Is Karen Civil Being Cyber Bullied?


Photo via Tumblr

Karen Civil was recently put on blast by Cam’ron and Meek Mill associate @Deendcr. Cam responded to Karen Civil’s comments on Taxstone’ Tax Season podcast where Civil told Taxstone that Jay Z and Cam had issues over a parking space outside of the Def Jam offices. Cam’ron says that this is completely false. He didn’t take the parking lot story too well and blasted Karen for allegedly stealing $60K from his cousin @darealdukedagod. Cam says that Karen should’ve paid the money back by now, and he asked her to stop lying and stealing. It appears that Karen feels that she has been a victim of cyber bullying as she posted this post (below) on her Instagram page with the caption,

“Keeping with today’s spirit of uplifting black women, click the ? in bio to check out an exclusive interview with @essencemag on cyber bullying, and staying positive.”

It looks like Karen Civil is staying positive, meaning you probably won’t be getting the response you hoped for.