HipHopDX Has Apparently Been Sold, But To Who?

The word on the street is that HipHopDX has been purchased by a big music company.

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(AllHipHop Rumors) I have news for everybody. The Word on the street is that HipHopDX has been sold to Warner music. This is an incredible turn of events, because that website has been around for a very long time. Keeping it 100% honest, the site does a really good job and has consistently been a big competitor of Rumor has it they hate us. That is ((mostly)) a joke, but I have to say that this is what I am hearing. From what I understand, Warner music has also obtained a couple of other sites, in an apparent effort to have places to organically promote their interests. Now, I don’t know that for certain, but it only makes sense. What do you think of the alleged selling of HipHopDX,?

I do not want to have a hard opinion on this, because it is all business at the end of the day. But what you should know is that AllHipHop is the last one left in this independent Hip-Hop media landscape. Now, there are obviously others out there and they are likely doing incredible things but they simply are not like we are. They are different. So, there is no hate or animosity to anybody but just know that we are still mavericks in this game. I know some people don’t care either way, but…these things matter. 

As it relates to HipHopDX, I have no idea how much the site was sold for, if the staffing will remain the same, or if the original owner is going to stay on board to manage the site. The only thing I know, based on my source, which is extremely reliable, is that the site is now a corporately owned entity. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that in the land of capitalism.