Hip-Hop Rumors: Yung Berg’s Dad Beat Up? Flav Lost His Virginity at 6? Bumpy Disses Everbody In Rap!

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS   Feel free to comment like you’ve never commented before…The Ill Community Returns. That’s certainly yesterday’s news. This is a long POST of some good […]



All content

within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of

what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Feel free to comment

like you’ve never commented before…The Ill Community Returns. That’s certainly

yesterday’s news. This is a long POST of some good RUMORS! Lets get it poppin’- right  now!


If you missed them, you missed an assortment of goodies.

Busta Rhymes allegedly dropped from Interscope. J. Prince to help Young Buck?

The new Three 6 Mafia vid dissing Kia Shine! U-God Seeks police protection from

Wu Tang? Yung Berg Gets Gangster? And that doesn’t even mention what went on

over the 4th of July break. Anyway…crazy! For the Three 6 Mafia/Kia

Shine and Yung Berg video, go to illseed.com.






“What the f**k you mean f**k old

school n***as?”


 Bumpy Knuckles targets just about everybody in

the game on his new record, “How To Rob By The OG.” Kanye, Jim Jones, Jeezy, Young

Buck, Rick Ross, Bow Wow, Yung Berg, Soulja Boy…Rihanna! Hell, even 50 Cent

gets the business and he originated the song! Just bout everybody gets it on

this record! Well, the song is a direct response to some of the people that

have been dissing the old school cats. I never diss the old school and I really

recommend that nobody reply to Bumpy. Just act like it never happened. Look the

other way. Leave that alone. And you can listen to it in the music section!



is a sample, “I’ma run up on Kanye/ Rob him for his Roc piece/ Show that

emotional a** n***a that he’s not street/ Then I’ll catch Ne-Yo – fake a**

Usher/ show ‘em why they call Bumpy Knucks the gun bussa.”


 Anybody else remember Bumpy’s Industry Shakedown? Nobody really bothers to try to mess with Bumpy. If Soulja Boy mans up on Bumpy, I will buy his album.





I know I just said that 50 Cent

wasn’t on Detox, but now the same source is saying, 50 Cent is on Detox!?

Sheeesh…these sources need to tighten their game up. LMAO! But over in Atlantic City,

during  50’s birthday party, I heard Freeway and D-Tay (hey, that rhymes)

were there on stage to show their support. For 50’s next album, I am hearing he

is looking to create his Mona Lisa, aka his masterpiece. The word on the block

is 50 aims to take it up a notch creatively. This includes working with

producers like DJ Premier, I hear and a song with Kool G Rap, Rakim and

KRS-One. That’s all feasible since he has worked with them all in some form or

fashion. (Premier, before he was signed to Shady, Kool G Rap on a couple posse

cuts, Rakim on Banks’ album and KRS-One who loves Fif.) Sounds like a plan!




YO! This is potentially a paradigm

shifting event if this rumor turns out to be true. Just as Yung Berg gets to

talking all gangster, I hear that his father gets beat up! Now, this is a pure

rumor and conjecture for now, but here is the deal.


From what I have been told, Berg

did a video for “Do That There” and filmed part of it in Cabrini

Green. Now everybody here in the Chi knows Berg isn’t from there (I personally

don’t know that or anything else about Yung Berg). Well, some real OG guys got

mad because the general rule of thumb is that if you go to another cat’s hood,

especially to film, you need special permission from some official cats there.

I don’t mean, the clearances from the city either.




From what I heard, Yung Berg came

to the hood at like 5 in the mornin’ and brought a a lot of “security” – now I won’t

say they were police, because I don’t want to discredit Yung Berg’s gangsta,

but…ahem. Anyway, a few weeks later somebody ended up beating up Yung Berg’s

father?!?! I leave the questions, because all of this is very much RUMOR, but

this is what I heard. But, here is what I heard. I heard that Berg sent some subliminal

disses to cats that did that to his father. On “Rap City,” the my hood edition,

Berg supposedly said, “I’m that dude, got made men talkin’/ I’m number one

and they wont make it past Halsted.” Halsted Street is where Cabrini Green

stops in Chicago

for those that don’t know.


All I can say is I hope people ain’t

messing with people and their parents. Somebody shot up Tony Yayo’s mom’s

house. Lets be more civilized people!




You might have seen this in the

news section, but I am going to steal their work and make it my own! Heck, I am

the one that got this rumor poppin! Sorry, I was wrong or Trina is holding out!


