Hip-Hop Rumors: The Neptunes Breakup? Lil Jon’s New Home! T.I.’s Book Deal? Maino Talks!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE NEPTUNES BREAKING UP? When is the last time we heard the name The Neptunes…as a production team? It’s definitely not like the days of Nore […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



When is the last time we heard the name The Neptunes…as a production team? It’s definitely not like the days of Nore and Jay. Well, I am not suggesting they fell off, because clearly they haven’t. BUT, I was told that the crew might have broken up or something. I mentioned a week or so ago that Chad had missed a show date with N.E.R.D. I figured it was some family stuff. Then, I heard he’s missed several shows. Then, somebody sends me a “tip” and says that Chad and Pharrell broke up. Now, I cannot say this definitively – it’s just a rumor. I hope not though. With P claiming to be a PC, I have to say that I have to side with Chad, assuming he is a Mac. LOL.


No, Lil’ Jon wasn’t looking for a new piece of real estate. He was looking for a new recording home after the dissolution of TVT Records. Well, you can basically tell your favorite blogger that your favorite illseed said that Lil’ Jon has landed a new deal with Universal Republic. YEP. He is now under the umbrella that houses just about everybody, but it also represents Jon’s first foray on a major label. I guess all we can do is hope that people aren’t “over” Lil’ Jon, because it would seem that crunk had died down to a whisper.


I don’t know exactly what happened – or maybe I do and just ain’t saying- but I heard Slim Thug got into some sort of fight in TX. Why? I’m not certain, but I heard it was fairly ugly. Not sure who would want to fight Slim, because he is a pretty big guy. I heard that some people at the event were trying to get into the VIP and didn’t get a wrist band so they just started trippin’- aka fighting. I heard, by then, most of the other acts had performed. Didn’t stop them from feeling entitled to the VIP section.

Here is a letter I got on the matter:

Dear AllHipHop.com,

Despite what the streets have said, no one was seriously harmed last night @ “The South Up Show.” One of the members of Boss Hawg Outlawz did receive a gash inside his mouth and there was some gunfire traded between rival gangs yet reports show no one was seriously hurt (despite the rumors). There was a certain artist who’s bus was shot at but fortunately there was no one aboard and we’re certainly thankful. We try our best to have safe and sound events and this just wasn’t one. Much respect.


I’m telling you, America, check yourself before you wreck yourself! Here is the latest depressing news! I’m sorry! I have to do it. When you get to be a senior citizen, you want to live your years in peace, right? Well, A 90-year-old Ohio woman attempted to kill herself after she was facing eviction from the home she lived in for 38 years. Addie Polk had fallen victim to some devilish predatory lending institution. Damn devils! She shot herself and, when she was found, she was lying on the ground. The police that found her were actually there to serve her an eviction notice. Ain’t that some s**t!!!!!! WHY are people so mean and evil? She didn’t die, thankfully and was being treated at a hospital. A 90 year old – committing suicide like that? A true tale about the U.S. home mortgage crisis. Foreclosures are at a record high in America thanks to the banks.


From what I heard, The Game’s brother was the one that really had all the street stories, so why should baby bro get all the glory. Check out Big Fase100 as he gets back into rappin’ on the mic.


I’m telling you, I got this. Maino might have his sights on Mya but I’m like a GPS when it comes to her. I found out a lil’ charity works she’s into! She is making the animals happy ad I don’t mean me and Maino…lmao!


YO! If you are a felon with reasonable intelligence, you can get out and vote. Please check the laws of your state to find out the details.

Kanye West and Boy George are reportedly working on a song together. Sounds…interesting.

I heard somebody had a Benzino diss coming. I don’t know who would bother, but that’s the rumor.


I was going to make Kimbo Slice as the epic fail, but I felt like he would turn me into an epic fail if I met him. So here is the Epic Fail of the Day. This has been on illseed before, but this is classic…sooooo classic.


AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka drops the wisdom when he talks about Racism and Obama.I think I touched on this last week. Yes, I did, but nobody cared. Trumka is the man!


