Hip-Hop Rumors: Three 6 Mafia S**ts On Kia Shine! U-God Scared Of Wu?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.   THREE 6 MAFIA DISSES KIA SHINE – REALLY BAD.   Ouch! Memphis rappers Three 6 Mafia and Kia Shine aren’t the best of friends. At a […]



All content

within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of

what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.




Ouch! Memphis

rappers Three 6 Mafia and Kia Shine aren’t the best of friends. At a recent

signing, Three 6 Mafia dissed the crap out of poor Kia Shine calling him a “f**k

n***a” and “loser” when it seemed Kia thought it was all love. Can this guy get

a break? Apparently not. Paul and Juicy even offered to sign his album when he

came up to the table for an apparent photo opp. Go to illseed.com to get the

video – aw man, they got a big laugh. I wonder what caused this.Update: Two years ago, Kia Shine had a very different view of DJ Paul and Juicy

J of Three 6 Mafia. HE was dissing them. He basically said that Three 6

Mafia was the devil, that they hold back their artists and they hated

on him earlier in his career. And the word, “you little arm mother

f***er” did come out of his mouth in the video at illseed.com. My word…










Shelz brought this to my attention and I had to reclassify

this rumor as a “Sign The World Is Coming To An End.”


Shelz: We all know that

“Wu-Tang is Forever” may be no more than a hollow phrase at this

point.  Lots of internal strife has been able to sneak out of the family

meetings and considering how tight-lipped most of these men normally are; I’d

say what we have seen and heard is just the tip of the iceberg.  Case in

Point: U-God.


Now I’m having a bit of a time

wrapping my mind around this rumor, so I’m going to let yall figure this out

for me.  U-God has sued Wu-Tang Records for several different alleged

short-changings. He says the company owes him money ($170k).  RZA says the

company owes him nothing.  You would think this would play out in court

right?  Maybe not, because sohh reports that U-God recently entered a

police precinct in Jersey City requesting police protection because he believes

he is being followed and “targeted” by some Wu associates because of

his lawsuit. Whoa! Say it ain’t so RZA.  I don’t know.  Maybe U-God

is just being paranoid or better yet, this will turn out to be a load of crap.





If you didn’t read the new RZA story in the features

section, you better. He goes IN on U-God and really gives a clear idea of where

his position is on the Wu Tang Clan. Check out a sample.


“But even if I did owe you [that],

U-God, after all these years of millions you made, motherf**ka, you gonna come

back and b***h about a hundred and seventy thousand dollars?”



you want to be logical, know what I’m saying? I’m the one who gave you, when

nobody would sign U-God, I gave him a million dollar f**king deal! And of that

million dollars, I put seven hundred thousand that’s in his pocket. And the

rest went to making the record [U-God’s debut, Golden Arms Redemption],

and I still spent hundreds of thousands on videos for “That’s Gangsta” and “The

Bizarre”, and all that.”


read it in the features!




like to tell me stuff. The newest is of Yung Berg. You know Yung Bergie has

been involved in a war of words ever since he said something about Flo Ridah’s

hairline. Suddenly Brisco comes to defend Flo’s honor! Apparently, there is some

video of Yung Berg on Lip Service, a show on Sirus, and he’s talking about how

he is going to punch “Brisco” when he sees him. Now, from what I heard, Berg is

smart and doesn’t name names since the person “hasn’t even been on the 106th

and Park yet.” The way it was told to me, it was clear who he was talking about.

I am actually getting more disturbing info on Berg. Tune in tomorrow for that.



 Will Smith is making it Rain in the Box Office! So

I have no idea what all the hoopla is about but Hancock managed to

bring in 107 million at the box office.  According to deadline

Hollywood Daily: Hancock scored its

first 3-day weekend with $66 mil and gave star Will Smith his biggest

Independent Day holiday opening ever with a 5 1/2-day cume of $107.3

mil. The PG-13 pic went up 9% from Thursday to Friday for $18.8M, and

up 39% from Friday to Saturday for $26.1M.   And just to think the movie did all this with only 22% of positive reviews! Congrats Will! OK moving along… I hear the Essence Music Festival was popping so here’s some pics to prove it:  I hear Jill tore it down.. Why am I not surprised! Patti still got it! OK Make up does wonders –  just ask Solange DAYUUM! [Illseed note: she looks good to me!] Oh My… Laurie Ann Has Fight at Club Man

looks like Laurie Ann has found herself in yet another fiasco. Sources

tell me that at Missys recent b day bash Laurie Ann and her make up

artist got into it with a waitress peep this via NY Post:  Choreographer

Laurie Ann Gibson and her makeup-artist pal, Deborah Padilla, got

shoved out of the way by a waitress trying to get to rapper Busta

Rhymes. ‘The waitress got into it with the makeup artist, then fists

flew,’ said our spy. ‘There were people crying, bottles flying and

Missy trying to get out of there. It was pandemonium.’

 A waitress claimed in a police report she was ‘hit above the eye.’ Padilla was arrested and charged with assault. Damn

that Laurie Ann is lightweight gangsta! Damn right above the eye amd

bottles flyin… sounds like an old fashioned backyard brawl to me!  Lady Drama’s Food For Thought: I hear Solange turned down Bow Wow when he tried to holla at her in

NO….. Damn thats gotta hurt for Bow Weezy. Between

the Game taking back all his harsh words against 50 and their’Secret

Meeting’ something just doesn’t fit right… I hope no one’s hiding in

hip hop! Jay Z confronted a reporter who gave him a bad review… Should I be worried… Hell Naw! Who’s

still eating leftovers from Fri? Don’t front you know you’ve got some

packed in your lunch today! Stretch the meal homies cause the economy

sucks, people in Hawaii are paying close to 7 bucks for a loaf of

bread! Yea TOTT (think on those things) real hard!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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