a beef with some of the patrons: first don’t wear doo-rags in the club, second don’t come to the venue with 30 dudes, c’mon are we serious?”

I have to ask…why are they doing another party?


Ahhhhh…I know why she’s be hiding. But, like I said before, she’s recording a new album so that retirement talk is over. M.I.A. is also engaged to Benjamin Brewer , the son of Warner Music Group Chairman and CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. JUST BE CLEAR!!


Did I tell you that Jasiri X is one of my favorite rappers out right now? I love this dude! He’s got me thinking about starting a lable so I can sign the people I want to hear from! I’m tired of rappers that don’t have anything to say. All that’s going on in the world, I want to hear more from rappers.


McCain is just getting low…


Did anybody see T.I. on “The View?” I didn’t, but that just wild to hear.

The Fat Boys are not coming back with a new album, contrary to rumors. They are coming out to be seen more though. R.I.P. Buffy.

Janet keeps canceling shows. What’s the deal?

Did anybody hear a new Dr. Dre track at the end on HBO’s Entourage? I don’t watch the show, but I heard that. Confirm, deny?

Boosie & Webbie were booked for a show in Mobile, Alabama on October 11, 2008. I heard they came to the city, but didn’t peform, even though the house was packed.

Fonzworth Bentley is redefining cool with the single “Everybody” featuring Kanye West and Andre 3000 from the forthcoming album. Click here and download the “Everybody” video FREE on iTunes today!


Forget that “A Milli” stuff! Check out “Obama, Obama.” Grouchy Greg and Jigsaw met the dude that did this song. It ain’t new, but props due!


When I heard of this, I said “you a damn liar” and then I listened. Sure enough, DMX sent a shot to Tupac. But, later when the same verse appeared in “Get At Me Dog,” he replaced Pac for “K” as in K-Solo. It was a hot period for the East and the West.


With Lil Wayne putting in all this work, I think Tupac might have caught feelings. I hope that doesn’t offend anybody. But rumor has it, Tupac will come out with a new album in 2009 called “The Lost Scriptures.” That title might change. I’m not sure. Anyway, I heard these are never-before-heard songs. I also heard the songs will not be altered or remixed so all the purists out there should be pleased. The late Johnny J railed against the remixes and the new spin put on Pac. There is a lot of legal rumors about who is actually putting this out, but it appears that the new owners of the Death Row catalogue will be doing that.


This one is crazy. I have to warn you all, this is graphic stuff here. A father in Syria apparently gives his 2-year-old son a handgun and didn’t realize there was one in the chamber. The baby knew how to use the thing, because he let one off, killing his father. Look at the video if you want, but the depiction appears tragically real.

The crazy thing is the cameraperson saw this play out. Perhaps they didn’t know it was loaded.


I am giving myself a headache, but did Left Eye of TLC predict the end of the world shortly before hear death? They say that Left Eye’s Third Eye really began to see much clearer as she purged herself.

Now watch this, a more detailed look at Nibiru Planet X:

Anyway, you know they are already on Mars looking to see if it can sustain human life. I hear they are also planning for man to be on the moon for about 6 months at a time. In about 2012…its going down, B and we are not going to be included.


Somebody tried to impress me that this represented Tupac in 2008, but we know better. Nevertheless, I love how I can see Pac moving…having fun. If you really look and listen, you can tell this is nothing but a fake – old footage.


I don’t know how old school y’all are, but “musty” is an old school term that means you stink. At 3:10 in the video, he calls out “Musty” Brown. LMAO. But, why did Ne-Yo call out Yung Berg? Why is everybody picking on Berg? Anyway, Ne-Yo went hard so he gets props for that. Damn, I wonder if Rihanna has to deal with Chris Brown being “musty.”


The FEM Movement Hands Amil Her Walking Papers.

Damn. Did she even get in? How do you get invited out before you step in? Anyway, Babs Bunny suggested that Amil is more of a friend to her mans package than she is to chasing paper and the rest of the ladies don’t have time for her to wipe her mouth so she’s out. (Ok, they didn’t say the wipe her mouth part. I did, but I’m sure Babs would have said it if the video had lasted longer.) Anyway, folks are still saying Amil is working at Wal-Mart which is a totally respectable gig, but some folks find that amusing. I wonder where Rah Digga is or if she has been uninvited from the paper chase too.

