Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Buck Signs To T.I.? Disturbing Tha Peace Fight! Dr. Dre’s New Artist?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS!I said this yesterday and I’m just re-running it. You know how Barack said he wasn’t going to take money from the big corporate financers and really […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

TODAY’S RUMORS!I said this yesterday and I’m just re-running it.

You know how Barack said he wasn’t going to take money from the big corporate financers and really relied on the people? Well, that is how I am going to approach the rumors from here on! I want the thousands of people that read this page to help me make it better and better and better. I am only one person, lets be real here, and I bust my tail daily. I have Shelz helping me out a too, but that’s two people. If you help me, help you…it’s a win/win.

Soooooo…if you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING! Email me at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com. You know, there is no rumor that’s too small, no tip that I ignore so people lets do it!



I have a lot of respect for Young Buck as an artist. He’s

damn good. Sadly, he is still tied into a deal with G-Unit. From what I heard,

Buck and his new management have been trying steadfastly to get out of the

G-Unit deal to get on with the business of making music. Anyway, if Buck can

get out of this deal, I am hearing he could sign with T.I.’s

Grand Hustle. It would be a good way to start off 2009, since 08 was a tough






A man by the name of Charles Miller was arrested a

fort-night ago after he was involved in an altercation of sorts with Chaka Zulu

of Disturbing Tha Peace. I don’t have the full scoop,

but it seems that Miller was involved in the altercation at 300 Bowling Alley

in Atlanta.

This Miller man is related to that chick that accused Shaq

of stalking her. The charges were later dropped. Now, somebody told me that Shaq and Chaka are cousins. Now, that’s seems to be the

spark that got thinks lit right up. Anyway, the chick’s crew was there and they

clashed with Chaka’s DTP crew. I don’t believe Chaka was involved overtly, but I

heard they were getting their tussle on right there in the bowling alley. There

was even food being thrown around like a good ol’

fashioned food fight.




AllHipHop’s Breeding Ground has

done pretty good, but the unsigned portion of AHH might have hit the jackpot. Checkout the latest in rumor land. Breeding Ground artist

Rain is allegedly being pursued by the good doctor himself. The rumor is that Dre might be backing the North Carolina rapper who has been flying in

and out of LAX over the last month and a half. What could he be doing out

there? Dre is recording the infamous Detox album that has been anticipated by millions of fans

across the world. Will Rain be featured on the album as his newest protege? Guess we will have to wait and see. Story





Well, I tried the hold off on this as long as I could, but

it seems that there is some ire raised in the Muslim community about the new Busta song, “Arab Money.” I am not an expert on being

Muslim, but I have gotten several emails on this. The following represents the

most articulate, well spoken and respectful of all of them.


Dear Busta


In Arab money remix

pt1 in the chorus you used (bismillah ulrahman ulrahim alhamdullillah rab ulalamen) which is a Quranic

verse from the first surah (chapter) in the Holy Quran, as an Arab and a Muslim it’s prohibited to sing or

cite a Quranic verse in combination with music and

most Muslims will find this disrespectful, as a fan I think it’s great to have

a song about you getting Arab money, and you mentioned Prince Walid bin Talal AL Saud and I am from the same country as he is and I’m sure

both of us respect the value of your work. I’m afraid this misunderstanding

will be interpreted as an offensive and disrespectful way by some people and I

trust that you wouldn’t upset and disrespect your Muslim and Arab fans and I’m

quite sure that you didn’t know that using a Quranic

verse in a song is disrespectful and for that you are excused as in Islam if

someone did a sin without knowing it is a sin, he/she will be forgiven by

Allah, Mr Busta If you are

looking for a hot Arabic verse you want to use in Arab money remix part2 plz contact me. (If you want to get at him, let me know, Busta people.)


I’m really lookin forward for Back On My B.S.

and keep that hot lava comin.


Your biggest Arab fan but no stan


I’m Khalid and ALsahli is da fam



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This is definitely one for the old school. It is interesting

though. You know the UTFO hit “Roxanne Roxanne,”

right? Well the song was huge and also spawned the career of “The Real Roxanne,”

a hot Latina

not to be confused with Roxanne Shante. That song

came out like 25 years ago! One of the rappers in UTFO, Kangol

Kid, was tonguing down The Real Roxanne at a recent event.  Apparently,

there was a huge beef with these two and it looks like they made up in a big

way! The two had not spoken until last week at a show in New York where the olive branch was

delivered and sealed with what appears to be more than a

friendly kiss.  WOW.




You know, I have concluded that Slaughter House (Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce and

Crooked I) might be the saviors of hardcore Hip-Hop. But, I am hearing that

Stat Quo might be trying to join the crew as their Southern Connect.


I am sure somebody is going to have something to say about

this, but I am hearing Hot Rod has been dropped from G-Unit.


Kenjo (of Field Mob fame) is

working with a new R&B cat who has just signed with DTP. I don’t have his

name but I heard the tracks are fire. Also, Field Mob and solo Smoke are still

working on their music.


Ron Browz is totally on Motown

Records. Stevie Wonder has to feel some sort of way

about that. Check

out Stevie get down on the talk box…like 45 years ago

– way before T-Pain!!


