Is Young Dro The Father Of Love & Hip Hop’s Joseline Hernandez’s Child?


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez revealed not too long ago that she was pregnant, and the announcement has left people wondering who is the father! Naturally one would assume Stevie J would be the father first because of their fake marriage that both claimed to be in for so long.

But, Young Dro hasn’t exactly been ruled out as a possible father either as the two have been getting pretty cozy.

In the last few months Joseline & Dro have posted photos of them together on Instagram, but to most, the photos just look like storyline promo as Dro has also been filming for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Young Dro was recently interviewed by Jazzy McBee, and he dodged most questions about the Puerto Rican Princess.

It seems like the hilarious Dro has had some media training. When McBee asked him if he was the father of Joseline’s child, he didn’t confirm or deny it. If he wasn’t, that definitely would’ve been a great time to speak up.

We think this is all hype for the show. Next thing you know, Joseline will be saying she was never pregnant or she had a mysterious miscarriage.