Ian Connor Shocks Rape Accusers By Support His Own Arrest!

Ian Conner responds to a rape petition in the craziest way.

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(AllHipHop Rumors) The rape allegations have not gone away for Ian Connor.

The popular face of streetwear was accused of raping 21 women in the past. Sadly, none of those allegations were followed through with any action, and justice was not served to the victims.

Despite this atrocious history, he has managed to garner cosigns from an array of influential people, allowing him to “conduct business as usual.”

Recently, a Change.org petition surfaced that already has over 21,000 signatures! The petition has a goal of reaching 25,000 signatures, outlines the rape allegations, and calls for justice.

“We are encouraging that the people that cosign him to denounce any association with him and encourage him to being to attempt to right his wrong that were not brought to justice through the criminal justice system. We cannot allow Internet personalities be exempt from repercussion.”

The petition notes that “this is only the beginning.”

Organizers have started working on a civil lawsuit and called out the people who have continuously denied his behavior. The petition then addresses those who have doubted the accusers throughout the years.

“Over 30 women have come forward, both privately and publicly. This isn’t normal and shouldn’t be normalized to believe that over 30 women should have their stories dismissed.”

In response to it all, Ian Connor taunted fans on Twitter by sharing the link to the petition.

“Sign this petition to make my friends/peers stop f##king with meh,” he wrote. Many people did not take this lightly.

“We appreciate you trying to take accountability. you directly admitting to rape would be better but yeah,” one user wrote. His female fans, in particular, were not pleased at all: “you’re the biggest herb” one woman wrote.