Is Jay Z’s Alleged Son A Fraud?


A young man by the name of Rymir Satterthwaite has been claiming to be the son of Jay Z for a while. He’s also been trying to force Jay Z to take a paternity test. While attempting to go forward with the paternity suit, both Satterthwaite and his mother Wanda were financially unprepared to deal with or take on the enormity of their cases. Interestingly enough, the young aspiring rapper resembles Jay Z. Satterthwaite stated he only wants to push on with it so he can get confirmation that Jay Z is his biological father. Now, there are rumors that a few friends and relatives of Rymir have said that Rymir knows who his real father is, but he enjoys the attention the lawsuit gives him. Allegedly he thinks the lawsuit will get Jay Z to pay him settlement/hush money. Sources say he brags that Beyonce must know his name because of the lawsuit. His cousin has claimed that his mother was obsessed with Jay Z back in the day, and this is why she isn’t intervening. What are your thoughts?