Is Cassie’s “Emaciated” Body The New Hollywood Chic?

A recently posted Instagram video has sparked concern about the singer’s health.

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Whether they like it or not, celebrities are subject to scrutiny from the public on a daily basis. Cassie, singer, model and Diddy’s ex-girlfriend, is no exception. On Tuesday (January 3), Cassie—a mother of two—uploaded a video of herself strutting her stuff looking impossibly thin. Par for the course, the first batch of comments came from a sea of blue checks and included lots of fire emojis and applause. But as you scroll down, they get more ominous and the outrage only intensifies.

“To each their own but advertising emaciated and severely underweight as a weight loss/workout plan seems grossly irresponsible,” one person wrote, while another said, “So funny how all the blue check people love the look and all the regulars hate it. Why y’all lying to your friend? That’s not the look for me. Wish she just would go back to her regular self. Was hot then, even when pregnant but is a no for me now.”

Other comments were even more harmful, with several suggesting she looks like a trans man. Whatever is going on with Cassie, people can’t help but notice. Is this the new Hollywood chic?

Of course, Cassie isn’t the first to face recent criticism; the Kartrashians Kardashians have been accused of promoting unhealthy body images lately, too. In November 2022, Buzzfeed wrote an entire article on an episode of The Kardashians in which Khloé Kardashian got visibly elated after her sister Kim Kardashian told her the other siblings were worried about her being “too thin.” There were rumors Kim and Khloé even got their Brazilian butt lifts reversed.

As one person pointed out in Cassie’s comments, “All the stars are getting real thin. Is there like a new diet or some out?” Cassie’s video drew over 4,000 comments, and while a handful of them were positive, the majority of them wanted to know if she had some kind of medical condition. If 2023 is all about being rail thin, pass the mashed potatoes ’cause…no. There’s enough pressure on the average woman to look like Instagram models and we don’t need it to get any worse. Also, maybe we should normalize NOT commenting on women’s bodies at all because it’s really none of our business. She seems confident in her own skin—and that’s a good thing.

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