Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Berg Robbed And Beat Up?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.YESTERDAYS RUMORS!FIRST THINGS FIRST!You all know by now Obama picked the Joe Biden as his running mate for the presidency. Well, now Obama and AllHipHop.com have something in […]



All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered

in our ear. Read on.YESTERDAYS RUMORS!FIRST THINGS FIRST!You all know by now Obama picked the Joe Biden as his running mate for the presidency. Well, now Obama and AllHipHop.com have something in common. That would be Delaware. AllHipHop is a product of the First State for those of you that don’t know. At this point, we are all over the place, but it started in DE. I’m a proud resident and happy for Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden. Congrats. Don’t let any petty foolishness stop us. I think I am going to call Obama and Biden the 08 Olllie and Jerry. If you get that, HOLLA!




Yung Berg got beat up last night in Detroit, I heard. Berg, who was in town for local

radio station Hot 102.7’s Summer Jamz caught it at a popular down town night

club. There are some others that told me that Bergie was also robbed of his

jewels. I know there has been some friction for Berg, but I heard most of that

came from his own hometown of Chicago.

But, I guess it is what it is. I remember when rappers were above that mess. I

heard that some dude that writes songs with or for Berg was also gaffled. Anyway.

Nobody has taken responsibility for this, but I don’t think people are able to

do this stuff without getting paid or getting credit.





Yes folks, artists are finally

getting up off the material and making a few promises to the fans.  What

can you expect in the upcoming months?  I’m about to tell ya.


New album from Bun B?  Not

until next year.  Mr. B has more respectful fish to fry.  Dude said

before he does the me thing, he’s going to do the we thing. How about a new UKG

album.  Check him out.


 Well, we already know when this

album is coming out and yeah he’s still talking about Hov.  And is it

me or is his demeanor kinda dark?  A lil strange?  And what is this

about Em miscon-screwing his lyrics? I’ll be glad when LAX drops.  Maybe

this promo tour is wearing on young Game. And damn if Boom Boom ain’t her

normal loud condescending self.  I love that gal.



Oh, one more thing.  Fifty’s

response to Kim Osorio claiming him as one of the notches on her bed post is as



“I messed with Kim

a while ago, she licked on my balls before the deal…when they weren’t worth

much.” “She licked my balls once and now she’s a star,” 50


“I got

some advice for all aspiring women journalists; it may not make the best

sellers list, but lick my balls and you are on the road to riches!”






I am not going to laugh.  I am not going to laugh. I am

not going to laugh.


Did this dude just give the ref a foot to the head?  [Illseed

answers: YES]


I heard dude was banned for good. LMAO. He should have bucked up and got up to fight!


 So Cypha Sounds and Rosenberg

got with Q-Tip and were able to get a lil information out of the normally tight

lipped emcee.  Mr. Tip did confirm that there is no chance of Tribe

getting back together. He also confirmed his new album, The Renaissance, will

be dropping on November 4th, Election Day.  And last but not

least, he also confirmed that he is being paid for the Milli sample.  He

said he did not recognize the sample when he first heard it, but that situation

has been straightened out and he has been paid and will continue to get paid

for the use of the sample.


LAX Bonus Tracks Just a Click



Alright Games fans, time to get

your google on because the pre-LAX free samples are still coming.  This

time we have six bonus tracks available which include Games Pain rmx with The

Queen L.A.T.I.F.A.H in command…..what? Anyway, here is what you get with the




Games Pain rmx feat. Keyshia Cole,

Bun B, Pusher T, Jadakiss Fat Joe, Young Buck and The Queen

Big Dreams

Camera Phone feat. Ne-Yo

Nice feat. Newz



The files I found were .rar

extensions so get your software game tight.


I Think I Need My Own Theme Song



So Wyclef Jean and Venus Williams

meet and buddied up during the taping of Iconoclasts for the Sundance Channel

and Wyclef left inspired, so says Sixshot.  And in honor of the new

friendship, what does he do?  He writes Miss Williams her own theme song,

which she plans to use during the 2008 US Open.  Wow…. The Williams

sisters have really added a spin to that once uptight sport.  Before you

know it, they will have court card girls and Michael Buffer on payroll.


Dear Momma…


Afeni Shakur-Davis spoke on her son

and his legacy with Thug Life Army and she definitely had some interesting

things to say, not only about Pac but about a multitude of other subjects that

ranged from the state of hip hop to the upcoming Presidential election. 