With Young Buck and G-Unit gearing

up for the next volley of diss records, Trina finds her name unexpectedly

thrown into the fray. On thisis50.com,

rap star 50 Cent claimed that Trina has in her possession another taped phone

conversation with Young Buck. According to the Queens MC, this tape features a

remorseful and tearful Young Buck apologizing to Trina for several mixtape

freestyles where he garrulously boasted of sleeping with her. 50 also alleged

the tape detailed Buck professing his love for Trina.


“That’s not true. I don’t know

where that came from,” Trina clarified to AllHipHop.com. “When I

heard it I was like ‘wow this is crazy.’ But rumors are always rumors and that

is not true.”


Trina further cleared up the

whisperings of if Young Buck ever discussed with her the specifics of his

problems with 50 Cent. “We don’t talk like that,” she explains.

“So I would have no idea why I’m even incorporated in that whole






Here is the latest from Kanye. I

really like this dude. He’s vocal.


Do yall remember when people

said my fiance was pregnant????  What happened to that rumor????? I guess

after we broke up it was just forgot about????  I’m just using that as an

example of how people make up stuff and everybody runs with it. I had my own

family asking me about that. Now the media is saying I’m going to anger

management something or ‘nother. I have never had any conversations about anger

management. If anything, I need anger enhancement!! lol! I get off the plane in

Hawaii today

and the world is saying my management team said blah blah blah… 

SIIIIIIGGGHHHH!  I told the media you can’t make up lies about me because

I have a media outlet myself. Oh and sidebar I don’t know if everyone has

realized this yet but I don’t do interviews if there’s anything I wanna say

I’ll say right here on my own blog.





Fight The Power?

What do you think is going to stop the power of Obama? I hear the powers in

power are trying to do anything to stop him. I heard they may even try to

suspend the election in order to prevent him from getting elected in November.


Tasteless Illseed Comment: I

wonder if U-God told the Jersey Police, “I really need you all to

“protect my neck.”

It’s the Wu trying to come through like

“boom, who stepped in the room.” Man, I should of stopped at



Cake: I wonder if U-God

really made millions.


Reunited! Usher learns. YO!

Always listen to your mother, boy! He and his mother reunite as artist and

manager, as he drops Benny Medina, rumors say. (Lady Drama gets into it more



MC Shan Returns! MC Shan is

diligently working on a new CD, according to sources. I heard it is coming out

via Universal/IMG.


ONYX: You know, I am really happy Onyx is back. I’m sorry, but

pretty boy rappers just ain’t my style.




Noel from rock group Oasis is now

changing his tune after Jay-Z charmed the UK (BBC):


“For the record, I like

Jay-Z” and of the performance he says, “I thought it was great.”


(I can see Jay doing a Run DMC/Aerosmith

with these dudes and bringing him back to life.)





Looks like Mos Def’s ex-wife Alana

Wyatt is going to go all out on her husband. I wonder what compels chicks to do

that? Anyway, Shelz caught her on the radio and she gives you the scoop like

only Shelz can do. Check it!


Wow, Alana Wyatt.  This gal’s interview on Dirty and the Beast

was a mess. This chick dropped so many bombs my lame ass 60 wpm couldn’t keep

up. Now I have to admit, I didn’t believe half of what she said; but that made

it no less entertaining.  The commitment and sincerity is this young

bobble heads voice was so endearing. Seriously.  She was really trying to

play down her alleged groupie ways, but betrayed herself constantly because she

couldn’t hush long enough to censor what she was saying. Classic.  Now the

interview was almost 40 minutes long so I can’t tell you everything, but here

is the earth shattering ish from the interview, in my interview.



1. Mos Def did not hit her. 

He just pinned her down, yelled and made faces. 


2. She has a 7th grade

education.  Now I’m not sure what the grade system is like in Canada, but

that doesn’t sound too high to me.


3. Her life’s goal is to drive a



4. If this was a true tell all, Superhead

would have nothing on her and the book would be 4,000 pages long.


5.  She decided not to give

the full names of the athletes she’s messed with out of respect for their wives

and kids.  Instead she will just give first and last initial along with the

team he plays for, the team he’s being traded to and his complete last years

stats. And if you’re smart, you can crack the code.


6. She waffled between yes I’m a

groupie and no I’m not, then she went on to say she’s messed with all the top

dogs in the NBA, plus Socrates, plus Mos Def, plus some guy in Jagged Edge,

plus some NFL player, plus some soccer player.  But she never got around

to giving the goodies to Shaq because the timing was never right.


