Hip-Hop Rumors: The Rick Ross Haircut! A Nas/Kelis Album? Buck And 50 Working “It” Out?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! T.I.’s LATEST SIGNEE? Rumor has it, T.I. was in Philly and recently announced the signing of local artist Meek Millz to Grand Hustle. My dude Mike […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Rumor has it, T.I. was in Philly and recently announced the signing of local artist Meek Millz to Grand Hustle. My dude Mike from South Philly tells me Meek is that dude in Philly right now. Meek has one song with Gillie and Peedi that is getting some air play and his Single “In my Bag.” People are fairly surprised that T.I. signed him. On top of everything, I heard they were actually both on the radio together yesterday. The Hot Boyz had T.I. on for a second after he did his “Behind the beats” thing for Power 99 and they didn’t even know about Meek. All good.


This is a real song that speaks to the times. That’s what Hip-Hop – the REAL CNN of the Black experience. Unless you are not Black, then it speaks for your experience.


There are times when I don’t want to tip a waiter or server that doesn’t tend to my needs when I eat. Oh, like serving in a timely manner or checking up on me when in need some ketchup. I got sent a link from Sandra Rose and I was saw how Andre 3000 might have stiffed a waiter for his tip.

Atlanta waiter Matt Moore claims that he went out of his way to hook Andre up with some vegan dishes after the rapper visited the restaurant he works in — even though it is non-vegan. Apparently, that effort wasn’t enough and Andre decided to complain anyways — getting his bill reduced in the process. At the end of the meal, the low-baller left a $0 tip and walked away. Classy.

What’s a guy to do? eBay! Moore was understandably p##### and threw his story up on the auction site, along with a description of the injustice and the offending receipt. “The chef had tried to please them with original dishes and took time out of the busy dinner to customize a meal for them,” he wrote. “Despite the spot-on service and super-catered food, they felt the need to leave me no money. I had nothing to do with the food, yet he stiffed me.”

In defense of Andre, here are some other possible scenes. 1) Andre might have left cash on the table and this dude is lying or 2) Andre left a tip and one of the other workers swiped it. That happens also. Just giving the brother the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, the dude did manage to sell the receipt and made like $14.


Double O from the hip hop group Kidz In The Hall was assaulted by several bouncers early Saturday morning, July 26, while inside a nightclub in Tempe, AZ following a Kidz In The Hall performance. Group member and friend Naledge, who did not witness the assault on Double O, was arrested outside of the club. Naledge’s attempt to get medical assistance for Double O was misconstrued as a hinderence to the investigation. Reports that no injuries were sustained are false as Double O was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries from the excessive force used by club security. On Sunday morning Double O underwent surgery for one of his injuries. He is still in the hospital, but in stable condition.

In the last 2 years, Kidz In The Hall has traveled to over 10 countries, have done 200+ shows and never before been involved in any altercation, big or small, with club or concert security, or police officers.


I hear Foxy Brown has a show in New York at B.B. with “special guests.” We’ll see.

By the way, she and Ross are still cool, if you thought otherwise – I heard.

I don’t know how true this is, but rumor has it The Firm might be reuniting and will include Nas. These cats were IT for a hot second.

Nicole Scherzinger has aborted her debut solo album like a pussycat. Apparently, she’s just focused on the Pussycat Dolls’ CD Doll Domination.

Do you remember Keith “I Want Her” Sweat? Sure you do! I heard he may have a sex tape with former Cash Money rapper Strings. She wasn’t too bad.

I just want to say to everybody that thought I was serious about Berg and Bugsy in a reality show together. I was kidding. Sorry. I say jokes and people don’t get it.

I am hearing the Lupe Fiasco may be going straight into producing as a new creative outlet.

Not sure where this came from but 50 Cent has admitted to feeling back for pressuring Lloyd Banks to promote his last album even though his father had died. I know Banks took that death hard, as he should.

Mike Knox, the dude running the “G-Unit Philly,” was in prison. I never knew. I heard he is now out.


I had so many quickies, I had to make it a deuce. Go to illseed.com for more stuff like the Barack Obama comic book.

I heard Nas and Kelis are hoping to record an entire album together, mtv reports. Do we really need this?

Kelly “My Boo” Rowland has reportedly started at travel show! Oprah is reportedly interested in putting it on her network.

I heard Freeway might be going to G-Unit full time and had been chillin with 50 Cent almost as much as Tony Yayo. You know that’s a lot.

Rumor has it, Young Buck and 50 Cent are close to working something out between the two of them. Not sure what that means, but I am hearing that showing up at Game’s video was bad timing.

I am hearing Spider Loc, Jayo Felony and 40 Glocc have some kind of West Coast super gang group coming.

I know Juelz Santana is supposed to coming out on Def Jam later this year, but I heard that some others are interested in signing him too (both names rhyme with “itty”).

RICK ROSS FANS UNITE!A picture is worth a thousand words. This one is at least 2,000.

For more, check out illseed.com


A rep for Barack Obama condemns lyrics by Ludacris (AHH)!

