Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Slim Thug Arrested!? Chris / Rihanna Part 30? Young Buck Dissed G-Unit Again!

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.WHY IS YOUNG BUCK DISSING 50 CENT AGAIN? OK, so I am catching up with everything and whatever. So, I thought I would drop one on you really […]




content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.WHY IS YOUNG BUCK DISSING 50 CENT AGAIN?

OK, so I am catching up with everything and whatever. So, I thought I would drop one on you really fast. Young Buck has reportedly been simmering for quite some time. Last year, they were rumored to be in negotiations to get Buck off G-Unit once and for all. Those talks broke down after Buck did an interview with Whoo Kid. It was a pretty regular convo in my view, but it upset 50 Cent for some reason or another. Those talks broke down and we basically new the disses were coming down the line.


I am being told that Slim Thug was arrested for something just this morning, about 1pm. I’m really not sure about much more than that, because the details are so scant. Nevertheless, that is the word on the streets and I encourage you to shoot this down or confirm. Hopefully, this is just some BS…since Thugga is out there twitpicking himself doing the “wild thing.”


Well, there is somebody out there that is claiming that there is a freaking voicemail between Chris Brown and Rihanna. The nature of this voicemail? I really don’t know and I am OK saying that. NEWS FLASH! I just got something in on it, but look for it in the morning.


Somebody sent me a rumor that DMX is now signing with G-Unit. I’m just telling you, but I don’t believe it one bit.

Sisqo is doing like Coolio before him and is about to be on the UK Big Brother show.

Even though Diddy helped push this rumor out there, he’s denying he got married. He said, “No, I did not get married!!! Please stop asking!!!” I love that Diddy is supporting Jay Electronica.

Domination and Bang ‘Em Smurf recently reunited in Trinidad. Bang ‘Em was deported last year.


Here is some stuff Chance sent me over the holiday that I missed. He was on his J-O and I was doing some other stuff that you all didn’t appreciate.


Check out this tour of Lil Waynes crib in Miami…I don’t think this is the spot they were having trouble selling due to the overwhelming aroma of marijuana.


Is this another baby mother looking for attention or is Flip f***ing up??? Flips baby mother recently wrote about the sorry excuse for a Christmas Flip provided for his kids and how he’s never in their lives. 3 sides to every story folks (his, hers and the truth)…but if hers is anything close to the truth you got some ‘splaynin to do Flip.

“Wesley Weston aka Lil Flip and I have a 4 year old son together…Wesley (LilFlip) and I were together for about 6 and a half years. When we first started dating I had a 2 year old daughter that he raised as his own (she called him daddy and everything), because her real father has never been in her life. Well back in January of 2009 I decided to end our very volatile relationship…jumping forward to December of 09, he has only talked to my children maybe 5 times this year, and thats because I’ve called him! He didn’t even call on Christmas nor did he get his ONLY son anything! He did not get his son anything for his birthday in June, and didn’t call him either. No call on Thanksgiving as well. So yesterday on Christmas, around 8pm at night he sends me a text message that said “Wow it’s 8 o’clock and you still haven’t had my son call me, great mothering skills” then went on to say that I was ungrateful, and money hungry, because I had previously asked him for a little extra money on top of the little $500 he pays a month for child support to do some Christmas shopping. He sent me $150 through western union THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS knowing his son needed winter cloths and shoes!!! And as if that weren’t bad enough, this pompous a**hole sent my 9 year old daughter (who she refers to as daddy) a text message that said and I quote “By the way I’m not your real dad, just so you’ll know the truth!” on Christmas night! So I feel I have no choice but to put his sorry a** on blast. I really don’t want to exploit my children, but I want people to know how arrogant and evil this man is…he basically ruined my daughters Christmas, and I am beyond p#####!”


Cam’ron always has some interesting observations for us. Here he sets his feelings for “Young” Hov aside and gives him his props for doing the numbers he did. He also speaks on the skinny jean movement and possibly linking back up with Mase…if they could bring back that Children Of The Corn feel I’d cop it.


Looks like Trina and Khia are carrying their “beef” over into the new decade. Trina recently performed at a club and before she hit the stage the DJ was playing a Khia record. She let her feelings be known calling Khia’s music “that fake s**t”:


So T. Pain had a Christmas party at his mansion last week and the guest list was pretty interesting. Aside from the skrippes Midget Mack (whose birthday it was, Mr. Marcus, Young Money’s Lil Chuckee, Lil Wayne’s mother Ms Cita and Ne-Yo with his new girlfriend, his sister Nikki and his mom Loraine. Julia Beverly of Ozone Mag was also in the building and documented some of the tom foolery via Twitvid.

Ne-Yo’s mother getting it in with T. Pain:

T. Pain does his best impression of Rick Ross (5:43):

Midget Mack humping the air:


A couple of days ago video of Rihanna shopping with Matt Kemp from the LA Dodgers hit the net. So in this never ending struggle to one up each other, Chris responded by releasing a pic of him half naked with some gal. Your move RiRi…sex tape maybe??? Think about it ;-).

I’M JUST SAYIN’The Boondocks is coming back…YES!!!!!  New episodes in about 3 months.Is Lloyd headed to Young Money???  He might land over there after jumping the Murder Inc. ship.Word is Naomi Campbell is planning to file for bankruptcy right after the New Year…model money not so long???Shouts to Kanye West for logging some community service hours at the LA Mission before hitting the movies with Amber to see Sherlock Holmes.A recent poll has named ‘Ye the most egotistical male celebrity by a landslide (46%)…second place was Donald Trump (27%).The historic Boys Choir of Harlem doesn’t exist anymore due to overwhelming debt and legal problems…sucks it really helped a lot of youth discover music.Redman says when Jay does his RIP segment during his shows he should include Big L … I concur.Drake is aiming to dominate the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2010 so look for a single top of the New Year.Word is Keyshia Cole cut Frankie and Neffe off financially…she does have her own on the way…can’t feed everyone.Jay-Z says after turning 40 and his album breaking Elvis’s record he feels like the “King Of Pop”.This whole Tiger Woods thing has costs the shareholders of his biggest sponsors about $12 Billion.

TIM COME HOMEI was hurt when Tim said he doesn’t f**k with Hip-Hop anymore, just cuz I grew up on his music and really looked up to him.  Sucks…well here he is on the set of his new video with Katy Perry.  Guess her music is better than these rappers.

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