Last week, I told you about a rumor that Dame Grease, DMX’s longtime producer, wasn’t messing with DMX. Grease said its not the case…sorta. Check it out.


Naughty By Nature in the Studio.

Looks like they are pulling it together. It’s only a few seconds and its only Vinnie, but it’s not bad.

Someone Got Lost On Their Way to the Fresh Fest.

So over the weekend San Francisco hosted the Hardly Strictly Blue Grass Festival showcasing artists like Emmy Lou Harris and Ricky Scaggs on aptly names stages like the Rooster stage, the Banjo Stage and the Porch stage. Somehow, in all this country glory, MC Hammer snuck in. Could we be seeing the beginning of a new Hip Hop hybrid? Maybe the “Hardly” at the beginning of the festival name was just for him. And according to Hammer y’all still Can’t Touch This.

Another Biography? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Since T.I. signed that 3 picture deal with Screen Gems, his life story on film might be right around the corner. T.I. told the good folks over at the Atlanta Journal Constitution that a story about his life is a consideration. Right now, however, he is working on his first project, Bone Deep, and focused strictly on that. The second of the three projects, Boulevard, is not a definite at this point. But he did say he is writing and the autobiography is amongst his many projects, including another movie called For Sale that Grand Hustle is doing in conjunction with New Line Cinema. Whew…. I’m tired just thinking about his schedule. Get on your grinds folks. Get on your grinds.

Everyone I know can rattle this song off verbatim. I won’t even comment on its horrifically low ranking on VH1’s list. I guess I should just be glad he was incorporated and shut the hell up. Enjoy.

Jay-Z Rocks New Voters in Detroit…

The show was Saturday and the price of admission was registering to vote. Needless to say, the Cobo Arena was sold out. While Jay made it no secret who he supports, he kept his distance from Obama as much as he could suggesting this was something he was doing on his own and any issue with his show should be aimed at him and not the Presidential hopeful.

“This is the most important election in your lifetime. Now, I’m really not a politician. I’m not running for president. What I say tonight cannot be held against Barack Obama. I’m just a free citizen exercising his free speech. I’m not here to tell you who to vote for. I’m voting for Barack Obama, but that’s just me.”

The concert goers stood in longs lines for the opportunity to see the show and to make sure they can cast a ballot in November. For some, it will be their first.

The Vice President has Been Chosen!

Well, at least the VP in Hustler Magazine’s world. Seems Mr. Flynt has confirmed that the film he was doing with Sarah Palin as his muse is done. He hasn’t leaked the title of the film yet, but it has been reported that adult film star Lisa Ann pulled the coveted lead role. Does she look like Palin; not really. But who looks at their faces anyway?

[Illseed note: that boobie bird looks nothing like Sarah Palin!!]

Who Won the World Series of Hip Hop? The World May Never Know.

The voting was supposed to close this weekend and a winner was to be announced. Well, according to the website, we have some hanging chads or better yet some hanging Oooo’s. Looks like the artists all had some sort of code assigned to them that the folks who voted were supposed to text to the vote counters or whatever. Well, the codes started with zeros which people thought were O’s (the letter) and practically none of the votes can be counted. If you are interested in casting a second vote, new codes can be found on the website.

Alrighty folks, that will be all. Shelz taps out!


This sure is fun! Busta Bus getting his swagger back!


I don’t even know if the kiddies out there remember Mysterious! She was one of the rappers on Diddy’s first foray into reality TV. She got kicked off for some reason. When she did, she was like the Hulk stomping out of there breaking stuff. With that said, I’m not sure she’s the one to take advice from. My speakers are messed up so I can’t hear what she is saying. Anyway, apparently she just had a baby and lives in NJ.


Okay if you haven’t heard by now Maino slapped a certaing yung man! Maino checked in with “Live with Kendra G and DJ Touchtone” to give the full details on why he had to hit him. He even talks about how the yung man called him the next day to apologize! Check out the video interview to get all the details and Maino even breaks down why ex-cons should and can vote come election day!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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