Ludacris, T.I. and Young Jeezy came out in support of Democratic Senate Candidate

Jim Martin during a “Rally For Change.” I am not sure

if this move helped, because the Republican won.


I didn’t even know The Dream was set to release a new CD.

Guess what? His scalp has receded and the album has been pushed back.


Jim Jones just finished a movie and, from what I heard, it’s

a Blair Witch for the hood.


You probably heard this already, but Will Smith might be

playing the part of Captain America.


sure about that one.


If I wasn’t clear yesterday, I want to clarify: I think Plaxico Burress is a damn fool.



My homey Jasiri X brings back that

political, real heat with the second season of “This Week With


Jasiri X-Episode 10.” Check it out.







As you know Max B has said on the record that Jr Writer got jacked or something for his jewels or

something. Now, this rumor has been lingering around the hood for quite some time.

Anyway, Jr Writer has issued a diss

of Max B…here it is:





Uh, I don’t think that Jimmy needs Max B for anything

really. It seems like he’s doing OK. But, a person that recently saw Jim at the

Mercury Lounge in New York

seems to think otherwise. Obviously, everybody has opinions, but this dude

really knows Jim’s work. I am really not all that familiar with Jim and Max’s

working relationship, but apparently Max did a whole lot of singing on the songs.

Well, there seemed to be a stand-in doing the Max B parts, but this person

really wasn’t able to carry a tune like Max. Anyway, I didn’t know Max could

sing like that. I heard Jim performed in front of a live band and also had a

DJ. I heard the crowd went nuts for the old Dip Set songs though. Freakey Zeke was there and did some of his songs…he did not

bite anybody though! Juelz was also there too.

Apparently there was some dude named Mel Matrix that was very impressive. There

you have it.




I know when a rumor is going to start some mess and when its

not. I should know better! Like I said, I don’t confirm anything on this page,

because they are all inherently false a rumors. Sooooooo….yesterday,

there was a rumor about Global Music Group, but they

have issued a counter statement of sorts. Their side changes how things are

viewed indeed.



I am Roland Turner the CEO of Global Music Group. I

am writing you today to show my displeasure in your website for posting rumors

and or stories about our company without even investigating the source. The

rumor today was sent to you by one of our artist FORMER employee’s that was

fired last week and also banned from our forum.

Global Music Group is a very reputable company with

19 great artists. I will always be available for any question and will be glad

to give full disclosure about our company.


Roland Turner

Global Music Group, CEO


Roland sounds like a nice guy. I just don’t need to talk to

him really.




AW, HELLLLLLL NO! This mess is going to be over by 2013!

According to a recent report by CNN, terrorists are going to attack the US with

biological weapons within the next five for so years. See the report:


Terrorists are likely

to use a weapon of mass destruction somewhere in the world in the next five

years, a blue-ribbon panel assembled by Congress has concluded.

Police watch over

travelers at New York’s

Grand Central Terminal before Thanksgiving.


They are more likely

to use a biological weapon than a nuclear one — and the results could be

devastating, the chairman of the commission told CNN.


“The consequences

of a biological attack are almost beyond comprehension. It would be 9/11 times

10 or a hundred in terms of the number of people who would be killed,”

former Sen. Bob Graham said.


He cited the flu virus

that killed millions of people in 1918 as an example.


“Today it is

still in the laboratory, but if it should get out and into the hands of

scientists who knew how to use it for a violent purpose, we could have multiple

times the 40 million people who were killed 100 years ago,” he said….


Aw, this

sucks. Read the full story by clicking here.




Dupre Still Looking for Representation?


Just In case you were concerned about Violator reppin Spitzer’s favorite h#####, as I’m sure many of you

were. Violator released this statement

on Monday:


“Despite media reports, Chris Lighty

and Violator Management do not represent Ashley Dupre.

Lighty helped negotiate an interview for Dupre with Diane Sawyer, and has no further involvement in Dupre’s career.”


Now there, you may sleep well tonight.


Meth Gets Back at Flex….


This might be old. I don’t know, but the interview was like

two months ago. Anyway, Funkmaster Flex was interviewed by the good folks here at

AHH and mentioned that Method Man was the most overrated rapper he ever

encountered. Meth obviously didn’t like the statement

too much and his reply included, but was not limited to:


“He can’t even put a price tag on what I do and even

say I’m overrated because I got love out here in these streets. Can he do

that? Can he go around his way and walk

around free with his jewelry on? Hell f*ck no.

How overrated is that my dude? I ain’t bragging. I’m

just being honest. Overrated? Eat a d*ck

up until you hick up you fat f*ggot.”


Did Meth mention anything about

his lyrical ability? Flex didn’t say he

was an overrated around the way jewelry wearer. I’m just sayin..


Curtains and Fred…?


Never heard of them, but a Clark Kent co-sign is no small ish. I’m digging

through the internets right now. Check him giving his take on the state of NY

Hip Hop, something I have been pondering as well.



18 Minutes of Clarification.


I could have sworn I heard that Friends

Betrayed joint months ago. (illseed note: THAT SONG IS OLD AS DIRT!) Maybe I had it confused with something else.

Anyway, Jaz-O talks about his music and Jay and a lot

of other things; including the infamous “sh*tty deal” the Roc offered






They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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