Is Kanye West Trolling Us Or What? Chris Brown And Soulja Boy Lash Out!

Kanye West claims they put his new album out without his permission!

Kanye West finally drops DONDA, his highly-teased album. He had numerous listening sessions and was paid millions selling perch against those listening sessions. Let me find out…Kanye West wanted to stretch this out more. The mentally challenged, the purported genius producer said that did not want Donda to drop yet. He posted as such on IG.

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I think he was trying to do another event or sell more merchandise, but I could be wrong. One thing I have seen is that all the people around Kanye have been screaming for joy and revealing they had a role in the creation of the album. I have not heard it yet, but I know this, if Kanye wanted it off streaming services and even YouTube, it would be taken off. He’s just doing more trolling and stirring up the pot.

Our news section has a lot more information on this. Read it here.

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are not happy with Kanye West right now. On his IG Live, Breezy called
Ye a “whole hoe” and expressed some disenchantment.


Well, it seems like so many of the songs didn’t make the “cut” like we thought. They should not feel so bad. Even Jay-Z was cut from the album. I also heard all the cusses were edited off of Donda, which upset some people.

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