Is The Game Beefing With Nike?


Photo via The Game’s Instagram

The Game is not too happy with Nike right now. He recently took to his Instagram page to let his fans know that they would not see him or his crew in the Drew League this year because they refused to be bullied by corporate companies today or ever. Apparently The Game and Nike couldn’t come to an agreement on how the organization would continue to run. The Game has a problem with a company taking a home grown organization and making it “go corporate” because according to him, when it goes corporate it takes the raw original format and waters it down. It then becomes something forced versus something real and authentic for the neighborhood. The downside is that kids used to seeing their favorite professional athletes playing basketball in their neighborhood for free will no longer have this opportunity until they come to some sort of agreement, or until someone else launches a similar project. Check out the rest of The Game’s statement below.

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Had to post again today to let my fans & people who were excited to see us this year in the Drew League know……. "Sorry to inform my fans who live in Los Angeles & my fans who have traveled to Los Angeles from all parts of the world the past 3 years to see #LaFamilia ever sunday during the summer…. WE WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING in the #DrewLeague this year due to us & Nike not being able to agree on a certain issue. See, the problem with homegrown organizations is once they go corporate, it takes the raw, original format & waters it down until it becomes something forced versus something that was REAL, AUTHENTIC & for the neighborhood. We as people that grew up in Compton & the surrounding areas must put our foot down & stand up to big companies & their politics in order to not lose ourselves, our culture & the things we enjoy the most that were created in the hood, FOR THE HOOD. I brought NBA ALL-STAR players from Kevin Durant Paul George & James Harden to helping Lebron & Kobe make Drew League appearances & never wanted anything for my contribution but to see CHILDREN SMILE at being able to see their favorite professional athletes in their neighborhood playing basketball without having to pay. Things that I wasn't privileged to witness as a youth growing up in Compton…. My only mission with the Drew & other leagues around LA is to give back to the youth in my city & cities surrounding it & be a positive force for my community. This was recently compromised by Nike reps overseeing The Drew & today I had to remove myself from contributing my time & hard work as well as withdraw both of my teams #LaFamilia & #TheRobinHoodProject… If you want to see me & #LaFamilia we will be in the #JBL this Saturday March 21st 4pm at Hollywood Highschool….. No hard feelings to any above mentioned but we will not be bullied by corporate companies TODAY or EVER… Sincerely, The Game"

A photo posted by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on Mar 19, 2015 at 2:45pm PDT