Hip-Hop Rumors: The Ozone Awards Edition! Trae Speaks About Bussin’ Mike Jones! Mike Jones Goes Berserk On Vid!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. OZONE AWARDS – THE GOOD AND THE GOODER!   First of all – all the people that I talked to told me that the women at the Ozone […]


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.




First of all – all the people that I talked to told me that

the women at the Ozone Awards were off the chain! I don’t have all that many

pictures, but feel free to send me any pictures from the Ozone Awards – ahhrumors@gmail.com.  I just heard that the ladies were top notch!

Go ladies! I heard the dudes were on their grind too and the cars were hot too.


Well, I don’t know where to begin with the Ozone Awards. Let

me just say that I heard it was simply crazy as an event. I heard the legendary

Willie Dee was outraged at the treatment he got as one of Houston’s finest. He was apparently all jammed

up at the door like he was just some regular Joe shmoe! Willie went on to

present J. Prince with an award, but not before going through hell.


I don’t know much about what happened with Trae and Mike

Jones. I mean, you

can read the news story about the Houston rappers’ scrap right here. And

you can actually listen to Mike Jones talk about the fight right here


Other than that, I heard there was a lot of blood in the back from Mike’s nose.

I heard that he might have lost his chain or something. Nevertheless, Mike made

it back to the stage later in the night. From what I heard, he actually made

the crowd laugh when he yelled “Mike Jones” after DJ Khaled said, “We Best!”


My sources told me that something went down with Bun B and

the Houston

police, BUT I have been re-educated on that. There was nothing going on with Bun and the cops…probably just a lil’ chaos back there. The police were very, very thick. I

heard they even had the ghetto birds in the sky. They had the Mounties on their

horses! And they reportedly had an army of cops with hand cuff right there.


Mya was there! She actually showed up to the Ozone Awards

and I heard she was looking good. At the end, I heard she was rushed out too.


I heard the Fire Marshall was continuously trying to shut

the event down for a variety of reasons.

 I heard a certain member of the AHH team might have started

drinking that drank in a big Styrofoam cup! I cannot say who, because that

person might not want to be revealed. My sources are strong.


I heard Rick Ross was there crazy deep and nobody had

anything to say about anything controversial to Mr. Ross. He rocked it quite

bit with Khaled and T-Pain.


I heard that certain members of the H-Town rap community

were openly complaining about what seemed to be a lack of H-Town love. Some

people reasoned that nobody in Houston

is killin’ it like a Rick Ross/Glasses Malone/or whatever. I don’t know about

all that, but they did have an excellent and heart felt tribute to Pimp C. I

heard people like Too Short, Big Boi and David Banner recited Pimp’s lyrics…

Bun B rapped in front of a whole choir and it was supposedly real emotional.

Damn, I wish I was there for that.

I FOUND OUT that my own Lady Drama was totally stolen from

me and she was actually at the Ozone Awards working the red carpet! How did

that happen? Anyway, I can accept that since I am sure she has all the inside


 Overall, I heard it was messy at first and dope once you got

inside. I’m just an outsider that gets lil’ bits and pieces to piece together

for half the story. I guess we shall see what else pops up. (Thanks twitter

buddy, Diva, Jose and all the others that gave me info! Drama get at me on what happened!)TRAE THE TRUTH SPEAKS!

Check out what he says about the scrap with Mike Jones! He also reveals that there WAS a Houston set, but they didn’t get to do it. There goes that rumor.





Tony Yayo is reportedly trying to get his mother out of her Queens home, because it got shot up. She seems to want to

stay though.


Did you know that Steve Harvey and Bernie Mac had beef? I

just saw Steve Harvey talking so nice about Bernie. SMH.


Rumor says, Pharrell and N.E.R.D. aren’t getting a long so



Some freestyle dude cracked a joke on Mike Jones on the

stage. I heard he rhymed “South” with “mouth” as it pertained to the Trae



Rumor has it; Jody Breeze has been locked up for probation

violation. Wow, dude!



Sean Paul Busted


So there are all kinds of wild rumors reporting that Sean

Paul (the reggae one) was arrested in Sweden over the weekend for

possession of marijuana after performing at the Uppsala Reggae Festival. 

Wow the Swedes are doing the damn thing huh? But anyway, the situation is a

mess in different stories.  I heard no one was arrested. Then I heard 50

people were arrested. Then I read 300 people were arrested with about 10 of

them being performers; one of whom was actually caught with the Gunja red

handed.  I even read somewhere that the police there sent drug sniffing

dogs to check Sean Paul’s room.  We will se what happens, but how do you

invite a ship load of reggae artists to perform in your country and then arrest

them for smoking weed?  Sounds like a set up.  Oh, the lovely Swedes

also had Lil Kim and N.E.R.D. over there this weekend too from what I

understand. Go Sweden. 

Get Busy.  It’s your birthday.


