TI COMMENTS ON THE CHAKA ASSAULT   You know the story about T.I. hitting Chaka Zulu of DTP, right? Well, here is T.I. talking about it. I actually found it interesting that T.I. said him and Luda are actually cool. He apologizes pretty deeply in this interview. He also asks if Jay-Z is dissing Lil’ […]

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You know the story about T.I. hitting Chaka Zulu of DTP, right? Well, here is T.I. talking about it. I actually found it interesting that T.I. said him and Luda are actually cool. He apologizes pretty deeply in this interview. He also asks if Jay-Z is dissing Lil’ Wayne in “Watch What You Say To Me.” Check it out right here!


AllHipHop.com: So [you are saying Chaka Zulu] disrespected you?


T.I.: Yeah, yeah. I felt very disrespected, and he knows what it is and everyone around him and myself knew he was being disrespectful, and I’ve never allowed someone like that too just blatantly disrespect me and I was being provoked and antagonized, so T.I.P. just took over. I mean, like I said, respect is mandatory, I demand respect.


I don’t know exactly what happened, but in this interview T.I. says T.I.P. took over and clocked Chaka. He also said that Kevin Liles was livid at him for acting out at his event. Shout out to Archna!




This girl doesn’t want us to let her come back! Damn it! Get it together L-Boogie!!! Here is what greasyguide.com said about it.


Don’t call it a comeback folks are Lauryn Hill still has not gotten her s**t together. The most recent episode of this is her appearance in Oakland. As reported Lauryn Hill was 2.5 hour late, could barely carry a tune, and many fans demanded their money back. The problem that man fans can not accept is that the Lauryn Hill we all knew and loved doesn’t exist anymore. She has turned into a folk singer talking about dead crickets and things. Lauryn Hill is set to make an appearance in New York in Aug. and she better have it all together by then because NY fans are unforgiving and will walk out on you if you suck.


Shout out to Greasyguide!




Shout out to my girl Shontel A. Her birthday is 07.07.07! That’s the illest birthday ever! She’s not the only one. Cassidy also holds this birthday, as well as Green Lantern. Now, Rakim – the god of rap – was supposed to drop his album on this day since it’s probably the holiest day ever created. Well, we get nada!





I will never tell. You can email me until you are blue in fingertips and face and I’m not telling this one. But, I got a disturbing, yet fascinating message about a rapper that acted as a contract killer up until the point where he blew up as a popular rapper. I’m not going to give away too much, because I don’t want to get “got.” Well, I know of a dude that once did street promotions for a certain rap collective. The guy passed off his street team duties to his younger brother, who was happy to do the work for the crew. Well, the rappers, not knowing this dude, were upset at something the kid did and snatched him off the street. They didn’t even know him like that and wanted answers…then the RAPPER comes in…I’m going to stop here. I will continue it on Monday…return to hear the rest!


RIP X-1!


RIP to X-1, who is Sticky Fingaz’s lil’ brother. He was killed in Las Vegas. I heard that he committed suicide, but I also heard that he might have been running with the wrong dudes. Either way, dude was a helluva rapper – he could really spit flames. I mostly know him from the last real Onyx album and one mixtapes. He dumbed OUT on Onyx’s 1998 CD Shut ‘Em Down. Read the news story here.







TK from Pharrell’s Ice Cream Skate Team got his MySpace page hacked up and the cyber haters put a lot of hateful comments up there.


What do you all think of the Scooter Libby stuff? I’m so incensed I couldn’t even comment on it. I think it is proof that we have evolved into a dictatorship disguised as democracy. Bush said, “said: “I respect the jury’s verdict. But I have concluded that the prison sentence is excessive.” WORD?


Usher has reportedly been seen leaving a club with some unidentified women. These are the rumors that make me ashamed. Kind of silly.


Alicia Keys is heated at somebody in her camp for leaking her new song via youtubery. The song has since been removed, but she’s tight! Somebody’s going to unemployment.


I told you snitches get stitches! What about snitches get brands? A Arizona woman was kidnapped and the word “SNITCH” was branded into her face with an iron. I ain’t lying. Click here to see the story vid!


The name of that 50 Cent / Justin Timberlake song is “Ayo Technology” and it has leaked on the net. Look for that video soon.


Word on the street is Pastor Troy is about to be done with Hip-Hop music and heading over to the rock world.


Rumor has it that Jay-Z and Beyonce will head up a new digital initiative over at Apple after Hovie’s Def Jam job expires. Hmmmmm…sounds crazy false.




A man is stands accused of biting off a 3-year-old’s ear and lip. And, on top of everything, the kid wasn’t even his! It was his girlfriend’s daughter. The man and the woman are going to jail for this one if the state has its way. According to CNN, “Bryan James, 34, was charged with assault and battery upon a child causing substantial bodily injuries. Police said the attack left the girl so mutilated doctors could not fully repair the damage. The girl lost the upper part of her lip and her ear was so mutilated that surgery could not return it to its natural state. The child also suffered other human bites on her body, New Bedford police Capt. Richard Spirlet said.” On top of everything, this fool has been allegedly doing this since January. I think I’d have to clap something over that! That’s just crazy and they need to put the mom under the jail with dude! CRAZY!



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This is Lance Destructo aka “the LMNOPotamus” – check it!




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