THE GAME SHOOTS DOWN 50 CENT SONG IDEAWell, it was a rumor that came and died…but it live a good life. People thought there was a possible 50 Cent/Game reunion, but that rumor was too bad to be true. Hot 97’s DJ Envy spoke to the West Coast rapper and the former G-Unit member destroyed […]

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THE GAME SHOOTS DOWN 50 CENT SONG IDEAWell, it was a rumor that came and died…but it live a good life. People thought there was a possible 50 Cent/Game reunion, but that rumor was too bad to be true. Hot 97’s DJ Envy spoke to the West Coast rapper and the former G-Unit member destroyed the possibility of doing a song with his former comrade. Well, he didn’t completely shoot it down, but 50 won’t agree to the terms. The Game said he would do a song with 50 if 50 gives him half of the profits to his recent windfall from Vitamin Water. Game also said that he is looking to sign Young Buck and Lloyd Banks to Black Wall Street. Right now, the Game is in England and that’s where he called from to kill this rumor. RIP, rumor homey. You were a good one. (If you want to view the final rumor, before it is forever laid to rest, see below.)50 CENT & THE GAME – THE SONG?

OK, I still don’t believe it, but I am going to say it. I’m hearing still that The Game and 50 Cent are doing a song for 50’s new CD, Curtis. Now, I’m, hearing the song is already finished and will be on the album. On the flip side, I am hearing that Game might actually do another album on G-Unit. Why? Well, as it stand, The Game’s revenue is severely divided, between 50 Cent, Dre’s Aftermath, Interscope/Geffen and so on. Anyway, I HEARD, doing this song for G-Unit would amend the agreement and make it his last financial obligation with Mr. Cent.This part of the rumor is still alive:

Also, there is a rumor that 50 is going to do an All-Star New York remix for “I Get Money” with people like Fabolous, LLoyd Banks, Maino, Mazaradi Foxx, Yayo and LL Cool J. Don’t quote me, don’t quote me.


Pimp C has struck again with another interview! Pimp C – we love, you man. Oh yeah, here is the Ozone interview…click here for that.


I heard that we are about to see another round of legal beef between Lil’ Flip and his former label, Suckafree Records. From what I heard they are all supposed to meet up at the Houston Federal Court and duke it out. I’m not sure what it is, but they are going there, because there is some friction with the Hustlaz Stackin Ends LP, that came out in 1998. There is something legal and Sony Records and Flip are involved, but I couldn’t determine all that is going on.


WHOA! What’s going on here? Beyonce went to a strip club in The A? Now, I know that stripper culture is heavy down there in Atlanta, but I never thought that B got down like that. Sure enough, she did. From what I heard, Beyonce got to this male strip club right around 1 am. She even took pics with Miss Sophia, the V103 radio personality. (See those below) Miss, Beyonce and a pair of assistants got there and checked out some of the hot boys. I’m not sure, but I suspect this was a gay male strip spot. They say Janet has a lil’ spot in the cut where she goes too. I think Miss Sophia is the same person that was on the radio putting MA$e’s alleged business on the street. Anyway, they said B only stayed a few minutes…shout out to Phase 1.


I kind of thought this was just a rumor, but I have gathered intel and it looks like Jay-Z really is about to make the leap to Columbia. First, I heard Rick Rubin has made some sweeping changes over there and laid off all the A&Rs. He’s replaced them with his own people. And you know Rick is a producing beast so he knows what he’s doing. Anyway, so Jay is supposedly coming through at the end of the year to start the new job and what seems to be a new phase of his life.

I also keep hearing that Dame Dash will be making his return to the music industry. Does this feed into the rumors that we heard before, that Dame was coming back to Def Jam? I didn’t believe at first, but now…seems logical. If you know anything, tell me!


Some people – like me – have been following the saga of Salome Thomas-El, a Philadelphia principle. You might remember him. He was on Bill O’Reilly and he was pitted against Dame Dash and Cam’ron. You might have picked up his books like me. Well, it had been reported that Will Smith had finally decided to sign on to play Thomas-El in his cinematic autobiography. Well, an outlet said that Will had definitely signed on. NOT QUITE! But, I heard Will is still considering it and even wrote the forward to Thomas El’s new book. I know that’s not a murder, death diss rumor, but I like it.

Here is when Thomas-El was on there with Cam’ron. Shame on y’all!


Matthew Knowles is the man as far as I’m concerned.