Bang ‘Em Smurf

Deported?  Guess He Needed Slick Rick’s





Whoa at folks re-appearing from The Fog.  Bang ‘Em Smurf got in contact with the folks

over at DX to say hey and let everybody know what he’s been up to.  It seems he was just released from prison a

few months back.  Did you know he was in

Sing-Sing?  Neither did I.  He also said that the immigration folks sent

him packing and he’s been deported back to Trinidad.  Did y’all know he was West Indian?  Me neither. 

But he’s still working on some project with some guy named

Domination.  Have y’all ever heard of

him?  SMH…… I guess I will give up on

this article now.  Just assign it to the

“First to Bite the G-Unit Dust” files.






Dark Butts Rejoice




It has not been a good last few days for our buddy Yung

Berg.  Actually, backing it up a bit, I’m

thinking it hasn’t been a good month or so. Are we getting a front row seat to

a downward spiral? I mean kid gets arrested in New York after being mean to his limo driver

and getting caught with some smoke.  Now

we all know this is nothing new for the Bergster as he got tossed in the patty

wagon during the Sexy Can I Video shoot for smoking that ish.  I’ll be honest, when I heard he had been

hauled away, I thought it was from tossing that nasty testicle sweat drenched

rag at those folks in Carolina during his show, but I guess they didn’t mind.

And doesn’t his album come out today? 

Hope he outsells Khia.




Dead Prez Still

Fighting the Good Fight




Dead Prez say they are coming with Information Age in

November.  After Rock the Bells they also

told Semex that they are planning to stay independent.  They loved Untitled and hip hop is definitely

changing and going to be bringing a new more thoughtful swag in the coming

years.  When asked about Obama they said

just having a black President in this country is not enough.  They have not changed their opinions of our “imperialistic”

society and power needs to be put back in the hands of the people.  Of course, we would expect Dead Prez to say

nothing less. They also took a couple shots at Sony. Check em out.







My Snooty-Meter is





I recently read an interview with one of Bill Cosby’s

daughters Evin.  The angle was the

opening of her new and obviously very posh clothing store PB and Caviar in

Tribeca.  Nice to see the rich and

famous’ offspring doing something besides lying around spending the ‘rents

money, but she touched on a few non-clothing issues too when asked by the NY





“My own people used to say to me, ‘You speak like a

white woman… What does that even mean, anyway? Everyone has their way of

speaking and living their life. No one should be judging and assuming that

because I’m black, I have to speak in that hip-hop way. That’s something I

prefer not to do…I always went to private schools – Bank Street elementary,

Columbia Prep – so I was surrounded by people like me. Not so much

African-American, but privileged. I don’t really have a connection to other

people who didn’t have my lifestyle.”




Ooookay.  Well as long

as her Daddy is doing what he’s doing in Philly and across the rest of the

nation, I guess she gets a pass.  For

now.  Oh, by the way, the top selling

item so far in her boutique are high heeled shoes for babies.  Funny.




What a Sucka……..Lisa Raye Sticks By Her Man! Seems like Lisa Raye has decided to stick with her cheating husband and work it out! Read this via page six:LisaRaye has changed her mind. The “All of Us” actress was planning to divorce Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick, but now she’s moved back into his mansion. “It’s not that she would miss him, she would miss her position,” said our source. “She’s grown accustomed to the lifestyle – the gifts, the cars, the status.” The two have had problems since they wed in 2006. LisaRaye has been linked to former NBA star Gary Payton. In April, Misick was accused of raping one of LisaRaye’s friends, a claim he denied. Damn cash rules everything around her huh! Caan’t say that I blame her, with her lack of strong work lately Island boy may be her best bet to stay paid! Sorry Rosci kick rocks ma and move on to the next sucka! Baby Mama Drama… The Rick Ross Edition Looks like Rick Ross is being sued by his 2 year old child’s mother Tiallondra Nicole Kemp for unpaid child support! According to the Kemp Rick Ross has not offered any financial support to raise their child, William Leonard Roberts, III. And before Rick can even say he wants a paternity test, Kemp has already went to a Florida court to prove the paternity of the child. In addition she is requesting maintenance payments as well as shared responsibility for the child. Looks like Rick Ross may not be the only BOSS huh! A Tuesday Hangover….. Oh No It’s Just Lil Kim: Kim was in Sweden over the weekend performing! I would go in but I’m so tired of roasting this chock about her appearance! What more could I say! Check out the pics and use your own imagination! Lady Drama’s Food For Thought: I heard Da Brat might take a 10 year plea deal in her assault case…… I know she’s more than happy to get to all that free _______ on deck in the pen! No h### but don’t say ya’ll don’t feel the same way! Can Rick Ross catch a brick oppppss I mean Break! Can’t be mad at him any publicity is good publicity even if you go from a CO to a no good father! The Ghetto Grammys aka The Ozone Awards went down over the weekend and I was there to join in on the action! Good Look to everyone who took care of me…. NOT like that… get ya’ll mind out the gutter it’s only Monday! Go Hard or Go Home!


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