Is There Footage of Diddy Punching Drake Over Cassie?

Did Drake Slap Fire Out Of Diddy?

UPDATE: Drake allegedly dislocated his arm. There are two versions to this story. One is that Diddy dislocated the arm in the fracas with Drizzy, but there is another rumor side. That is Drake dislocated his shoulder running away from Diddy and ran into a door, dislocating his arm from his shoulder. Wild!

There’s a lot going on in Rumor Land. The latest is that Diddy punched or slapped fire out of Drake for trying to flirt with Cassie. There are already sources trying to say this never happened, but I am like Heavy D, “Uh Uhn…I don’t agree with them.” I am hearing that there is video of the whole ordeal when it happened at Club LIV in Miami last night. Seemed like Drake pushed his luck a bit and kept flirting with Cassie. Now, Drake may not know but he shouldn’t mess with Diddy or his girl. People are making a big deal of Drake stealing girls, but if he’s stealing them you gotta protect yo’ cookies better. That’s what prompted Diddy to do what he allegedly did, I guess.

Now, lets see that tape, which I am told is probably being sold to TMZ as this is being typed.