One thing she wanted to make clear was that she felt it necessary for her son’s

legacy to release all of his music because she believes no one can judge an

artist fully if they don’t have the full body of work.  She also feels

it’s needed for those who view her son as a thug only.  This, by the way,

is a perception she hopes will fade with time. Google it if you get a

chance.  Afeni is always dropping that “Elder” wisdom.






Before you give Drama all this lip service, I want to tell

you that she hit me with this stuff yesterday, after I updated and I couldn’t get

to it til today. Thanks Dram…



Hey guys I’m back like I never left.. For those of you who

missed me… right back at cha… for those of you who dissed me… right back

at you too! Seems like stars are really on their peas and q’s as of late making

it harder for me to pull a rumor out my ass than pushing a ____ out when your

constipated! But in any event I always manage to squeeze something so on with


Terrence Howard should really stick to acting because…..


I had the opportunity to hit up Brooklyn’s

free concert series hosted by J&R Music which featured Terrence, Michelle

Williams and Solange Knowles! Let me just say that Terrence Howard’s music is

definitely along the lines of country western mixed with a puff the magic

dragon melody! He sucks! Sorry to be so harsh but I call em like I see em and

he should really stop while he’s ahead! On a brighter note Michelle Williams

was great and fellas she looks bangin in person and she’s not skinny or

anorexic she ate a whole cupcake in my presence and was very polite as she

extended me an invitation into her dressing room! Fellow supporters Jay and

Beyonce were there of course and Jay Z is sporting a new goat-tee which is very

peculiar on him if you ask me but whatev… In any event it was a great event

and it shut down one rumor I have been pumping for a minute… MICHELLE

WILLIAMS isn’t a DIVA she’s as around the way as they come fellas so kudos to

her! Ill I

got Kelly’s number for you if you want it…. 😉


Janet Jackson Finally Shows her Undies and it ain’t for JD either!


A while back we reported that Janet Jackson would be coming out with a lingerie

line and low and behold it’s here ladies and fellas too (if ya’ll like that

kind of thing) The line which is called Pleasure Principle ( a little cliche if

you ask me) is anticipated to be in stores by early 2009 and was

co-designed with Australian lingerie designer Bruno Schiavi. Ladies don’t fret

the items are affordable at 40 bucks a bra that beats Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks out the

box! So def go stock up on this ladies… your man will thank you or ME later



DMX has a new Reality Show again!


As if his BET show wasn’t torture enough DMX has a new reality show set to come

out called “DMX: This Life of Mine.” The show will take a look into the complex

and irrational life of DMX as he tries to rehabilitate and stabilize himself!

Hmmm… as if getting arrested six times in less than half a year wasn’t

enough! Anyway DMX had this to say:


In many ways, my life has been an open book. [But] I haven’t always been

the one writing the story. With this show; however, people will get to see and

hear with their own eyes and ears what really goes on in my life and I think

they’ll come to understand me a little bit better with each episode.


The show is being shopped around to major networks but hasn’t found a home just

yet! I’ll keep those of you who care posted!


Diddy’s New Hustle… Cause He Always Got One!


Looks like diddy’s on his reality pimp game again! This time with a new show

called Starmaker.  The MTV reality show will have a survivor sort of

storyline except it will be about up and coming talent vying for a spot at Bad

Boy Records as a signed artist.  The show pitch states that a contestant

will get voted off every week until their are only two remaining, who will duke

it out for the recording contract! So basically it will be a Making The Band

for a solo artist! If your interested the call cities are as follows:


San Francisco, CA

Saturday August 23rd 2008

Element Lounge

1028 Geary St.

San Francisco, CA 94109

Open Call Line 8am

Doors Open 9am

St Louis, MO

Tuesday, August 26th 2008


Blueberry Hill

6504 Delmar in The Loop

St Louis, MO, 63130


Open Call Line 8am

Doors Open 9am

New York, NY

Friday, August 29th 2008


520 West 25th St

Between 10th & 11th Ave

NY, NY, 10001


Open Call Line 8am

Doors Open 9am


Los Angeles, CA

Saturday September 6th 2008

Musicians Institute

1655 N. McCadden Place

Hollywood CA 90028


Open Call Line 8am

Doors Open 9am

Atlanta, GA

Tuesday September 9th 2008

Avatar Events Group

471 Glen Iris Dr NE

Atlanta, GA, 30308


Open Call Line 8am

Doors Open 9am


Don’t say I never gave ya’ll nothing 😉


Lady Drama’s Food For Thought:


It’s Friday and I’m just happy to be employed! Think on That!



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Whoever the artist is…This might be the worst thing I have ever heard or saw in my life. To the artist, I apologize.

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