J Prince Jr. Associate Arrested…Are Cops Squeezing Him For Info On Takeoff?


Houston police arrested Joshua Cameron for carrying a gun on the night of Takeoff’s murder. Does he know anything about who killed him

A man named Joshua Cameron Isiah was arrested on November 22, 2022. He has been charged with unlawful possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and felony weapons possession.

According to court documents, Isiah was carrying a weapon on the night of Takeoff’s murder. He supposedly has a strong connection to J. Prince Jr. He is believed to be an associate of Mob Ties Records.

Furthermore, the internet is running wild with speculation. Many believe he is the man seen on video standing close to Prince Jr at the dice game and was the first person to open fire at 810 Billiards & Bowling alley where Takeoff was killed.

Following Takeoff’s untimely demise, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner expressed wanting to meet with people involved in the local Hip-Hop scene and beyond. Considering Isiah’s Mob Ties affiliation, police seem to have a clear sense of direction in the case. They are adamant justice will be served

However, the charges against the 22-year-old are only related to weapons. We have yet to receive any news of a suspect directly tied to the murder. Still, with no bond set, could they be grilling him for more information on Takeoff death?

J. Prince Jr remains quiet on the issue. Nor has he spoken on the recent arrest of Cameron. Stay tuned as this story continues to develop. In the meantime, Cam is due in court on November 28. Takeoff died tragically on November 1st.