Hip-Hop Rumors: Yung Berg As “Jesus”? What Vixen s Burning? Ray-J and Whit Faking Lovers?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! MY DAILY TWO CENTS Follow me at Twitter. I’m kinda fun when I’m “on.” http://twitter.com/illseed I’m taking it easy… RAY J AND WHITNEY PLAYING WITH THE […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Follow me at Twitter. I’m kinda fun when I’m “on.” http://twitter.com/illseed

I’m taking it easy…


I heard a crazy rumor from somebody that seems to know. I know some people that know some people and they insist that Ray and Whit are playing the paps for publicity. According to this rumor, Ray and Whitney are no couple and never have been. In rumor (as opposed to “in fact”), I heard that one of Ray’s artists and close friends under his Knockout label is actually Whitney’s goddaughter. That is how they met and how they found themselves in this bizarre situation. Basically the whole reason they are seen together is so the media will talk about it every time, since when they are alone, nobody really cares too much. That’s the rumor. On top of that, Perez Hilton even charged that Ray and Whit called their own paps to take pics of them coming off that plane. SMH.


AH-HA! My homey Raymundo his me up last night after he left El Torito in Upland, CA. He was there to get some for 99 cent tacos and enjoy some karaoke. All of a sudden, Bone Thugs In Harmony walked in! He told me he recognized Bizzy Bone right away and then the other members. Anyway, they were getting crunk at the bar, and Bizzy was dancing around all crazy, he said. Bizzy noticed Raymundo was wearing an Obama shirt, and Biz gestured with his right fist pumped in the air, and said “Obama.” Bizzy got down on some 99 cent tacos, and was actually thumbing through the karaoke book! Bizzy doing karaoke!!! But, he didn’t do a song, and in fact there was a ‘baby mama’ there, tugging her kid around their crew, and eventually they all left. But I heard was dope to see some  legends out eating tacos…


You know, Yung Berg took a tremendous “beating” this year, both physically and career wise. There are some good signs for 2009 though. It seems like Berg is ready to recover from the year that was 2008. According to my DJ homey (I don’t want to say his name, because he might get in trouble), Berg has taken a different stance.

1) He referenced himself as “Hip-Hop’s Lil’ Jesus”

2) He also stated that he suffered a “crucifixion throughout Hip-Hop.”

3) He says he could careless about the Transformer chain, he’s onto bigger jewelry.

4) I’m not going to fuel any of Berg’s beefs, because I don’t want to see anything happen to him. BUT, he said that certain people he’s beefing with are gonna get it Ne-Yo style! He didn’t use “Ne-Yo.”

5) He also spoke briefly on his up and coming reality show. Berg says it’s strictly for the ladies, and their searching for a station to pick-up the pilot.

6) And lastly, Berg says he wishes his bro (Cap1 or his dark skinned twin?) the best with his solo success, but said he doesn’t let anyone write his rhymes. I want his gun-bussin’, dark twin to come out.




You know in the game a lot of people are enamored by the glamorous and beautiful people in the world. And they forget…those beautiful bodies catch diseases like the ugly ones. ANYWAY, there is a popular vixen (not Superhead) that has burned a few dudes in Hip-Hop. Now, the problem is not so much how many people she burned but WHO. She basically burned a few key people in the rap game and basketball. NOW, from there those dudes slept with a slew of women. And the women and men are tracing it back to this one chick. Also, they are actually warning each other that they probably need to get to the Doctor, like Kool Moe Dee once said.




This is a story I jacked from People magazine:


Diddy and Kim Porter have had a longtime on-again off-again romance – but the pair celebrated in style together when the music mogul threw an intimate birthday bash for her in West Hollywood Monday.


Nearly 30 guests, including Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery, co-star Sara Ramirez and reality TV’s Lisa Gastineau, gathered at Murano Restaurant & Lounge to celebrate Porter’s 38th birthday.


Porter – the mother of Diddy’s nearly 2-year-old twin girls and 10-year-old son – arrived fashionably late to the restaurant, which was filled festive with red balloons and streamers. The night’s soundtrack was a mix of old school 70s R&B prepared by Murano owner Sandy Sachs.


At one point in the evening, a guest tells PEOPLE, “The group serenaded Kim to Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday,” and then they presented her with a cake.”


While Diddy stuck to ginger ale at the party, the other guests sipped on a specialty lemon drop martini made with Ciroc vodka designed for the occasion. A four course tasting menu created by Executive Chef Luciano Sautto was served.


And the group had the whole place to themselves: Although the restaurant is usually closed on Monday, it was open just for the private party, which started at 8:30 p.m. and ended after midnight…




Laura Bush was thrown under the bus by husband Bush.


“I’m sure I’m going to lose a lot of weight, because Laura’s going to be the cook,” Bush said with his wife right there.


Simple as that. Fail.


FAIL No. 2


In Germany, Berlin to be exact, officials saved 1,500 parakeets from a measly two-room apartment. These birds were being groomed and basically held in captivity. A man just let them eat, poop and shed features all over the house and never cleaned up. The birds were taken to various animal shelters. Dude must have let the birds poop on his head when he was asleep. He may face charges.




We have a problem Paw Paw, Mich. A heart was discovered at an area car wash and the damn thing was human-sized. They found it inside a car wash and the police recovered it. They took it to a vet, who didn’t know. They then took it to a heart specialist that said it was about the size of a human heart. He didn’t make a conclusive determination. They are going to take it to the CSI cats and really make it happen. But, they said they have to find the body if it does turn out to be a human heart. What is crazy is the car wash has had animal parts in the bay, but not human parts.




What up, micromark?


Rumor has it Aubry O’Day from Danity Kane has switched teams. I’ve seen recent pictures of her that were so suggestive, I couldn’t post ‘em on AHH. If she is…God Bless.


To see the most “gifted” White girl ever, click here. My goodness. Thanks Jack!


Marc Anthony and J-Lo are still very married according to their reps.


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THIS IS REAL! What illness!

This is real too…it happened in 2008 and we were there!

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