Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game Ready For War Wth Jay-Z? More Great Illseed Rumors!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! ARE WE HEADING FOR BEEF WITH JAY-Z AND GAME? I could be wrong, but it seems like The Game has been rather quiet recently, but I […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



I could be wrong, but it seems like The Game has been rather quiet recently, but I am hearing a recent interview might changed that and put him head to head with the biggest thing in rap. No, not Lil Wayne, young bucks. I’m talking about Jay-Z. Do you remember the story I offered you on my blog? [Click here for the classic Jay-Z story.] Well, my boy JP finally met Jay and said he didn’t know anything to say to Jigga so he just asked him about The Game. I cannot verify, but JP said he said, “When you gonna go at The Game” and Jay just laughed and said, “We ain’t even f**kin with him…we gonna let him commit suicide.” At this time, The Game was on magazine covers with a gun to his head and talking a lot about suicide and stuff. I heard that this story has gone from JP to illseed to The Game and The Game is really mad. So, now I sort of believe The Game’s new song “Superman,” clearly a Soulja Boy diss is also a slight at Jay-Z. Remember, on Kingdom Come, Jay-Z was rapping as Superman returning to save Hip-Hop. We’ll see!


There are renewed talks that perhaps Lil Kim will appear in Playboy magazine. First let me state that I don’t care what any of you say: I WANT TO SEE THIS! You can talk all you want about her body this and all that. I’ve been waiting since her first album cover to see that thangy. Anyway…they say back in the day she was offered a mere $200,000 to strip. I think she did the right thing to hold out for whatever she is now getting! Time is ticking. If she is going to do it, she’s got to do it FAST!


Shout out to H-townzack and he gave me some information on the Ozone Awards. I was off on a few things regarding the show. For some reason reason, the Houston police bumrushed the event. I’m still not sure why it was broken up in that way. The platoon of HPD officers came ready with batons and plastic handcuffs. So something was definitely about to go down. Also, the freestyle master that mentioned Mike Jones was named ESG and he’s a member of the Screwed Up Click. My fault! Rumor has it, Stephen Jackson of the NBA was arrested at the show for some piffery, but some friends in “high” places get them released without incident.


My homey Jacob Lachey of 512FilmDpt interviews a lot of artists. Yesterday, he was in Houston, TX wrapping-up an interview Bugsy, when things went kind of bad, really fast. They were at his Marriott Hotel preparing for an interview when hotel security bursts into the door for a “noise complaint.” You know that means about nothing! But, they didn’t open the door and then the levels allegedly were raised to the Houston Police. According to my sources, Bugsy, his management and some other dudes were allegedly hauled off for unregistered weapons, some pills and some piff. Now, I heard that the production of the video crew was creating some sort of noise to alert the security. I heard that some affiliates of Bugsy are possibly going to sue the hotel for racism or discrimination.



We aren’t sure if this is correct and correct me if I am wrong. I am not from New York, but I am hearing that Foxy was slated to do a big show with Big Daddy Kane, Spragga Benz and some others like Roxanne Shante and the show was supposedly cancelled. It was supposed to go down this Thursday, but I heard they are going to reschedule it. From what I understand, the fans at foxboogie.com are quite upset, even though I admit, I haven’t seen the comments. Hopefully this is just bad jibber jabber from the haters, which I am NOT.


Brandi Garcia is my new girlfriend, because she sent me the Pimp C dedication from the Ozone Awards. Check her out at 97.9 The Box!

Too Short, David Banner & Big Boi represent..

Here is the Bun B part.


Click here to see a concert performance of Lil Wayne and Kanye West’s “Lollipop” remix.

Word? I am hearing Da Brat might get as much as 10 years in jail for that alleged bottle bashing event.

Now, Bun B is definitely the big homey, but I am hearing that Pimp C’s wife is not happy that she wasn’t able to grace the stage at the Ozone Awards with some of Pimp’s other kids. Not sure where this is going.

I heard a rumor that Prodigy of Mobb Deep was somehow killed or died in jail, but I know that cannot be true.


Lady Drama is back in full effect and she is weighing in on quite a bit. I’m not going to edit her. I haven’t even read it yet and I am going to say she speaks for her boisterous self! I love Julia B and the Ozone Movement. Rick Ross and Trae’s on the current cover. Shout out to Zro!

He Said… She Said… The Real Story on the Mike Jones Scuffle!

So I was privileged enough to be in the right place at the right time and boy did I get some juice for you loyal AHH readers! Now as my boy illseed had laid out via clips and source to source info some Houston folks don’t seem to have too much love for who… Mike Jones… who…. Mike Jones as it came to a die hard Houston rappers attention that Mike hadn’t been reppin Houston hard enough! Trae, a Houston rapper, felt that Mike Jones was feeling a bit too froggy and full of himself at the Ozone awards compared to his normal behavior when the flashing lights die down! Mike Jones felt like he was entitled to do it big at the Ozone Awards in Houston since he felt he helped to put Houston on the map! Trae didn’t feel the same way and thought it was about time Mike Jones got put in his place! One thing leads to another and Trae approached Mike Jones in a calm matter as if to spark a convo and with the blink of an eye Mike Jones gets a clip to the nose!

