Is Tekashi 69 Changing Career Paths To Boxing?

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Will somebody get the chance at knocking out Tekashi69!?!

Tekashi69 is mostly known for getting people upset over his antics and maybe a rap or two. We know now that Tekkie isn’t much of a rapper, but the celebrity remains.

It’s already being rumored that Tekashi69 is about to engage in a sport that traditionally has required some sort of fighting ability. Boxing. Now that Jake Paul, Logan Paul, KSI and others have started boxing we now see that there is a atmosphere of entertainment surrounding the sport that you actually cannot play. And it seems like Tekashi69 is now in on the whole thing.

Nobody really knows if this is true, but it does seem like there’s some possibilities there considering Tekashi69 always needs to make money. Unlike some of us, he needs to make money to continue to protect himself and to continue with the lifestyle that he had before he started snitching. So, it looks like he’s taking his marketing talents in the same fashion that Logan Paul and Jake Paul have done. Tekashi was probably the first one to do it in this fashion, even though there were many before him. Attention by any means!

One of the bigger questions in this speculation, is who would he fight. You know and I know Tekashi has a lot of enemies out there, but these fights don’t typically have that sort of hatred in it. Also what kind of insurance with the venue need to have to host a fight between Tekashi69 and somebody else. Him announcing his whereabouts in that fashion only brings a lot of unnecessary bad energy to a location. I would expect somebody to shoot up the whole venue just to get him. I don’t wanna put that in the air, but it just seems like it would be very difficult to cover all the spread in safety if he is fighting.