Is Lil Tjay Paralyzed After Being Shot 7 Times?

There are rumors that Lil Tjay is paralyzed, but this isn’t the time to feed into them.

These damn rumors. Sometimes they are true and sometimes they are false. Other times, they are sad. This is one of those times. The latest is that Lil Jay might be paralyzed from being shot numerous times. He was shot seven times and two of those went into his back region.

Right now, there are no credible sources or reports that say that he is crippled. I have seen articles that suggest he will be crippled or paralyzed. Basically, they have stated that he’s having very minimal movement in the legs.

For now, we have no valid sources – like Lil TJay’s actual friends and family – telling about him being paralyzed. So let’s have some positive energy and not believe anything for certain. Social media is a sad place.

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W-w-w-w-wait there’s more!

A dude has been arrested in conjunction with the shooting of Lil Tjay, 27-year old Mohamed Konate. The crazy thing is the dudes that were there to protect the rapper, his boys who were STRAPPED, shot Konate. But they also caught a case for illegally holding heat. And then the conceal to carry laws changed.

This is a mad house, Merica.