Is Lil’ Wayne’s Alleged Side Chick A Scammer?


We just may understand why Christina Milian was crying over Lil’ Wayne on television. Well, not really, but his alleged side chick is allegedly a scammer! Christina says her and Lil’ Wayne’s relationship went downhill when she saw a picture of a woman in Wayne’s home. She said he denied it originally but later confessed. The woman Christina saw was “rapper” Sylver Karatz. If we aren’t mistaken, she used to run with Waka Flocka a few years back. A source claims Sylver is a known scammer that was busted for filing 24 false tax return claims and for theft of government funds. She also has to pay nearly $20,000 back to the Cincinnati Housing Authority for not disclosing her actual income. Dang it’s hard out here. Maybe she was just trying to get Wayne to save her. Apparently Sylver was taking shots at Milian with a caption under her photo that said,

“Love never dies.”

Christina Milian said the same thing about her love for Lil’ Wayne.

Sylver Karatz