Hip-Hop Rumors:Plies Does Something Crazy! Jay-Z/Bean Beef Update! Rihanna Biting?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.PLIES IS A WILD DUDE!!!!! I would really like to sit down with Plies and talk to him. He is very interesting. So, here is what happened over the […]



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.PLIES IS A WILD DUDE!!!!!

I would really like to sit down with Plies and talk to him. He is very interesting. So, here is what happened over the weekend at FAMU. Gucci Mane didn’t perform and Plies was put as his replacement. Well, Plies did something that was close to unthinkable. He saw a lil’ girl in the crowd that he felt was too young to be subjected to his “buss it baby” lyrics. What does Plies do? He take a $1,000 out of his pocket and gives it to the girl and PAYS her to LEAVE so “her parents can take her somewhere nice.” I heard the girl was about 11 years old. WOW! This isn’t the first time Plies has done this sort of thing. Remember a year or so, Plies gave a girl his chain at a basketball game? That’s wild. This dude might be the new conflicted rapper trying to change his life around or something.

Seems like Plies and Kay Slay have some beef. Click here for that.


Jamie Foxx drops some bombshells on the radio about Plies running from beef and some real talk about what’s going wrong with Hip-Hop.


The new Michael Jackson is being touted as the greatest entertainer’s last performance, even though he didn’t get to do that tour. Well, this is the latest. It appears that the producers lacked footage and they sought to augment it with some MJ impersonators. I think I am going to side with Joe Jackson on this one. Joe is the one that started this allegations. The producers say that is not the case and that it is ALL Michael Jackson.

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I’m not even going to edit this up. Read this letter and tell me what you think about it. The typos and stuff are in the letter.

I wanted to comment to the jay z beanie beef stuff you had up. Im from philly and last night 10/25/09 i was listening to power 99 with golden girl and she was giving the backstage scoop of what happened at power house and she was like hov didnt want to perform or go on stage with sigel in the building. she was like hov had the feds, state troopers, and philly pd escort sigel out the building. so when hov went on stage someone let sigel back in the building and sigel went on stage at the opposite side of hov and she was like when hov saw him he had the shook face like what the f**k. then she was like hov had the cops escort sigel out again and sigel wasnt tryna leave but eventually he did. just thought i let you know wut golden girl was letting people know wut really went down behind the scences and that ” i run this town” wasn’t @ meek mills


AllHipHop’s twitter sent this out last night from Chris Brown. Seems he is having a hard time getting over Rihanna.

RT @allhiphopcom RT @MechanicalDummy: http://bit.ly/17yJE3 IM SORRY YALL. JUST HAD TO POST IT (CB feelin it!)


They are going to drop the murder rap against the dude Richardson that fought AJ Jewell in the strip club. Looks like there was a preexisting problem.

I am hearing there is going to be a high end divorce soon. Stay tuned on that one.

Lil Wayne might have to cut his dreds if he goes to jail. That would be a bummer.


There may be too many rappers with the name Boss right now. But, check it out around 1:45 mark and you can hear Fox’s diss and her verse.


Chance runs down some rumors and things going on in the music game. Some of this you read about already, but some of it is pretty interesting. RUN DMC THE MUSICAL…may be coming to Broadway real soon.  Rev Run, DMC and reps for Jam Master Jay have been meeting with Paula Wagner, the producer of Mission Impossible, to bring their story to the Great White Way (Broadway).  Unfortunately Jim Jones’ musical didn’t quite make it to the mainstream so hopefully this can put Hip Hop on the NYC theater map.  RIHANNA NOT A DEVIL WORSHIPERLast week Tiffany Evans (the promise ring girl) went on a Twitter rant claiming RiRi’s new song is demonic and a lot of people in the music industry actually worship Satan.  Well the producer of the song has come to RiRi’s defense…he said:“There are no satanic messages in the music.

Maybe if we did a remake of ‘Promise Ring’, then

Rihanna wouldn’t be a devil worshipper. People are so closed minded.