7. Now she wants Weezy.




I wonder what Khia would think

about that?





Kanye West’s management says get a grip!


According to the Chicago Times, Kanye West’s team has told him to cop a reality

check! peep this folks:


According to Chicago Sun Times columnist Bill Zwecker,

West is being asked to tame his temper in order to be more attractive to

potential advertisers. He writes, “A West insider tells me the entertainer’s

own management team dreamed up the idea, for two reasons: to help his personal

psychological well-being and relationship with friends — and to aid in him

snaring lucrative endorsement deals.”


Two major companies are reportedly interested in working with Kanye –

including an auto company and a cosmetics/fragrance firm. However, the

corporations are concerned about “how easy he’ll be to work with.” And the

anger management isn’t just about business. Apparently, West’s tantrums have

harmed his personal life as well. “Not only has Kanye estranged himself from

some pretty important people in the music business, but his temper has driven

away a number of longtime friends,” Zwecker’s source said.


Kanye doesn’t need any more publicity so lets move over to somebody that does:


Really Flav?


Flavor Flav did a recent interview with Complex mag and let it all hang out

read this:


Complex: Where did you lose your virginity?

Flavor Flav: Where did I lose my virginity? I lost my virginity in the

bushes on a box.


Complex: Really?

Flavor Flav: Yea, in the bushes on a box. A girl and me were having sex

on a box in the bushes, in some big tall bushes.


Complex: How uh…when was this?

Flavor Flav: This was when I was real, real, real, real, young.


Complex: Like elementary school? Or middle school?

Flavor Flav: Nah, I’m a tell you the truth; I lost my virginity when I

was 6 years old.


Complex: Really?

Flavor Flav: Yea, man. Because you know we learned to have done the

nasty back in the days, and me and this girl we experiment, we were

experimenting, and my little joint got hard, I penetrated for about a few



Complex: I respect that. Early start my man.

Flavor Flav: That’s right early start and guess what and I finish right

now. [Laughs] Yessir!


Yea you finish with 1 too many kids later……. Wow leave it to Flav to

come through with good entertainment! But what a terrible thought  to



My Momma Told Me….. To beg for her forgiveness…. Especially if

you’re Usher


Looks like Usher may be begging Mommy for forgiveness real soon according to

sources Usher is disappointed with is recent album sales peep this via NY Daily



Usher is said to have been

disappointed that it sold 433,000 in its first week, compared with his last CD,

2004’s “Confessions,” which had sales of 1.1 million in its first seven days.

“Usher was livid!,” claims an insider. “He threatened to fire everyone.”


“People have been telling Usher to listen to his mother,” says a

source. “Nobody knows how to sell him better than she does. Usher can be

stubborn. But he may be ready.”Some claim Usher pink-slipped his mom because

she failed to show proper deference to his

stylist-turned-girlfriend-turned-wife, Tameka Foster. But now that Foster has

given her a grandson, the two ladies are said to be getting along better.

Usher, for one, denies he fired his mom. Rather, he tells Vibe, “[I paid her]

the ultimate compliment – to retire her to be a full-time grandmother.”


Patton has actually been busy running her own record label and managing

other artists, including Usher’s brother, Jlack. But sources say that if Usher

cries momma, she’s there for him.

Damn hate to be the one to say I told you so but…. Mommy always knows best

boy lol!


Speakin’ of a blast from the past… Master P is teaming up with

Walmart! WOW


So I’ve been hearing that Master P will be collaborating with Wal-Mart to

produce an affordable street wear clothing line to distribute in Wal-Mart

stores.  Now we all know P has his P Miller line which is available in

department stores for costly amounts! But now you all can afford it! Not for nothing,

but who still wears P Miller these days? Well for those that do you can cop a

shirt for $10 and some jeans to match for $20! Now that’s a steal or a rape

depending on which way you look at it!


Lady Drama’s Food For Thought:


Is anyone else curious to know the chick Flav lost his virginity to? That must

be some looker… and not in a good way!


Shouldn’t Master P be giving  his clothes away to like the poor? Just

a thought


Can Onyx really make a comeback? Better yet who would buy the album? Keep it

real! (Count illseed in!)


Is it just the kid or is this week extra hard to start off at work? I’m

struggling! 🙁 





Here is one of the quotes from yesterday from RZA.


“But even if I did owe you [that],

U-God, after all these years of millions you made, motherf**ka, you gonna come

back and b***h about a hundred and seventy thousand dollars?”

Don’t forget to read it!



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