Is Suge Knight Extorting A Night Club Maestro?

Suge Is In Some More Ish!

Just when you thought getting shot multiple times would soften Suge up, here are new rumors about the former Death Row Don.

The Los Angeles Times has published a report that Suge is extorting a Los Vegas Night Club owner, Sam Nazarian. Suge has yet to comment, but the allegations are pretty hefty. Peep what they stated:

The board’s routine vetting of Nazarian, who applied for a gaming license, has now thrown his Vegas plans into disarray. Investigators unearthed recent cocaine use — along with about $3 million in payments to a felon with convictions for drug possession and money laundering. Some of the money was paid to a convicted racketeer and Death Row Records founder Suge Knight.

The payments included $90,000 to Knight and $83,000 to Hai Waknine, the convicted racketeer — both of whom, Nazarian told the board, were working with Armstrong.

Waknine served five years in federal prison after pleading guilty to one count of racketeering in connection with a money-laundering scheme linked to Israeli organized crime. Waknine could not be reached for comment.

“So roughly $3 million in monies … were paid either to Mr. Armstrong or to others, I guess it would be fair to say, in connection with Mr. Armstrong?” board member Johnson asked Nazarian during the hearing.

“It would be fair to say,” Nazarian answered

Knight declined to comment. But a business associate, entertainment producer Mark Blankenship, called the charges of extortion “a form of profiling and racism.

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