The song is not literal. Like most provocative art, its symbolism. Grow

up. I’m never going to defend my art…I create it and then it’s out of

my hands. So reviews don’t hurt me, but Tiffany’s unrealistic take on

the song really irked me because idiots breed idiots. Bottom line, she

is in the music business so she understands that the song is not

indicative of the artist views, but rather, it’s the brainchild and vision

of the songwriter and producer. With that being said, to use that song

as a shining example of devil worship in the music business, you are

saying that Ne-yo and Chuck Harmony are devil worshippers. That’s

stupid!! That’s beyond stupid, it’s immature. Artist should understand

art. So with Tiffany Evans’ rant, I can safely say that the title

artist should not be part of her bio.”

He definitely told her…Ne-Yo, who wrote the record, even chimed in saying Rihanna asked for a dark record with a meaning so he used Russian Roulette as a metaphor:“I’m listening to the track, and all I can see is Rihanna

and some random person sitting across from each other at the table with

a gun sitting in the middle of the table

and playing Russian roulette. And I just started thinking, ‘What would

go through your mind if you was in that situation?’ I played it for her, and she loved it…It’s definitely dark, but if you think about it, ‘Thriller’ was

dark, but it’s one of the biggest-selling records of all time. Nobody’s

really going out to play Russian roulette or thinking about killing

themselves or nothing like that. It was just an interesting topic over

a crazy beat, and who better to pull that off than somebody like


GIVING BACKI must say Yonkers artists do a good job of giving back to our community.  The other day Mary J. Blige was back home for the ribbon cutting of The Mary J. Blige Center for Women.  She teamed with Steve Stoute and Gucci to open the center which she hopes will help women bounce back

from traumatic experiences and realize their goals through career

development, personal growth programs and scholarships.  Here’s to you Mary…P.S. Mary’s new album has been pushed from November 24 to December 15…she’ll be going up against Alicia Keys who also pushed her album back 2 weeks  WHOSE THAT GIRL???Gucci Mane and Usher shot the video for the lead single off Gucci’s album coming in December last week and Usher isn’t the only A-List feature in the video … He recruited Eddie Murphys daughter Bria to be his leading lady … she’d been modeling for a while but this will be her video debut:


Janet was front row at the UFC fight Saturday night and spent the

entire night chatting it up with Black Eyed Pea Will.I.Am … could

something be brewing??? Click here for the real scoop on Janet and Willie! ROBIN THICKE feat JAY-Z

It’s a tropical record called “Meiple” and they recorded it this weekend at Germano Studio in NOHO before Mr. Thicke flew to a mansion in LA on Saturday to shoot the video for the title track to his new album “Sex Therapy” … here’s what Robin Thicke had to say via Twitter:

In the studio

today with Jay Z… His Hovieness!! So excited!! He’s jumping on one of

my records for my sex therapy album. Wish me luck!!”

I’M JUST SAYIN’Kelly Rowland is close to signing with EMI Music … home to fellow DC alum Letoya LuckettRiRi is doing cruise ships now … she will be performing for the maiden voyage of the Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas on November 19Word is Kanye doesn’t let Amber Rose host parties … wonder why not … that’s usually a huge source of income for talentless celebrities (no shots)Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane says she’s considering quitting music after Diddy ruined her repDiddy isn’t boning Dawn … she says “what’s crazy to me is that people saw my comeup. They saw when

I was broke, they saw when I was homeless…I should have slept with him in the beginning. Why I’m

sleeping with him now? It’s just kinda random.”Floyd Mayweather, whose currently beefing with Rick Ross and his Triple C faction (shouts to Lou), has gotten down with Freeway Ricky Ross … this might get interestingTameka says “Papers” was written 8 months ago so it cant be about herCheck out Snoop and Soulja Boy on the set of their new video … good to see the generation gap closing:DOES HE HAVE A CASE??Pro Wrestler Paul Heyman is suing RiRi for “stealing” his 1998 CD cover for her new single cover…do you think he has a case???Peace – ChanceCDR Twitter or Gmail

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