Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game vs Lil Scrappy? Young Buck vs DJ Khaled? Paul Mooney vs Oprah?

This edition of the rumors are sponsored by Lil’ Sprout, Jolly Green Giant lil’ homey! YOUNG BUCK RIDES ON DJ KHALED Young Buck has lashed out at DJ Khaled for not playing his records. Just last week, I saw Khaled talking about how he’s about that peace and that love. But, maybe it’s not all […]

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This edition of the rumors are sponsored by Lil’ Sprout, Jolly Green Giant lil’ homey!


Young Buck has lashed out at DJ Khaled for not playing his records. Just last week, I saw Khaled talking about how he’s about that peace and that love. But, maybe it’s not all sweet to Young Buck. If you aren’t up to speed, Buck is in G-Unit and Khaled is in Fat Joe’s Terror Squad and they are basically enemies. But Buck has kind of gotten over that beef stuff- until now. Buck just released a new diss to the Miami don. Buck says, “MIA [Miami] wanna hear me sh*t…I understand your situation, man. Being loyal to your crew. Well, I’m loyal like a m****r f***er, too. But a hit is a hit. You gotta play the hit. So, play my s**t like every other DJ. I know 50 just got $400 million. I’m getting to the money on my own. I don’t need nothing right now. It’s cool to know you got it. Holla!” I know Khaled is about that peace and that love…but will he strike back?


Yes, TI interviewed Tip! You want to know what I heard? I heard that Tip got mad at one of the questions that TI asked and tried to run up on him. Luckily, there were people in the room that stopped this from happening. Now, so Tip actually gets up, walks out of the room. After a few minutes, he returns after a number of apologies and finishes the interview. Sound silly right? The really funny thing is…it’s a lil’ more real than you might think. But that’s for me to know!


Hey, a friend of mine alerted me that somebody straight stole the R.Kelly quote from AHH’s 9th Wonder interview. Shameless. For those that don’t know, here is the quote and the original interview – straight, no chaser.

“I think the R. Kelly album is an abomination of Black people. The zoo song- if that’s not the most ridiculous s**t. It really hurts me that Black people are going around playing that mess. Like one, you know the n***a is going around peeing on little girls, and past that, he is talking about monkeys and trees. If you support that you don’t even deserve to be Black no more. He wants to jump on records with all these young cats, damn T-Pain. He is supposed to lead not follow, and I think that only happens with Black music. That doesn’t happen with White music. Bon Jovi and U2 are going to play their jams that everybody knows, and everyone is going to go home and be happy.”


YO! I got a beef with my girl Wendy, yo! I heard the funniest…I mean, the illest thing. I didn’t hear it myself, but rumor has it, Wendy Williams played Kelly Rowland yesterday on the radio show. I heard sweet Kelly went up there, as innocent and demure as I know she is. Somewhere in the radiocast, Wendy’s trap was sprung! I heard Wendy dug up an ancient audio clip of Kelly and Beyonce dissing the other members of Destiny’s Child. Now, I heard that Kelly’s lovely face was astounded at this assault of her trust in Wendy! Apparently, there was a clause of some sort where they weren’t to discuss that old stuff. I don’t know.

I didn’t have the time to listen, but if you want to hear it, click here.


I hate to see it, but Paris Hilton is actually going to be the big winner. She only did “X” days in jail, but she is already rumored to be scheduling interviews for when she comes out. She’s also looking to sell her jailhouse experience for a cool million. What reputable news outlet is going to pay? Ah, we’ll see, but it’s looking like NBC is going to fork over the cash. Is that unethical? Former View staffer Meredith Vieira is supposedly going to do that sucker.



I got a rumor that nobody’s going to believe, but I think its true. I’m getting intel that the Jolly Green Giant has been relieved of his duties altogether. You’re probably like, “Wait, I haven’t heard from the Jolly Green G in a hot minute.” You know why? Because he kept saying “Ho Ho Ho.” JGG started his career with Green Giant Foods in 1925 and now it’s a wrap. Little Green Sprout is sick with it. He looked up to the Jolly Green G. Word up. He’s not the last one. I hope these critics of rap realize it is a slippery slope…a very slippery slope and there will be casualties.


Remember when Buck was rumored to be dissing G-Unit? Well, I heard the Game dissed G-Unit too at that event, which is so regular it would be strange if he didn’t diss them. Nobody even commented on that. But, on the flip side, I heard that Lil’ Scrappy got tight with the Game at that show. Scrappy has some sort of joint venture between 50 Cent and Lil’ Jon so, I suppose he’s got some G-Unit loyalty thing going on.

So, I guess at this event, The Game disses G-Unit and Scrappy feels some kind of way about it since he’s ½ G-Unit. Scrap yelled something and that’s roughly it. Basically, nothing happened and I don’t know why I wasted my time writing this.


On her blog, Christina Milian told her fans about a new movie she’s got coming out. I think she needs to get it cracking on her new album!

“Hola my Friends! I say this because… I am bout to shoot a Christmas movie! 🙂 YAY for Christmas..:) Any wayzzzzz. I will be shooting it in July and August in Calgary, Canada. It’s called ‘Snow Globes’ I will give u the run-down later. But yeah, as soon as I am done shooting I begin to shoot my CW show ‘8 Days a Week’ very excited. I love y’all and I look forward to you guys getting to check out all this stuff later on this year.”

WANNA SEE ICE-T BREAK DANCE and HIS EARLY RAPS? (Even the GLOVE appears in this vid!)


50 Cent was on the Howard Stern show and admitted that he had his “salad tossed.” He also allegedly said that he liked it. How does a man talk to a man about that!?

Is it me or are there mad more pics of Jay-Z and Beyonce just doing random acts of romance? It’s almost like the 4th stage of a PR campaign or something.

Darrin Henson dating Mya? They are going to have a lot of dancing going on in that relationship.

Pharrell is reportedly working with Madonna and The Hives, the popular rock group. I wish he’d work with NORE! Super Thug!

Lisa Bonet’s baby daddy may be engaged to another woman?

Everybody has been worried about how Robin Givens will play Wendy Williams, being that they have dramatically different bodies. Wendy recently said that the former Mrs. Tyson would wear a “fat suit.”

Veteran Tichina Arnold is going to be starring in a new R&B group called No Pressure, according Jawn Murray.

Garcelle Beauvais, 40, and her husband are expecting twins! Ain’t she going to be in Playboy bucket-nekked!?!

The View got rid of that les named Rosie and they are rumored to be considering a gay male to jump in the extra seat. Wild.

There is trouble in paradise. A lot of people have been looking to the ringtone game for their money as CD sales slip. Well, ringtone sales are slipping now too. Good new: Ringback sales are up.


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