Is Rihanna Shooting A New Music Video With Drake?


Photos via Rihanna & Drake’s Instagram

It seems like things surrounding Rihanna’s album are finally being set into motion. A few months ago RiRi unveiled the ANTIdiaRy experience with Samsung, but fans are still waiting to unlock the final room, and are left feeling like they don’t know much about Rihanna’s new album. A an alleged casting call for a Rihanna music video with Drake appeared online that may suggest the album will be coming soon. It has been rumored that Rihanna’s next singe is titled ‘Work’ and features Drake. According to the casting call, Rihanna is going to shoot the video over a two day period and is looking for roles including cops and horseback riders. VEVO claims the album could be coming any day now. We’ll see. Check out the said casting call below.