“I talked to her immediately after the performance. She had a raincoat on. It was during ‘Ring The Alarm’ and her shoe got caught in the overcoat. You know what I’m proud about? Beyonce, they say, she was actually bleeding, because she fell down, she slid down. I haven’t seen the film yet. But, she fell down eight flights of stairs. Her leg was bleeding and she bounced right up. She didn’t stop.”

I don’t think he meant eight flights…eight steps! Check him out right here on Fox News.


Who messed up and gave baby mommas the internet? Well. I’ve put baby mother’s stuff up here an you all didn’t like it so I stopped. Let me just say, somebody is looking to write a book for a tell-all on Father MC. No disrespect to FMC, I don’t think anybody would buy such a book. The writer of the letter accuses Father of all sorts of unspeakable foulest that I’m not gonna reveal. I even got one on Yung Berg! The venom of the baby moms is crazy! Remember the dude Smilez? That’s when I stopped.


I thought Mr. Bigg was out of the water with his legal woes, but Def Jam issued a message that he isn’t. But, the reality of the situation is the man named Ronald Isley is set to go to jail for three years as of August 7. Def Jam seeks a presidential pardon for him.

“It is important to point out that Ronald Isley has no prior criminal record, and has been a law-abiding, taxpaying employer since 1956. There is also concern that due to a variety of health issues, (Mr. Isley suffered a stroke in 2004 and was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2006) without proper care Mr. Isley’s health could decline further and there is genuine concern as to whether he could survive a lengthy incarceration.”

See the links and numbers below for ways you can show your support:

1. To contact the President of the United States:

Call: 1-202-456-1414

Fax: 1-202-456-2461

Email: president@whitehouse.gov

2. To contact The Congressional Black Caucus:

Go to www.congressionalblackcaucus.net – Click on “meet reps” and find your representatives.

3. To contact your local senator or congressperson:

www.congress.org – Click on the “take action” link and put in your zip code and you will be linked to the representatives of your area.


YO! I don’t care at all about these babes. Yo, I don’t even know one single song they ever did. All I know is they were on Diddy’s show. They didn’t even have to walk for cheesecake. Here is the statement.

“This is the official statement regarding all the rumors and misinformation floating on the web. Danity Kane is still together and all of us — Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres, Dawn Richard and D Woods — are looking toward to our future together, to taking the industry by storm yet again, and to giving our fans an incredible sophomore album. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each of you who has continued to support us through the ups and downs of this business. We have every intention of writing, singing, and dancing our way to the top. See you all there!”


People I know saw Chali 2na (formerly of the Jurassic 5) in the studio with David Banner working on his upcoming album. This was in Los Angeles. Chali is pretty underground. Underground rappers – hit me with the rumors! Yall don’t have to see 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and The Game day in, day out!


These kids – The Jena-6 – need help, click here and read the story. It’s amazing that this sort of racism still exists. To get the full rundown, CLICK HERE.

My homey C-Dubya sent me a rumor that Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell broke up after he had an affair with a man. Now this I don’t believe.

I was kidding about Tony Magic winning the Diddy-assistant contest.

Somebody was not feeling BET’s “We Can Do Better.” Here is the official review.

OH YEA…um. If you heard The Game was banned in the UK from the BBC? That’s categorically false.

GOOD LUCK USHER! That boy is getting married to the woman of his dreams. You can’t hate on that, can you?


A baby’s grandfather buries her ALIVE at the age of two DAYS old. Guess what? The baby actually survived this crime and is alive even though it spent 24 hours in a shallow grave. The grandfather admitted to the crime and stated that he didn’t want to “bear the cost” of raising a newborn. WOW. Anyway, here is a link of them digging the baby out of the earth. Where was the mother through all of this? (Thanks Andrea C.) If this baby raps, he’s going to be bigger than 50 Cent, Tupac and Biggie.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas is protesting the names of hurricanes and other storms and wants to see them reflect names of African Americans and other ethnic groups. She said Hurricane Andrew’s name was too “lily white.”

“All racial groups should be represented,” Lee said, according to the Hill. She hoped federal weather officials “would try to be inclusive of African-American names.”

Lee is buggin’ and this is why the Black leadership is so messed up. THIS IS STUPID! She wants hurricanes to be called Keisha, Jamal and Deshawn. At least the Black hurricanes would be late and people could get out of there faster! OY!


They aren’t all that ill, but there are a few. Below is that baby that survived the burial.

Protected by Viper..stand back.

Tego and some cool folks.

When did Megan get so curvy?


Tay is a grad student and he’s apprehensive about telling people that “Chocolate Rain” is about institutionalized racism. But, he’s cool and admits that the stuff he makes is cheesy. Check out the video dedication to Tay…lol!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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