Hip-Hop Rumors:Soulja Boy’s New Girl? Tyson Beckford’s Obama Fantasy! Russ’ Ain’t Happy?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.  THE DAILY TWO SENSE!   Man, I don’t know what happened, but Chance caught a bit of flack over the weekend for some comment or another. What new? […]


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.



Man, I don’t know what happened, but Chance caught a bit of flack over the weekend for some comment or another. What new? Have a great week. LOL!


The weekends are slow, but I have some goodies for you later as well.




I just love beef in Hip-Hop. I mean, its like a dead carcas, but we just cannot stop talking about it or doing it. So, here is the latest. The latest rumor is that Rick Ross and 50 Cent’s former friend Bang ‘Em Smurf are about to join forces on a mixtape called Feed The Wolves. So, the details are scant, but I’m hearing that Ross is “presenting” the mixtape and will be featured as well. As you know, Bang ‘Em had a feature on Ross’ last album, Deeper Than Rap.



Jay-Z is doing the world tour thing and, from what I heard Jay-Z took a flight over to Sweden and Norway. In an interview, I was told that Jay was asked about kids, even though he doesn’t have any. “I don’t have any children but I will never change any diaper,” he reportedly said. There is a woman named Ana Anka and she is married to the legendary Paul Anka. Anyway…I found a clip of that interview and here it is.




No. This one is false. Still, I will carry on and tell you what I think about it. Rosa Acosta has “Amber Rosed” the game, minus the cosign. It is amazing! She’s a professional stretcher that turned into an icon. LOL. Seriously, it was rumored that she and Soulja Boy were an item, but they both clowned the rumor and squashed it pretty fast. I would hate Soulja if he had a come up of that nature. Women are coming up anyway they know how, but I can’t be mad at Rosie. She’s a bad mamba jamba.




Tyson Beckford recently did a quick Q&A with Bravo, where a caller called him and asked him what man he would want to “be” with. The model made it clear to the audience that he didn’t “go that way,” but acknowledged that a lot people think he does. He then quickly admitted that if he was going to have a gay experience, he would definitely be screwing president Barack Obama. “I could run the country. If I was that way? I’m coming for you brotha,” Tyson said with a smirk. “Yeah, I’d be the one in control.” He then said that Will Smith and Barack were pretty and Michelle Obama would man the camera. Oh boy. Somehow, I don’t think he dispelled an rumors with that one.




We thought the Hip-Hop Honors was pretty good around the AHH Office. Not that I am in the office, but I heard they like it – those that know. But, there is a rumor from theybf.com that Russell Simmons was not all that pleased with the event. The word is a criticism that may have transcended the producers. There was no Irv Gotti, no Jay-Z and not enough LA Reid, the rumor says. Now, from my sources, Jay-Z may have some issues with VH1 that were totally out of the hands of the show producers. Not sure, but that is what I am hearing and that could really explain why he wasn’t there. And, his crew rides with him. Period. We are just going to have to watch the show for ourselves and see what it is, eh?


Here is the clip.





I heard Shawnna was signing to G-Unit, but I don’t believe that one there.


One of my readers told me that Bfly, sister of The Game, is on a warpath dissing Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim. Hope she wouldn’t waste her time doing that.


Consider me an idiot on this one. What are people protesting the G8 Summit for?


Michael Jackson’s death may have been just what the singer wanted. Recent reports suggest that MJ dreaded the idea of growing old. He maybe have passed just before he would have dramatically declined. I don’t know.


Lemar Odom reportedly requested that his Kardashian financee sign a prenup the day before they got married. I think they got married on Sunday.


Looks and sounds like Janet Jackson has a new boyfriend. I know JD is hurting. I sure would.


People are really saying that Kanye may go to rehab.


Eve may not be on Geffen Records, but she is reportedly working on a new album and a new movie as well.


Apparently Marques Houston did a show recently where he stripped to the dismay of many in the audience.




Normally, I would classify this dude as a total EPIC FAIL, but he is in Japan! Dude’s face has been the object of much ridicule and scorn, because of how silly his hair had looks. But it seems like he is the winner, because this silly look – which probably prohibits him to get a job in the US – has afforded him the ability to get over to Japan! YAY! I am going to get me a hair hat for Christmas.





Peep this!


Suntree, Florida – According to Melbourne police a 37-year-old woman was arrested on a child-neglect charge Friday afternoon after a tow truck driver told police the mother offered to sell her child in exchange for gas money.


Pappalardo faces a charge of child neglect in connection with the report. Police are continuing their investigation.


Sgt. Michael Casey of Melbourne police said officers learned of a 9-1-1 call about 3 p.m. from a tow truck driver who said a woman had tried to sell him her 6-year-old boy in exchange for gas money at a gas station near U.S. 1 and Lake Washington Road.


The driver refused, Melbourne police said, and then followed the mother who was in a white sedan with her child and another woman as he called police.


“He rolled up his window and followed her. They drove all across north Melbourne,” Casey said.


The white sedan was pulled over in Suntree by police. Pappalardo was questioned and arrested. Her 6-year-old boy sat on the trunk of the car and cried as his mother was led away.


Roy Baijnath, the tow-truck driver who lives in Palm Bay, told the Florida Today he was concerned about the child’s safety.


“You know, I have mixed feelings. To see the kid crying like that on TV was tough. I caused that upon him and I have a kid of my own,” Baijnath said Friday night. “But had it been the other way, where would the child be?”


Mallory Acker, who was in the car with Pappalardo, told police the tow truck driver requested sex with the woman in exchange for gas money.


“When she refused, he made up this story for police,” Acker said.


No other arrests were made.


Baijnath said Friday night that there was no mention of sex in the conversation.




Jay-Z and Swizz party it up in Canada.



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