“This song is not only outrageously offensive to Senator Clinton, Reverend Jackson, Senator McCain, and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are trying to raise our children with values we hold dear. While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics.”

Wendy Williams and Omarosa keep the catfight going. For now, the last word goes to O.

“I knocked Wendy out. She’s so used to bullying people, but for the first time, she met her match.” “She definitely has a face for radio.”

Young Buck keeps talking about the situation with 50 Cent:

“At the end of the day, it was a heartfelt conversation from me. I meant everything I said. I was actually going through a situation at the time. He chose to put it out there to kinda discredit me. I think it backfired if you ask me.” (More on this with Shelz)

Charles Cosby talks about his Cocaine Cowboy days (read the feature here).

“Griselda Blanco was the first Colombian drug lord in the United States of America. This is just not me saying it, the records say this. She was the first one. By the time 1975 came around, Griselda had five hundred million dollars in cash; that’s what she was worth. That’s before Escobar was even a drug dealer. Escobar was stealing cars just to make ends meet.”


You know I personally don’t subscribe to all that mess about 1 out of 2 new AIDS cases being African American. If that’s the case, here is some news that reps the end of the world. Doctors at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston are rapidly closing on a cure for HIV. Here is what one of the doctors said:

“We have found an innovative way to kill the virus by finding this small region of HIV that is unchangeable,” Dr. Sudhir Paul of the University of Texas Medical School at Houston said.

Dr. Paul and his pal Dr. Miguel Escobar seek to destroy HIV by giving the human immune system with mechanisms that beat the s**t out of HIV. There is a part of the HIV bug that doesn’t mutate or change to drugs. This is where they are seeking to attack by way of something called an abzyme. The abzyme takes out the HIV virus. You are probably wondering where the “sign” is. After “the powers that be” realize that mostly Black people and Africans are going to be helped by this recent discovery, something tragic will inevitably happen to Dr. Paul or Dr. Miguel. There is no way they are going to let a cure for AIDS pop off. Nevertheless, they now have to work on the human testing to see how well this stuff works on people. Wonder who they are going to run the tests on?

Any real break through is about 5 years off. Oh, that’s plenty of time for “the man” to make “something” happen.


Shelz: It Wasn’t Me…

So Baby aka Birdman aka Cash Money Man #1 was in court on Wednesday pleading not guilty to a possession charge he caught late last year in Tennessee. It seems an RV he was riding in with 15 other people was pulled over and searched. And guess what the fuzz found; guns and drugs. Now that’s what you call shocking. Anyways, the pound (yes I said pound) of weed they found is what landed Mr. Cash Money in hot water. The guns were completely legit. I don’t think there is a way to make a pound of weed legit, even if you have cataracts.

It WAS me…

Sounds like Young Buck wants to take partial responsibility for the dismal sales of TOS. Here is what he said to Buckie Naked Radio:

“I’m glad to see the fans are still here with me. You put me out the element bruh, it’s kinda rough man. I can’t just say that it was me. But at the end of the day, the energy of what was going on between me and 50 Cent, I think definitely played a part.”

I know this is going to sound really odd, but how bout the album didn’t sell because it’s not that good. Does anyone think that may have something to do with it?

F**k you. Pay me.

Is Jacob the Jeweler still running things from the Pen? It seems he (or someone on his locked up ass’ behalf) has filed suit against Wyclef for non-payment of fees for products rendered; $319,680 worth of products rendered. Jacob’s folks claim they have made several demands for payment, but they have received nothing from Wyclef. Damn. I really want y’all to think about this; $300,000 in diamonds? My house isn’t worth that. Hell, my house plus my car plus my savings aren’t worth that. I need to start rapping.

Do You Respect D’Angelo? Well He Doesn’t Think So.

D’Angelo disappeared and it’s his own fans fault! He got all buckety nekkid in that video for “Untitled” and you all started treating him like a piece of meat. How many of you spent the three minutes and change of that song absorbing those heartfelt lyrics? None of you, I’m sure. You probably spent those three minutes trying to change the laws of physics by pulling the bottom of your TV screen down so you could see a lil bit more. Mmm Hmmm. Well it is that type of behavior that drove D’Angelo into hiding. He allegedly had some sort of mental break down due to his fans lascivious behavior. At least that’s what his former Manager told Spin. Anyway, he’s working on some new stuff and looking better than he did in that infamous mug shot (I swear it took a week for my folk to convince me that wasn’t Ole Dirty Bastard in that pic. May he rest in peace) So when he re-appears on the scene ladies remember he’s an artist and he’s sensitive about his sh*t.

Hasta La Vista Babies…


I have to say that I haven’t seen Hot Rod enough to really know what he looks like when a side profile and a hate over half of his head while sitting on his Granny’s couch. With that said, I doubt this is him. But all you Hot Rod fans: please verify for me.

Shout out to Yung Skrilla!



I’m not really mad at this, but what do you think?


Bhudda and her Colgate smile!


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