Now with all the chaos that took place over the course of the day it was pretty hard to gain any valid information on why it went down officially or what previous events could have caused it… that’s what research is for and I’m on it! But one thing we do know is 100 percent true and that’s the fact that Mike Jones left the Ozone Awards with a bloody nose and nothing to show for it! Mike did appear to try and reinvigorate his gangster by coming back on stage and trying to get some love by doing his signature who… Mike Jones thing.. but it was very lackluster as everyone knew what happened! Along with Mike Jones DJ Khaled and others tried to make light of the situation by joking but, much too little too late 😉 So I guess back then we didn’t know him and….. we still don’t! For more check out AHH’s all out exclusive Ozone Awards round up!

Let me add that Mike Jones wasn’t the only one partaking in squarish activity during the weekend but I won’t bite the hands that feed me! LOL 😉

Speaking of the Ozone Awards not…… we got to do better!

Now you all know I try my best to keep it real and also keep my job but something’s can’t be overlooked! I was fortunate enough to attend the Ozone Awards this year but I must say I wasn’t too impressed! Aside from some of rap’s greatest artists, new upcoming talent, and huge legends the whole experience lacked substance to me! But the one thing one can get from the Ozone experience is great networking and memories that will last a lifetime… If it’s worth $300 for a weekend pass and $29.50 for a ticket is your call but don’t say I didn’t warn you! I would love to charge the Ozone Award staff to strive for better panels next year with in depth outlooks and perspectives on other things that effect hip hop such as politics, licensing, the hip hop culture and how it effects our communities etc. I would also like to see panelists use more than four letter words to express themselves! I know their vocabulary is much larger than that! I’m pulling for you guys to prove me wrong next year! But thanks for the southern hospitality it was much appreciated!

Now on to the fluff…….. Cassie Has Pierced Nipples… Stop Playin

I knew there was some reason Diddy couldn’t keep his hands of Cassie! In a current issue of Complex Mag Cassie went into detail about how she got her nipples pierced to take a stand against breast cancer! Read below it’s pretty interesting:

Sexy R&B star CASSIE had her nipples pierced to help her keep breast cancer at bay. The pretty 22 year old’s mother is a two-time breast cancer survivor and the singer was recently tested to make sure she was free of the disease. After the check-up, Cassie had her nipples pierced in a bid to show cancer she was a fighter. She says, “I got my piercings before I got my results, like positive energy… I think it’s sexy. I’m proud of them.” But she admits the decision to get pierced would have backfired on her if medics found the cancer gene. Cassie adds, “I’m sitting there with my parents, my mom’s sobbing after she finds out that I don’t have the gene, and I’m like, `Guess what, mom and dad, I got my nipples pierced.’ “It was nerve-racking because I was like, `My mom’s going to kill me if I have this gene and I got these things.’”

Lady Dramas Food For Thought:

Michelle Williams may be firing Matthew Knowles as her manager… what the hell took so long?

Speaking of failures….. Beyonce’s House of Dereon Line is in the shi**er! It took long enough! I didn’t think they would last this long!

Fellas what turns you on more the fact that Cassie has her nipples pierced or the fact that she did it for a great cause?

So after Mike Jones got his face handed to him…. what’s next maybe an album? As I always say any publicity is good publicity! You gotta strike it while the irons hot boy! Get in where you fit in!

Go Hard or Go Home


For a while, I am going to just be running random quotes from artists about Isaac Hayes. Starting off, here is Ike Dirty, a member of the Hip-Hop nation. That’s right! Sr & Jr were on the same accord.

“This is hard. I wanna thank everyone who has called, e-mailed or texted me in the last day. It means a great deal to me and my family. So many things are going on in my head right now it’s kind of hard to think. I wanna write though. I know this will help me. This is gonna be kinda jumbled. I’m sad, I’m angry, I’m happy all at once right now. I have so many memories of being my fathers son. Little things that make all the difference. Things that help me maintain right now. I can’t be too sad though. My father did great, great things as a Musician, Humanitarian, a Father and a Black man. I’m so happy he touched and inspired so many people in a positive way. I am more proud of my father than anyone could know. I’m so messed up right now that he’s gone too soon for me but his life was a good one. He lived! Traveled the world. Followed his dreams and was extremely ! blessed and successful. I will no longer take another second for granted in my life and work towards all my goals with renewed drive and purpose. I do it for my dad. I do it for me. This blog included. Hug the ones you love right now. I didn’t get to hug my father before he passed. Let go of silly things that have you at odds with the ones you love. Life is short. Live.”


About his girlfriends:

He talks about Yung Berg and model chicks that he’s been associated with:


I’m not a hater! I want to see Soulja Boy do well in life. Keeps him and his boys out of trouble! In a couple years, those two guys on the side are going to be p#####!  Anyway, I decided to post this video because he claims that he gets paid 2 – 15 cents every time you grace his youtube page. See for yourself.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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