It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding.

“I don’t know anything about him. He seems like a good guy. I like him.”

This is a quote from Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s baby-daddy. He also denied being forced into any of the situations hes found himself in such as, getting married next summer and going on the campaign trail with his soon to be mother-in-law. He has dropped out of high school to work full time and has had Bristol’s name tattooed on his finger instead of getting a ring. Wonder what mom-in-law thinks about having a high school drop out for a son-in-law?

Bow Wow Says Supahead is not Cooking His B##########.

Bow Wow talked to Kendra G and set some stuff straight. He is not the father of anyone’s baby. He’s not dating Angela Simmons. He doesn’t talk to Ciara anymore, but she and his mom are good friends. He also said he’s not trying to get at industry girls anymore. He wants to pluck something out of coach instead of first class. I guess that’s cheaper.

Here is the audio:

Cease and Desist Order.

D. Woods from Danity Kane and her new group, The Girls Club, have recorded a Danity Kane diss over Swagger Like Us. Stop.


Since the rumor recession continues, today is super lite on the news, but overpopulated with vids to check out! I’m searching for rumors like a broke person looking for spare change in a sofa crease! Help please!!!!!!!!!

Just when we thouht _____ people couldn’t dumb down themselves anymore…

Arab… really? Kudos to McCain for shutting that down even though my better mind tells me it was all for show, I’ll take that tho 😉

For My Ladies… Mary J Blige is coming out with a Perfume Line…

Looks like MJB will be following in the footsteps of J.Lo, Diddy, Mariah and so many others by launching her own fragrance. Mary states:

“The name of the just came to me, but I can’t tell you”, Mary stated. “I’ve always wanted to do a fragrance because I love when men and women smell good.”

The new fragrance will be released under Carols Daughter a line for whom Mary acts a spokesperson. No word on whether or not she will give Chris Brown some.

R&B break…Beyonce ‘If I were a Boy’ Video!

[Illseed note: is it me or did Ciara make this song already? I like Beyonce, but I don’t like this song. Just letting yall know. I hate stereotypical songs. Anyway, I heard that a chick named BC Jean sang this song prior to the Beyonce blessing. Hear her version below.]

Judge makes a rap lover listen to classical music…

As crazy as it sounds YES its true an Ohio judge has given Andrew Vactor an ultimatum either pay a $150 fine or only pay $35 with the promise that he would listen to 20 hours of classical music. Vactor was fined for playing music too loudly out of his car stereo in July. Vactor who only lasted 15 minutes with the classical music said:

‘I didn’t have the time to deal with that,’ said Vactor , who claims it was practice with the Urbana University basketball team, not music, that made him give in. ‘I just decided to pay the fine.’

The Judge says her goal was to get Andrew to understand how people felt who were forced to listen to music they might not like such as the loud rap music he was playing in his car! If I was Andrew I would have paid the 150 as I blasted Cubes “Today Was a good Day” and kept it moving…

On a lighter note.. Tuesday Funnies.. The Dave Chappelle edition:

Jam Break… Lil Wayne feat. The Roots… A Milli:

Lady Dramas Food for Thought:

Damn now me and Ill know how Bush feels… our back is against the wall to provide the great citizens of this country with great valuable rumors… will we crack under pressure? hells naw… unlike Bush Ill has proven himself time and time again.. Were good 😉

Robin Thicke is pulling the race card again… he was quoted saying I do find that doors are closed because the color of my skin, but doors are also open because of the color of my skin. If you closed your eyes and someone read that to you, you might think Robin Thicke was a _____ man!

Love me or leave me alone I’m about to take 3 back and keep it moving its happy hour somewhere!


Somebody should of licked off on homeboy.

Shout out to Blogxilla.


Jay-Z gets it and so do I. I wrote a parody that I want you to read. It’s a lil’ different that my normal stuff so its getting a mixed review. That’s fine. Below is Jay-Z’s Barack Obama PSA and click here for illseed’s editorial called “That Good O-Bama: The Latest Sensation


If you do, you too can live a long, healthy life. HIV/AIDS ain’t got nothing on Magic. Straight up.


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