Hip-Hop Rumors:Joe Budden Attacked? Lauren and Wayne Name Baby? Nelly & Ashanti To Re-link?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.UPDATE:Joe Budden didn’t get attacked, he says. Here is what he said when he tweeted his heart away:can some1 tell allhiphop.com i have not been attacked.. except 4 […]




content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.UPDATE:Joe Budden didn’t get attacked, he says. Here is what he said when he tweeted his heart away:can some1 tell

allhiphop.com i have not been attacked.. except 4 last night.. &

this morning… she was thick… & i enjoyed it, lolCHANCE ENCOUNTERSHere are some rumors that have been collected and heard from Chance and after that there are some rumors from Jazzy F. Enjoy!JAY DOESN’T WORSHIP LUCIFERThere’s been a lot of talk about Jay-Z being a part of some devil worshiping faction hell bent on world domination via hip-hop music.  It’s obvious he’s been playing into the hype a bit but he’s finally addressed the allegations.  Jay says:”If people must know my religious beliefs, I believe in one God. I

don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in Christians or Muslims. I

think all that separates people. I think it’s one God. I think it’s all

the same God, and I don’t believe in Hell.  Am I a part of some sect or cult? That sounds stupid

to me. It’s like ignorant to even say … I can’t even get in a golf club in Palm Springs. I’m from Marcy Projects. Just think about that? People that control the world?”

He went on to say he doesn’t believe there is one organization that runs the world more like different cliques with large amounts of influence (i.e. Obama’s circle).P.S. The director of the On To The Next One video says the general public is “visually illiterate” and got the message behind the video twisted.  He says:“the idea is actually about a funeral for old imagery and ideas,

hence all the gothic and oppressive stuff. I was also trying to

contradict the excess of hip-hop videos by making something brutally

simple and claustrophobic.”Well there you have it.P.S. Jay also took a second to address Birdmans accusations of Wayne being better and having more money than him:


Ludacris bought the freaks of the A out when he auditioned ladies for his “How Low Can You Go” video.  This isn’t a strip club just your average neighborhood redbone getting it in for a shot.  Even Shawty Lo came through to enjoy the festivities:



Bishop Lamont was supposed to be the West Coasts new golden boy and under the Aftermath umbrella it looked like it was going to happen.  Then seemingly out of nowhere Bishop was dropped by the good doc.  Well my homey Lawrence Sandoval hit me with a statement from an Aftermath rep claiming the reason he was given the boot was his allegedly disloyalty.  The rep says Bishop went against Dre’s wishes by leaking his “Grow Up” single, started a fake beef with The Game to get in good with G-Unit then played nice at an award show and even went on Shade45 and went off on how he wasn’t feeling “Crack A Bottle” even though he was on Eminems station.  Apparently his shenanigans were just too much and Dre had to cut him loose. I’m sure we’ll hear from Bishop soon to clear this up.

REBIRTH…is starting to get a little Detoxish.  A couple of days ago Birdman posted a message on his Facebook saying Lil Wayne’s Rebirth will drop February 2, 2010.  If that’s the case Wayne won’t be around to promote it since he’s less than a month away from starting his 8 month bid (2/09) but maybe he’ll use it to stay hot while he’s coolin his heels in the pokey.

DIVERSIFY YO BONDSThe Game has taken some time off from recording his next album R.E.D. to promote fiscal responsibility.  Game says he will have breakfast with the first 1000 people to get their taxes done by Anthony Gray.  Check the video for details:

NEW COUPLE??Omarion had his album release party the other night in NYC and he spent a lot of time with the queen of warm-ups, Rosa Acosta.  Could this be a budding romance???  We’ll see…He also recently said he would love to battle Chris Brown and has no doubt he’d dance circles around him.  I’d have to concur…O is ill.

I’M JUST SAYIN’Shouts to DJ Mousetrap, Adam Oww & Marcus O’NealI hear Mystikal is coming home today.My people in Jersey are saying Joe Budden was attacked downtown in front of Magic Sneaker.  Can anyone confirm details???Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams has joined the long list of women leaving Matthew Knowles…she’s dropped him as a manager.I’m hearing Lauren London and Wayne have named their baby boy Lennox Samuel Ari Carter.  Congrats.I still dig Aubrey Oday but she does look a little … ummmmm … what do you think??




Check this out something funny for you guys that we all saw last night on American Idol – General Larry Platt’s audition.


What’s going on ALLHIPHOP? Jazzy had to take a break because my heart was pretty heavy with the disaster that took place in Haiti. Everyone make sure you take action to help the people in Haiti. This is a cause bigger than us all. We need the entire Hip-Hop community involved.


Everyone has been asking if your boy Melo was gone break down and finally tie the knot with La La. You guys no longer need to ask. She announced on the Wendy Williams show that the two will be getting married this summer in New York City.


La La on the Wendy Williams Show

Michelle Williams finally decided to cut lose of all ties with Matthew Knowles.. A source of mine told me that the Kelly and Michelle have not been pleased with the way Matthew have managed their solo careers for years now and what the real punch in the stomach is are the bank accounts that don’t add up to even half of what Beyonce is banking.


Jazzy is not going to really touch on the Trey Songz Bisexual rumors because the ladies are in so much of frenzy over him do they really care. I am sure they would still drop the panty draws for the homie Trey anyway as I am sure they would for my boy Ray J as well. What the hell is this talk about Jay-Z, Jeezy and Trey Songz starting a group? iCant!


Nelly has been in the studio getting ready for his new album and also he and Ashanti just may be getting back together. They may be so back together that the two just might be shall I say it. Yuuup! Getting married. The two have been together for several years so it would only be right.


Did you guys see the McDonald’s commercial with Buddha from I love New York in it. As it has been said most of these contestants are only signing up for these shows to pursue their careers in the entertainment business. Buddha had a site for his acting career before and while he was on the show.


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